Friday, May 6, 2022

Pottersville Digest

 (Grooming. It's a thing.)

     Six cruisers and an attack dog for one 77 year-old man with dementia driving eight miles over the speed limit?
     The driver died 13 days later.

     "Hey, boys, let's kick this here hornet's nest. Oh, shit! Ow ow ow!!! Let's never speak of this again. Ow!"
     Executives may run corporations but it's the labor force that keeps the corporations running. So fuck Mizz Lindsey and his whining about corporate "abuse".
     Two words- "Key" and "bump".
     “Despite its stated goals, Our Ohio Renewal spent more than 95 percent of its 2017 fundraising on staff salaries and overhead, and $0 on charitable activities or grants.”
     Just what Capitol Hill needs: Another right wing crook and grifter.

   Mark my words (No pun intended) and remember what I say here and now- When the J6 Committee issues its draft report early this summer, it's going to come out that Rhodes' contact guy on that phone call was Meadows. He was the point man for every right wing nut job on Capitol Hill on January 6th and for weeks before that.
    I'm amazed this right wing scumbag didn't accuse the tree of jumping in front of his truck in some liberal plot to discredit him.
     Just what Arizona needs- Another glassy eyed cult lunatic relitigating a two year-old election.
    Point, set and match. Whitehouse-1. Cruz, less than 0.
    "Trump Proposed Launching Missiles Into Mexico to ‘Destroy the Drug Labs,’ Esper Says." Yes, you read that right. Trump wanted to bomb Mexico and then, true to form, lie about it.
     It'll be fascinating to see how DeSantis tries to get back at this museum for banning him.

    And how did Hitler and Eva Braun spend their wedding night? Oh, right. Rotting and smpoldering outside the bunker. You want to reenact their wedding? Get all the facts straight.
     Donnie Dumbo and Fredo rushing to endorse him in 3, 2, 1...
     I don't want to mention any names but I guarantee you it was a former congressman out of NC who's registered to vote in three states.
    "Anyone who has been reading my writing here at Salon over the past few months knows that I am a big proponent of using negative partisanship to win the midterm election. The Republicans are so outside the mainstream that the midterm elections may not be the rout everyone expects if Democrats get out of their defensive crouch and make the case."
     Digby's right, as usual. Democrats need to start hitting below the belt and stop acting like Stockholm Syndrome victims.

    Aaron Mostofsky, meet the Aryan Brotherhood. Aryans, Aaron. We'll leave you alone so you can get acquainted.
    They only care about their campaign contributions from Disney and their continued incumbency. Republicans rarely, if ever, see the light. And finally...

     Looks as if Stew Peters has been nimbly dodging the nice lady with the little paper cup.


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