Thursday, September 4, 2008

Images That Make JP Want to Projectile Vomit Everything He's Ever Eaten Since 1965.

Call him what you will.

Zell Miller 2.0.

Gnosher o' neocon knobs.

One of the various, sundry and assorted pus-sucking goons of Rush Limbaugh.

Or, hopefully, a future bad memory.

The GOP convention is actually exceeding expectations and has proven to be less an endorsement of John McCain and Klondike Annie and more of an ongoing ignorant bashing of Barack Obama to the delight of mouth-breathing Republican delegates who would give full-throated support to Ayn Rand's rotted, skeletal corpse if John McCain thought that she'd make a good running mate.

It's been a monster mash, to be sure, a retrospective of Republican reprobates whom the conservative establishment had earlier this year told in no uncertain terms to go fuck themselves. If you want an idea of how completely dysfunctional this massive insane clown posse is, at how easily they're misled, let's take a look at Mitt Romney last night:

Al Gore's own people had said that the former President-elect doesn't own a jet.

But we've come to expect ignorance from Republicans. As Obama once famously pointed out, "these guys pride themselves" on it.

What's truly contemptible and bile-churning is the ease with which they can spin their positions 180 degrees, at how easily they abandon their principles when confronted with someone like Palin or McCain. People like professional dried-up skank Phyllis Schlafly, who now loves Palin because, well, it's already too late to name another running mate and they're self-serving enough to know that it's time to settle and settle big time.

Oddly enough, it's Traitor Joe Lieberman alone who's not abandoning his principles. Lieberman has always been an arch neocon from the beginning. By contrast, Lieberman, ruthlessly opportunistic Republican cocksucker/jism-guzzler extraordinaire, looks like a fucking rock of Gibralter by conspicuous relief when one looks at the ideological contortionists in St. Paul who are now rallying around Palin and the unborn fetus of her grandchild.

What the fuck, since the Iraq war is now a long-forgotten memory, a dim whine in the background, why don't we just stick a mic in Bristol's cunt and see if we can get a soundbyte endorsement from this nascent young Republican so we can really seal the deal for John McCain?

After all, it's not as if Republicans have the intellectual wherewithall to be concerned about voting for a shuffling, doddering, factually-challenged psychopath who not only wants to endlessly perpetuate two wars but start at least two others with Iran and Russia, a guy whose very age is beginning to buck life insurance actuarial tables and would be succeeded by an evangelical Christian who has less executive experience than Mitt Romney's cock.

This is Amerika, people, the New Amerika, and what a country it is when a backseat fumble on the Klondike that knocks up the Governor's daughter can turn into a public handshake from John McCain, whose gut must've been churning like Joe Lieberman's skeletal right hand on McCain's flaccid dick. What a country when a withered turncoat like Lieberman can stump for a Democratic presidential candidate to be named later during his own primary, then, after the election, champion Republican nursing home resident material and do so to thunderous applause.


At September 5, 2008 at 3:23 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Geez,JP, I wish you'd quit beating around the bush and express your opinions more clearly.

Seriously, great post!

At September 5, 2008 at 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scary, huh? The thought that she could be president. I think this says it best.


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