Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Sick, crazy, bloated old oligarch says what?)

    Crook, shyster still insist on withholding incriminating evidence from Congress.

    Graham was vaccinated, too. Suddenly, I'm not so confident of the J&J vaccine I got seven weeks ago.

     To all you mystery authors still planning on going to Bouchercon this year... are you SURE you want to go to NOLA? Wendy Corsi Staub announced yesterday that she's not going and I've read posts from several other authors saying the same thing.

     Want to trick right wingers into getting vaccinated? Tell them it'll "own the libs."

     This clown's a living object lesson for why we need to bring back critical thinking skills in public schools.

     Another January 6 cop dies by his own hand. One has to wonder if the right wing's virulent reaction to the recent testimony before the January 6 committee had something to do with it.

     Another sexual predator at Fox bites the dust.

    Until they travel 2500 miles east, storm the Capitol and try to overthrow the government, shut the fuck up, Amy.

    Even Republicans have had it up to here with Republicans.

   This is fucking unbelievable. I remember this racist assault. This is white privilege on anabolic steroids.

    "If centrist Democrats can't be moved by compassion, they need to think about their political futures. It is, after all, really hard to sell that bright-and-shiny image of America bouncing back if those fresh new roads and bridges you're building are surrounded by tent cities." -Amanda Marcotte.

    Your Brad o' the day.

   "Speaking to WOOD, Wyoming Police Captain Timothy Pols denied race played a part in the officers' actions and they followed protocol by placing them in handcuffs."
    Bullshit. It was racial profiling.

     Das Boot slams Republicans again.
     A damned good thing but what they're doing in NYC should've been enacted months ago.
     Sure. Let's make the ones with all the guns, ammo, body armor and military grade hardware the REAL victims & to hell with peoples' first amendment rights.
     A crackhead pillow hawker out of Minnesota is going to get us all killed.
     Here's a swamp that really needs to be drained.
     Your Karen o' the day.
     Right, Markie. Because the anti-vaxxers are the real victims in all this, not the people they callously infect and kill with COVID-19.
    Yeah, god bag. Same exact thing. Except for the minor difference of the death camps dedicated to killing people on an industrial scale and the voluntary vaccine program dedicated to actually saving lives. But aside from that, yeah, same thing, asshole.
    Trump is essentially Elmer Gantry with a bad combover.
    I knew that piece of shit Jeffrey Clark's name would come up even as I was reading the headline. And finally...

   The McCloskeys just got pardoned by their joke of a governor. This is white privilege, again, engorged on anabolic steroids.


At August 4, 2021 at 1:46 AM, Anonymous CC said...

Remember when Reagan was the president the right wanted on Mt. Rushmore?

If he were alive today, he'd be no righter than a Blue Dog Democrat.


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