Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(So picky.)

     "There's no off-ramp for Donald Trump that is gracious and empowers other Republicans behind him. He will say he's not running because the system is rigged and nobody should participate in, and he'll actually kneecap whoever might be the potential Republican nominee behind him. So look, it's a Catch-22, and I suppose a Catch-24 for the GOP." -Dave Jolly.
   "There's something about our politics right now that is driving people away from our shared humanity." -Jake Tapper.
     Yeah, fuck you, Bill Lee.
     Duh. I've been saying this for months.
     We can fix coronavirus. We can't fix stupid.
    Yeah, guys, now would be a great time to start getting familiar with and stop for working for one.
     For God's sake, this shit again?!
     Josh Mandel promised he'd piss and shit all over the Constitution if elected. Well, then. I guess the only thing left for J.D. Vance to do now is to swear an oath on the Blood Flag, grow a toothbrush mustache and say, "Heil Trump!" every other minute.
    Bottom line: Paul Gosar (R-Bobblehead) promised dozens of them blanket pardons from Trump after the riot they were planning.
    "Scientific." Right. Like hiring Surgeon Generals who refuse to wear a mask before lawmakers during a pandemic is "scientific."
     See, Daddy? I hate Alec Baldwin, too! Why won't you love me, Daddy?!

     Where the fuck do these lunatics come from?
     If only there was a vaccine for stupid.
     Yes, school board meetings are the new front of the war on terror. And Fuckbook is to blame.
   “I take full responsibility for my actions," says the white, privileged Republican who took a sweetheart plea deal.
     "Internal company documents show Facebook had no clear playbook for handling some of the most dangerous material on its platform..." But these fascist twats sure had one for yours truly when they deleted my account for putting up an antifa meme.
     Essentially, if you're among the worst monsters humanity can offer, you WILL get a free pass on Fuckbook. Bottom line, FB is no different from Parler, Telegram, GETTR or any other radical right wing media platform. They're just better financed by corporations. So when does the sponsor pullout begin?
     Rock-ribbed, conservative Christian family values!
Your Brad o' the day.
If the January 6 insurrection had been successful, you can bet your ass Mo Brooks would still be crowing about it like a rooster on a dunghill.
You KNOW you're toxic if you can't find a single lobbyist on K Street to work for you for $2.5 million a year plus primo bennies.
You can call them rioters but not victims? Oh, this trial is not gonna end well.
All together now: 5th Column. And finally...

I understand the need to screen calls but this is ridiculous.


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