Thursday, June 3, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Do the work, assholes.)

     If Giuliani wasn't a lobbyist for Ukraine/Russia, then I'm not a carbon-based life form.
     "When the local CBS affiliate asked Gohmert’s office what he was doing there, a member of his staff insisted that he wasn’t there even though he was on camera."
     Unregistered secret agent for Ukraine and Russia rails against "anti-American" investigation into Trump's countless crimes.
     Aw, poor babies. Free advice: How about you publish books by well-known conservative wonks about Republican policies instead of books baselessly attacking Democrats?
     Oh, that's right. because most Americans loath Republican policies.

     Right wing snowflake Enrique Tarrio is whining his Proud Boys are actually being held to account for breaking the law.

     Maggie Haberman's absolutely right when she says Trump's delusion of being reinstalled as president the month after next will escalate the closer he gets to indictment.
     Now, THAT'S what I call multitasking!
     And the grift goes on...
     The Nuremberg Code? Seriously, that's all you got?
     Tough guy.
     Pinkie and the Brain.
     Is anyone surprised his District Director's name is Ostrich? Yeah, me, neither.
     Rat Fucker Zero Louis DeJoy getting fucked by Uncle Sam.
     Then the organizers openly admitted they cut his microphone.
     Woman who'd stood at that White House podium and lied to the nation claims "Dr. Fauci stood at that White House podium, lied to the nation."
     I'm not saying all cops are sociopaths but it's obvious law enforcement attracts such people.
     But I'm sure he used his red state bailout under vigorous protest.
     Not bipartisan enough? It got 33 Republican votes in the House and the commission would've given each party equal representation, you disingenuous douchebag.
     Redneck school in redneck state forbids teacher from talking about the January 6th riots.
    White privilege strikes again.
    New Mexico Republicans (Yes, they actually exist) are blaming Trump's election lies after going down in flames during the runoff election to replace Deb Haaland. Here's an idea- Maybe your boy lost because he sucks.
    How pathetic is it that commentators and pundits (some of them right wingers) have to imagine what it would look like if the Democrats show some backbone and kick Republican ass for a change?
    Those psychopaths caused a million and a half dollars of damage to the nation's Capitol. Why not make them pay for it?
    This was a couple of weeks ago, when the racist asshat Board of Trustees at UNC denied Hannah-Jones tenure for her work on the 1619 project. But this month, this plainly racist and politically-motivated decision is already having a chilling effect on their ability to attract black talent to the faculty.
Joel Greenberg, the Dollar General Jeffrey Epstein, is now officially a convicted felon.
Ron Johnson, you are cordially invited to shut the fuck up and that's a standing invitation. And finally...

"The second count, fifth-degree assault, was dismissed as Waldriff entered into a plea agreement Friday, court records indicate. Judge Theresa Neo stayed a 60-day jail sentence in favor of one year of unsupervised probation. Waldriff also was ordered to pay a $400 fine, which will be forgiven if he writes a letter of apology to Chhoun."
     Wow, looks as if white privilege is still going strong in Minnesota, eh?


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