Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Pottersville Digest

     Expect Trump to crow about this like a cockerel on a dunghill in 3... 2... 1...
    A Democratic lawmaker was given a video of a deputy in her husband's department rioting at the Capitol. She passed the video on to Ken Stolle, the Republican sheriff. He responded by firing her husband.
     Cops are just serial killers with coffee makers and pensions.
     Saying this brain-dead gym rat is on a power trip would be the understatement of the decade.
     I never knew Alice Sebold's book was based on a fraud and a lie.
     And so it begins.
    Rep. Ilhan Omar plays just one voice mail she's gotten since failed standup comedian Lauren Boebert called her a terrorist.
     Like rats drowning in a gunny sack. They WILL consume each other.
     The "Honorable" Michael Gableman: Typical, arrogant, Nazi scum.
    Bullshit there were no "credible threats". It was in the wind enough so that parents kept their kids home from school.
     Yet more evidence of liberal, Democrat voter fr... Oh, wait...
     I don't know why Republicans don't just come out and admit they want to kill as many Americans as possible. The GOP ought to be renamed the Jonestown Caucus.

     For those of you who don't read Spanish, I'll translate this headline for you:
     "Republican cryptofascist Rubio meets with neofascist apologist for mass murdering fascist Pinochet."

     Nice try, Suzie, but you asked him point blank about it. We were there.
     Our governor's not running for reelection. And the right winger running to succeed him, the one backed by Trump, has no chance of winning here.
     "Now, if you lost the election, people don't act that way." -Trump to skinbag, Nigel Farage
     Yeah they do. And yeah, they did.

     I hope ASU kicked his murderous ass out.
     Donald sure enjoys his social life and his women, some I hear are on the younger side.
Sure, point a gun, any gun, at someone's face and pull the trigger. Always the first rule of gun safety.
Black woman wants rematch, white man immediately panics, film at 11.
Yet, the right wing piously states there's no Republican War on Women. Well, today's oral arguments put the lie to that for good.
"January 6 Dear Diary: Tried to overthrow the government today and assaulted a police officer. Good time had by all. You won't betray me, will you, dear diary?"
     "I said, YOU WON'T BETRAY ME, RIGHT?"

     How Trump and his brownshirt goons terrorized two black women who worked on the election.
     Not one person who threatened their lives was prosecuted because, BLACK. And finally...

When you get down to it, the far right wears chest hair pieces. So why we're so deferential to them totally mystifies me.


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