Thursday, May 26, 2022

Pottersville Digest: Expanded edition

     So, racism is now protected under the First Amendment, huh? Well, it IS Florida, after all.

    The very fact that this Canadian think tank is bracing for our collapse ought to in itself serve as a wakeup call to us. On their democracy index, the US is now behind Mongolia.

     Kind of puts a new spin on the old phrase, "Forging a path to victory", doesn't it?

     I love this girl. She makes me wish I lived in NY-14.

    Remember back in the good old days when threatening the president's life was illegal and actionable? I miss those days.

    "Have you ever been charged with theft before?"

     Ronnie Jackson, Trump's old sawbones, defaults back to the hoary old right wing talking points of rap music and video games after a mass shooting.
     We may not be poor as a nation but we are indisputably the stupidest people on earth. Look at all the right wing assclowns we keep electing to Congress and state legislatures. We've managed to seamlessly weave instruments built for death into what risibly passes for our culture. It's literally more difficult to buy Sudafed than it is to get guns and ammo. We elect people who make that possible.
     First, he has to stay out of prison. Although, Eugene V. Debs ran for president out of prison.
     Typical right wing hypocrisy. "Gun safety for me but not for thee, mo fos."
     To quote the Trump tee shirt, "Fuck your feelings."
     Cartoon intermission.

     Real profile in courage, that Cheese Breath Johnson, huh?
     "Let's think about the people that were hurt." Right now, I'm thinking about the one who hurt them, like that crippled fascist who made it legal for Ramos to buy those semi auto rifles when he was barely 18. That was Beto's finest moment. We need more moments like this.
     I think this may be Amanda Marcotte's best article yet.
     Man, if there's ever a time to hear some good news for a change...
    In other words, "We want to huddle and get our stories straight about why our people are such cowards."
     To my mind, the sick sons of bitches are the ones at the table who allowed the other sick son of a bitch to murder those 21 people. But that's just me. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Readeer, CC)

     I always knew that Trump was a cold-blooded piece of shit but wow.
     God forbid they should impinge on his second amendment rights.
     I’m not a complete sociopath." The jury's literally out on that one.
     This is Jimmy Kimmel's comedy-free monologue last night. It was also censored in Texas. And finally...

     The ripple effect from this will be felt for years. My heart really goes out to those poor four kids who suddenly lost both their parents within 48 hours.


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