Monday, June 13, 2022

Pottersville Digest

     I'm sure that a dead-eyed sociopath like Mace is loathed by more than a few. But "everybody"? Oh, Donnie Dumbo, the projection, the projection!!!

     If a yeast infection could talk, it would sound just like Bobo. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)

     20,000,000 viewers, Boobie. The numbers don't lie.

     As usual, AOC has the right idea. This ought to be a litmus test for all members of Congress, especially Republicans. Did you ask for a pardon, yes or no? If so, why?

     Only a right wing nut job like Rachel Campos-Duffy thinks that abortion and gun control are mere hood ornament issues.

     Of course he's fading. He's already been booed several times at his rallies. His rally attendees have shown time and again they'll eagerly move on without him. Trump wasn't the Golden Calf. He was merely the crude, ugly Trojan Horse these RWNJs used to eventually storm the Capitol. They stuffed all their grievances inside of him and just rolled him in.

     The Master Race, ladies and gentlemen.
     Oh and the abovementioned 31 fascist goons who were arrested in Idaho? The Sheriff's office just doxxed every one of them.
     Now we're finding out that Trump's goons had actually broken into election systems in at least three different states.

     "No arrests have been made yet"? Maybe they would've been if they claimed to be from antifa or BLM.

     "He went on to tell Republicans that they should nominate a conservative with principles."
     Got any other ludicrous non sequiturs?

     At the very least, these depositions prove they're quite willing to throw the fat man under the bus to protect their own scaly skins. It's right wing fecklessness but I'm not proud. I'll take it.

    It's pretty difficult to swat away the January 6 Committee's investigation when panicked text messages from your three of your top anchors were sent to Mark Meadows essentially saying the riot needed to be called off. That robs them of any chance whatsoever of plausible deniability.

     Oh, fuck you, Jimmy. And, most of "his" NY Times bestsellers? Written by other authors. I know. I"m friends with six of them on Facebook.
    Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him?
    MTG's absolutely right... if she's referring to the January 5th footage we still haven't seen. That would be the footage of her 5th Columnist colleagues giving recon tours to the rioters. And finally...

    Neal Katyal is right. Barr shouldn't be allowed to launder his legacy by claiming he was some avatar of truth, justice and the American Way. Trump demanded he investigate voter fraud and that's exactly what he did.


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