Sunday, December 4, 2022

Trump Wants a Constitutional Convention

     As Liz Cheney gets a jump start on her inevitable, "Miss Me, Yet?" tour, we should all take stock of what's facing us in 2024.
     Let's face facts- Ron DeSantis, or any other Republican, is not getting the GOP nod that year. People outside of Florida view DeSantis as a limp vestigial twin hanging off Trump's bloated, pasty ass. Mike Pence's political career is deader than Ben Franklin. He pissed off too many MAGAts by doing his job on January 6. And besides, Pence has less personality than a glass of milk about to curdle. Ted Cruz? As if he wasn't already, his little foray into Cancun made him more unpopular than Kanye West in a Jewish deli. Josh Hawley will forever be known as the asshole who gave the January 6 rioters a terrorist fist jab in support of them just before they, literally, sent him running back to the Ozarks.
     So forget those cunts.
     If Trump manages to do some fancy footwork between now and then and stays out of prison, he'll be the GOP nominee. You know he'll be. So let's move on.
     In the last couple of weeks, Trump has:
     Attacked Special Prosecutor Jack Snith's wife for being involved with a documentary about Michelle Obama.
     Had dinner with a pair of neonazis and antisemites.
     Tried to downplay it by saying their two hour-long dinner at Mar a Lago was "very brief" and refused to call both Kanye West and Nick Fuentes out for their toxic and extremely offensive positions.
     Said we should just shove the Constitution into a shredder and make him king for life. All he had to do was ask for two years back pay.
     Those are just the highlights of the last fortnight.
     Regarding Liz Cheney, she's that loaded gun you hate hiding in your house. You hate guns but you know it heightens your sense of security in case of a home invasion.
     Since January 6th, Liz Cheney has been that hidden gun but she won't be around after January 3rd. She voted with Trump 96% of the time while they were both in government. But she's become kind of like the Doc Holliday of the Democratically-run Congress. She wasn't quite one of the good ole boys but her verbal brickbats and work on the January 6th Committee sure came in handy after the Cowboys started getting restless and fucked shit up.
     And her tweet from today nails it. There's no more daylight between Donald John Trump and outright authoritarianism. He stated it plain as day- There is no legal way he can get elected president. To do so would require ignoring every bit of the Constitution.
     Of course, that's not going to happen. But what Trump was broadly hinting at was a growing movement within the neofascist half of our government that's known as a "Constitutional Convention".
     This is a provision in Article V that allows for sweeping changes to the US Constitution. One had never existed since we'd ratified that document in the 18th century. Right wingers have been slavering for it and it seems with every election cycle, we get closer and closer to satisfying those conditions.
     It only requires that 34 of the 50 state legislatures approve of such a convention and that 38 of 50 states or just over two thirds, has to ratify the changes as with any other constitutional amendment. The Democrats clawed back only one state legislature in the 2022 midterms and none in 2020.
     The required numbers alone is stopping them from shit-canning Article V itself altogether, giving them the power to convene another Constitutional Convention in case their own amendments still don't let them have a permanent NeoNazi rule.
     The right wing has been slavering for another Constitutional Convention for decades because, like Trump, they know they're not going to get everything to which they think they're entitled with the present set of laws and the Supreme Court, Goddamnit, is just too slow.
     So, the right wing is fully onboard with what Trump's proposing, which is why not a single major political figure on the right has outright condemned Trump for calling for the Constitution to be trashed.
     Except for Liz Cheney.
     Liz Cheney, like her father Dick, has a soul that's designed and choreographed by Beetlejuice. Again, she voted with Trump's agenda nearly 100% of the time. She's embraced policies and legislation this side of Torquemada and will continue so until the end of her days. But, as with her father after 9/11, she had the fear of God put into her after the attack on the government. The difference between father and daughter is that Liz actually went after the people responsible.
     And, God help us one and all, but Liz Cheney is right. Liz Cheney, a woman whose brain would on an MRI look like a box of spiders, has got it nailed. And that rusty but powerful weapon will no longer be in our bedside table ready and waiting for the next breakin.
     I'll leave you with one final thought- All ten Republicans, including Cheney, who voted to impeach Trump last year will not see the new 118th Congress on January 3rd, meaning there will no longer be any bulwark on the right side of the aisle that can be counted on to stop Trump and his ruinous agenda.


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