Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Gotham City Digest: Impeachment Day edition

     (Pass the laxative.)

     Geez, Jimmy Carter's back in the hospital. Please get well soon, Mr. President.

    If you ever saw the Australian speculative fiction movie, THESE FINAL HOURS, this is a remarkably similar scenario at least as far as Oz goes. I hope all my Aussie friends are OK.

     This is probably the best news I'll hear all day. The astoundingly corrupt PLCAA was finally struck down by the Supreme Court. The PLCAA or Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, actually protected gun manufacturers from legal liability when their products were used after mass shootings. After Sandy Hook, company executives were caught in leaked emails licking their chops and rubbing their hands after Sandy Hook, and looking forward to "the Newtown bump" in sales.

     Ethnic cleansing, looting and random executions are continuing in northeast Syria. Thanks again, Donnie Dumbo. But, we got the oil. Nice to know we have our usual priorities in order.

     This is exactly how a dictatorial, Orwellian nightmare of a government operates- In the dark.

     I cannot fathom what goes through the minds of people that would do this to the sweetest, most adorable and unconditionally loving animals on earth. This is exactly the kind of sociopathic dick move the Chadwicks would pull on these puppies.

     You might say, "These HAVE to be Photoshopped!" but these photos of the wild horses of Iceland are not.

      Is Fiona Chadwick back in town? Some right wing moron is hiding books in an Idaho library that are critical of Trump. As if hiding a copy in one small town library is going to keep the truth about Trump from getting out.

     Harlan Ellison wasn't the easiest guy to get along with but his sensibilities about paying the fucking writer were spot on.

      Uh, WHAT?! First, we split the fucking atom, then we started cloning, then we started making robots with artificial intelligence, now we're weaponizing the WEATHER?! Yeah, all this Godplay will turn out well.

       Naturally, everyone in right wing media is screaming about this and accusing the whistleblower of getting rich off this, all without a trace of irony.

       Schoolkids reading to shelter dogs. This is such a cool idea.

       It's obvious they do no vetting in this shit show of an administration. As well as she landed, she was being considered for an even bigger position at Foggy Bottom, a department that had a billion dollar budget until Congress blew the whistle on her. She's STILL at the State Dept.
       To put this in context- Even just to get a shit job flipping burgers at McDick's or working as a drone at a factory requires several interviews, including a pre-interview and having your job history scrutinized with a fine tooth comb.
       This woman has an important job at the US State Department making six figures a year. She has a phony resume and, like Trump, a fake TIME magazine cover.

      For many teachers, teaching is a profession, a source of income, To others such as the late Tammy Waddell, it was a calling. She was a teacher literally to the very end.

     Meme intermission.

     I guarantee you this is the most beautiful turtle you'll see all year if not ever. It literally looks like a work of art.

    More right wing rat-fuckery from the corporate douchebags of Fuckbook. This is a result of Warren calling for this shit domain to be broken up into smaller entities.

      I'm working on two new novels simultaneously right now. One is a prequel to my 2015 novel, GODS OF OUR FATHERS. In the course of my ongoing research, I learned there was a massive influx to Canada of fugitive slaves. Many had stayed in the US in the free northern states such as New York, Massachusetts and so forth. Many, still fearing capture under the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, continued on the Underground Railroad to its ultimate terminus of Canada where they couldn't be extradited. The subject of my prequel, Shadrach Minkins, was just one of them. This article doesn't mention Canada's rich African history. Yet, during the 1800's, many escaped slaves saw Canada as the ultimate safe harbor in North America and their descendants still live in Canada to this day.

      This goes back 2½ years but it's still pretty indicative of the shocking lack of quality in Trump's nominees to the federal bench. One, Matthew S. Petersen, was so ignorant of the law that when pressed by Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana, couldn't even define basic legal terms and procedures. Brett Kavanaugh got a failing mark from the Bar Association. By contrast, every single nominee that Obama made to the federal bench was given a passing grade by the Bar Association, including Merrick Garland, to whom "Grim Reaper" McConnell wouldn't even give a hearing.

      Trump really is trying to turn us all into rotting corpses, isn't he?

      Send in the clowns? They're already here.

   So, this is where we're at now- Special Counsel investigated Trump campaign. Trump administration through Barr is investigating the investigators. Now the Senate Dems are asking for an investigation into the investigators who are investigating the investigators.
     Another week of this shit and we'll need a scorecard and Abbot and Costello to keep this straight for us.

    Counterterrorism expert Malcolm Nance tells us what keeps him up at night- And it's truly terrifying because these things are happening.

     Giuliani's defense consists of, "Trump only spent a few moments on that call engaging in some illegal quid pro quo."
     Just like each senator only spent one or two seconds of their careers assassinating Julius Caesar.
     In other words, what's a little corruption among friends, right?

     Well, THIS certainly came as a shock to my system. Thank goodness I was already sitting down.

     Here's something you never see, anymore- Employees actually taking time out of their busy days to reduce stress for their boss.

     Do we provide mental services to these migrant kids? This casually sadistic administration? Are you serious?

      Here there be dragons.

      Looks as if we've overthrown yet another Socialist democracy.

     Today, Ambassador Taylor is a rock star in these #ImpeachmentHearings.

      Some high comedy during the #impeachmenthearings And finally...

      "Russia, if you're listening... Oh wait, you already are."

Monday, November 11, 2019

Gotham City Digest: Extra Super-Sized edition

(We'll get around to vacuuming the forest floors, we promise.)

     Saturday was the 81st anniversary of Kristallnacht or, as Trump calls it, "The night of very fine people on both sides."

      Cos play gone horribly wrong. The top one was taken at Trump's yugely successful Blacks for Trump Atlanta rally.

       What is it about right wingers and Russians? Oh, right. Right wingers are fabulously corrupt.

      Bring us your tired, your huddled masses... but not if they're poor.

      I think we need to know more about who Lindsey Graham's been caught blowing.

      Oshkosh, B'gosh! Tapper flat out calls right wing Trumper Ron Johnson a liar on live national TV.

    Last month, #MoscowMitch huddled together with GOP senators on how to respond to the impeachment and Trump's extortion of Ukraine. His advice? "Make up your own defense."
      He also held a Powerpoint slide show explaining to these goobers how impeachment works.

     Like I keep saying, this is all the right wing has- Thuggery and violence. They know they can't defend their crooked hero so they resort to mindless violence. They're rabid animals that need to be put down.

      Mick Mulvaney's trying to join a suit against Trump. Yes, you read that right- Mulvaney is suing Trump.

      Trump went to the World Series in Washington. The home town team lost.
      Trump goes to Alabama and the Crimson Tide lost their first game of the year and their first home game in four years.
      We need to send him to more Yankees games. That is, if he isn't in federal prison by next season.

     Actually, John Bolton released the funds and stabbed the fat man in the back right before he walked out the door.

     "A culpable state of mind"?! And this man passed the Louisiana bar exam?!?! Since when do sociopaths have "a culpable state of mind"? And how would you prove something like that?
     Here's something to go on- Trump ordered the tape and the transcript to be locked up in a super secret N.I.C.E. server that's used for national security secrets, not "perfect" phone calls between world leaders. That sounds a "culpable state of mind" to me, Johnny boy.

   Why in God's name would Giuliani hire a right wing girl barely out of her teens as his Communications Director and who is "Charles"? Well, now we know.

     The GOP's become "the Soviet Party"? Duh. I've been saying this for years.

     Oh nice. Mix a stimulant with a depressant. THAT'LL do wonders for your cardiovascular system.

      Oh, Bloomberg  would perform well against Trump? The same could be said of a moldy sack of potatoes with Mario Cuomo's face scrawled on it.
     We've all learned our lessons from the last time we "elected" a billionaire. Remember Howard Schultz, the Starbucks asshole? He crashed and burned. Tom Steyer crashed and burned, even though CNN still keeps putting his puss above their chyrons. Now Bloomberg's crashing and burning like a certain blimp in Lakehurst, NJ.
      We don't want these right wing psychopaths posing as Democrats and we don't want them in this or any race. The very fact they're running betrays how clueless and out of touch they are. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader CC)

       Of course, Donnie Dumbo and his genetic deadpoolers would decry this is "fake news."

       Please tell me this batshit harpy isn't related to Ernest Hemingway.

      Jack fucking Dorsey, the ultimate right wing corporate whore, will ban ads from environmental groups about global warming but will still happily accept Exxon's propaganda and their money decrying it.
       One more time, Jack, global warming is not a political issue and it stopped being one the moment politicians refused to meaningfully address it. It is a global human rights crisis in the making.

       Meet the gallant all-black American female battalion that served in Europe during World War II.

      Meme intermission.

     "Unlike most of the impeachment witnesses so far, Bolton talked one-on-one with the president on numerous occasions. He has a degree of insight that the impeachment witnesses we've seen so far simply cannot offer."
      Very true, hence justifiably worrisome for the White House.

      Thank goodness this bigoted barnacle Pete King is ready to fall off. After 28 years of his shit, now we can finally flip the district. All we have to do now is convince his running buddy Chuck Schumer ("D"-Wall Street) to follow him out the door.

      "(Don Jr) had just argued in his book – that a hate-filled American left was hell-bent on silencing him and anyone else who supported the Trump presidency.
      But the appearance backfired when his own supporters, diehard Make America Great Again conservatives, raised their voices most loudly in protest and ended up drowning him out barely 20 minutes into an event scheduled to last two hours."
      Useful or useless idiots? You decide.
      I'm going to shock some of you by saying these fascist airheads were wrong to do this. Don Jr. has every bit as much a right to speak about whatever he pleases as anyone else. Their only use in this clusterfuck is putting the lie to Fredo's assertion that all the hatred is coming from the left.
      Of course, too much styling gel has seeped through his scalp and poisoned what passes for his brain so Fredo will never change his views about the left. No doubt he'll eventually claim these racist asswipes were far left plants.

       "I can shoot my presidency in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose a single vote."

       5th Column Republicans, never interested in the rule of law or facts, have installed Gym Jordan (R-Dude, where's my jacket?) on the Intelligence Committee as a ringer, a catfish to stir shit up and turn the impeachment proceedings into a right wing circus.

        Eating while black? Seriously?

        See, Nikki? This is what happens when you jump into a swamp filled with piranhas and pretend to be one of them- You get eaten alive.

        Leave it to the paranoid DoD to spy on peaceful protest groups in a "threat assessment."

        Even #MoscowMitch wants nothing to do with Bevin.

       This, the final 60 seconds of WWI, happened 101 years ago today. The last few seconds are truly chilling.

       Be careful what you wish for because you just may get it. Now Bolivia doesn't have a leader, a vice president or even a Senate leader.

       This Revolution will be televised, with limited commercial interruptions.
       If they made it a PPV, we could pay off the national debt.

       Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, you really ARE a special kind of stupid, aren't you?

      According to former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, there are five ways to become a billionaire and succeeding at free market capitalism isn't among them. (Please try to overlook Reich's "much-vaulted entrepreneurs" typo).

      This is what Trump and his shysters are reduced to in their pathetic attempt to hide his fraudulent tax returns- Conspiracy theorizing that the NY AG is in cahoots with House Democrats to bring him down.

       Sure Trump drained the swamp...right into Ukraine.

      Basically, what it boils down to is this: Neither Bolton, Kupperman or anyone else involved in the lawsuit wanted Mulvaney on board because they were afraid he would, dare I say it? swamp the raft.

     Devin Nunes' (R-Moo) witness wish list is literally a cry for help, according to NBC's legal analyst.

      Sorry, Dodgy Donald, but your other conspiracy theory about inaccurate transcripts is as full of shit as your diaper.

     Dear God, but this woman is spectacularly insane. She actually thinks she's Putin's lover, communicates with him through the color of his ties, that Nancy Pelosi personally stopped her at the airport in North Dakota on her way to Russia and is going to dominate the world with Putin and Trump.
       Not surprisingly, these QAnon morons are getting drained into Dr. Phil's show. How he could keep a straight face is anyone's guess.
       I can perfectly see this being broadcast in "On the Lighter Side..." on Russian state TV.

     Why isn't anyone going to jail for this? Oh, I know. It's legal under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Thanks, again, Slick Willie! Aces! Anf finally...

       I'm stunned. I expected much better from a lard-assed, mayonnaise sandwich-eating right wing honky like Boris Johnson.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(In which we will always believe Trumpism is a cult.)

     At the Alabama-LSU game will be an artificial president inflated with hot air and then there will be the Trump balloon.

      Fucking A, we'll be just fine on Black Friday, don't you worry.

     Remember the phrase attributed to Orwell, "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act"? This is the new samizdat.

       Listen, Fredo, until a foreign enemy lobs bullets and bombs at you and yours, kindly STFU and carry your plate to the kiddie table.

        This is from my former GOP governor.

        Virtually every country has global ambitions. Many of them want to dominate the world. These include Israel, Saudi Arabia, China and Russia. Every one of these countries has deeply infiltrated US tech companies not just financially but also, as in Saudi Arabia's case, had embedded spies in Twitter. And if Twitter was infiltrated by Saudi Arabia, then is it really a stretch to imagine other rogue nations doing the same with other social media platforms? And if you're a rogue nation that wants to dominate the world, then it stands to reason you need to either permanently undermine the United States or completely destroy it. And our so-called "president" is doing just that and is being aided & abetted by the corporate cunts that run our corporations, which is another reason why you should not or ever trust any corporation or the executive psychopaths who run them. The Russians through, again, Twitter had installed one of their willing stooges in the very Oval Office. Let's not find out how much worse this espionage can get.

         “These reports raise serious concerns about the president’s perception of the Justice Department as a partisan political instrument and his willingness to use the power of federal law enforcement in pursuit of his own objectives." — Sens. Kamala Harris, Richard Blumenthal and Sheldon Whitehouse in a Nov. 8 letter.
          One. More. Time. These are the actions of a paranoid dictator. And they are ALL paranoid.

          The GOP is planning on using every dirty trick in the book to sabotage the impeachment proceedings. And these are the ways the Democrats are going to use to stop them.

           Lucian K. Truscott IV connects some of the dots between Manafort, Giuliani, Parnass and Fruman.

           Uhm, excuse me. Isn't using the White House to raise campaign funds and to campaign in general incredibly illegal?

           With perhaps one exception, all these writers are women. So fuck this "quid pro quo" shit.

           He left the government two and a half years before the phone call, you fucking morons.

           24 Things You Didn't Know About Lindsey Graham: #7 I once kissed Trump's ass so hard, I could taste Hannity.

           Bloomberg's also the right wing asshole who changes parties more frequently than we change our socks and crushed Occupy Wall Street, so shut the fuck up, you moron.

       Meme intermission.

       The Germans give Trump a head start on his wall.

       I vividly recall a Rachel Maddow episode from over two years ago in which she reported Trump talking to a father who'd lost a son in battle and he promised to cut him a check for $25,000... which he then didn't even cut until the media got wind of it and he was embarrassed into it.
       Then Trump tried it again with the Dunns after springing on them that the woman who killed their son Harry then fled the country after invoking diplomatic immunity was in the next room. The Dunns angrily rejected both the meeting and the check Steve Mnuchin was ready to cut them.
       To Trump, consoling grieving parents is just another deal to make and that money will make the grief and loss go away. This is because Donald Trump is purely and simply a sociopath. Why more of us aren't saying this is a mystery to me.

        If Amy McGrath doesn't make hay out of this next year, then she's an idiot. If any one thing that ever came out about McConnell this year shows how utterly corruptible he is, this is it.

        Finally, something to help us cope with the holidays.

        Oh, sure, NOW they agree to do this, after most of the leaky fucking pipeline's been built. Note the state of South Dakota never offered to strike those unconstitutional laws from the books and I don't recall reading in this article whether any of the water protectors who were arrested and charged will have those charges dismissed, either. There's also no enforceable guarantee that I see that South Dakota law enforcement won't abruptly begin enforcing the anti-protest laws that are still on the books.
        So I am very deeply unimpressed with this "deal."

       This is amazing. Koko the gorilla and other great apes aren't the only ones who can articulate thoughts. That already puts this dog one step above the machine Democrats.

        Go ahead, just TRY using that old right wing-Machine Democrat trope on me that "Socialists can't beat Trump."

        In 11 days, Texas will execute an innocent man named Rodney Reed, something they've already done before. Don't let it happen again. Sign the petition. And finally...

        This is one of the saddest stories you'll ever read. Christopher Dennis, a Superman wannabe who couldn't even help himself, was a Hollywood Boulevard icon on a par with the Naked Cowboy in Times Square. Shortly before his death, Dennis was found dead headfirst in a clothing donation bin. Just prior to this, he'd been beaten and robbed of his laptop, money and costume.
        This is what Los Angeles does, what the whole world does- To paraphrase Sylvia Plath, It eats dreams like air. But LA is a bit more ravenous than most.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(O, what a world!)

      Trumpie the Klown last month: “We’re keeping the oil — remember that. I’ve always said that: ‘Keep the oil.’ We want to keep the oil. Forty-five million dollars a month? Keep the oil.”
       Pentagon yesterday: "Fuck you we are."

       Remember when Chancellor Trump said just prior to the 2016 election that if he lost he wouldn't accept the results? Meet Trump's Mini Me, Matt Bevin, who STILL hasn't conceded the election. They're literally going to have to arrest him and drag him out of the Governor's mansion. Even his own party wants to him to give up and leave.

       Pence's national security aide told impeachment investigators she thought Trump’s Ukraine call was ‘unusual’, throws the fat man under the bus.

        Florida Man, the world's worst superhero.

      Remember when Trump added the tip reservoir to the NOAA;s cone of uncertainty? Yeah, it threw that part of the government into chaos.

       I've seen some cold-blooded pricks in my day but this ex-cop from my state takes the cake.

       Another angry old right winger resorts to violence, this time against Glenn Greenwald.

       All Bill Roebuck did was tell us what we already knew- That Turkey committed war crimes and ethnic cleansing. But this comes from an internal memo from someone who was there on the ground and witnessed these war crimes. And all this happened because Trump wanted to get a belligerent Erdogan off the fucking phone.

       It's about time someone investigated this. The GAO is now looking into why Trump withheld the Ukraine military aid. As if we don't already know.

     I think Mizz Lindsey has the terminal vapors. Now he doesn't even seem to know Gordon Sondland's name and recently claimed the guy who gave a cool million bucks to Trump's crooked inaugural fund is "a Never Trump leftist." Whatever the Russians have on this aging queen, it must be a fucking pip.

       It's not looking very good for this right wing pinhead Roger Stone. And it's only the second day of his trial. I really hope this nasty old fuck dies in prison.

        Whether or unwitting or not, I love the double entendre in this headline.

        I love it when Kellyanne Conway tries to brush off her old law degree and play lawyer. Would I have loved to be a fly on the wall during her and George's dinner at home last night.

      Meme intermission.

    The reason for this is because he has a sense of invulnerability and you have the Vichy Republicans to thank for this, which is to say every single person in the Republican Party.

      Looks as if Kentucky Republicans are seriously thinking of subverting the will of the people yet again and are planning to steal this election.

       She would've been around for Jack the Ripper and Star Wars.

       To use Trump's now-threadbare word, it was perfect.

      Sure he isn't. That's why he's blocked everyone who was ever summoned to testify and why he tweets about the testimonies 500 times a day.

     With morons like this running major multibillion dollar banks, I'm frankly amazed the entire global economy hadn't crashed decades ago.

       Why hasn't anyone publicly stated that this ongoing orgy of deregulation is a result of racism on Trump's end? Everything that Obama did, this asshole has to undo simply because the black guy did it. This is, in my mind, a years-old temper tantrum because Obama ridiculed him at the 2011 WH Correspondent's dinner.

        Florida Man, still the world's worst superhero.

        Eugene Robinson of the WaPo puts it in pretty stark, simple terms. What Trump did was bribery, a charge I called last September.

         Yeah, Israel, LET'S talk Holocausts.

         Manbaby has tantrum after being told to fork over $2,000,000 out of which he cheated charities.

        The corporate scumbags running the US Chamber of Commerce are shitting their silk trousers along with the GOP they support.

         Looks as if Pelosi was literally right. Combine an Infantile obsession with military parades plus his fanboy obsession with dictators and you have a recipe for disaster. And finally...

          "In one meeting, the president allegedly used a mock Hispanic accent to complain about female migrants crossing from Mexico, calling them useless and saying if they came with husbands, the men could be used to pick corn." A Warning
          We need to flush this turd out of the White House, stat.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(Where we would never compare Trump to a higher class of mobster.)

     Typical right wing asshole. Bevin loses but refuses to admit it. And Trump was there just last night making it, as usual, all about himself. "Don't let them do this to me!" he whined.
     The voters of Kentucky did it to him, anyway. Now go on Twitter and bad mouth Bevin for losing his election for you, you venomous orange tree toad.

      Another migrant dies in ICE custody but this story has a twist- He was taken off life support over the family's objections then ICE refused to turn the body over even after a month. You have to wonder how much influence ICE had over the hospital staff.

      An old article but still a goodie. It's interesting that Dana Loesch compared Trump to a mobster who went down over tax evasion.

       God, do I hate conservatives regardless of what country they come from. This 1984 bullshit is all they have instead of workable ideas.

       Way to go, girls. Keep that momentum going until next year and beyond.

       In the middle of the blue tsunami that engulfed Virginia last night was this news item...

       Isn't nice to know we're not the only ones?

       This is from nearly four years ago but I seriously doubt anything's changed since then.

       Is there anyone the FBI wasn't paranoid about during the Hoover years?

       October Gordon Sondland: "There was no quid pro quo."
       November Gordon Sondland: "Oooh, THAT quid pro quo. Yeah, there was quid pro quo. Thanks for refreshing my memory."

      The government's essentially tearing itself apart in order to salve Trump's perpetually bruised ego.

      According to Lindsey Graham, Trump's too crazy and stupid to form a quid pro quo arrangement.

      Starbucks just released their new holiday cups, meaning prayer warriors from coast to coast will soon be deploying their forces for the baby Jebus.

      At first, I had to check the domain to make sure it wasn't Newsthump or the Onion. But then again, these are heartless right wing pricks we're talking about.

       Yeah, this is beyond creepy and ventures into twisted territory. Especially as his daughter's now 18, is of consenting age and should be protected by doctor/patient confidentiality under HIPAA regulations.
       She might want to ask Daddy Dearest how many other daughter's cherries he'd popped back in the day.

       Mikhail Gorbachev tells the BBC that the world in ‘colossal danger’ Meanwhile, the balding dwarf running Russia is going to biker festivals in Crimea of all places decked out in leather.
        Yeah, nothing to see here, folks.

        I don't what the fuck is wrong with conservatives and why people keep fucking voting for them. Even when handed millions of pounds by other parties to alleviate poverty, they STILL won't spend it. This is how much conservatives care about the poor. Why the fuck do you keep voting for these cold-blooded sociopaths. people?

         Well, Tulsi, if the shoe fits...

      Again, something a totally innocent guy would do. And any guy who can't articulate his innocence for himself ain't innocent.

        Falco in a TV series? It's about damned time.

         Meme intermission.

        Kennedy kind of looks and sounds like a third rate, right wing Huey Long, doesn't he?

        Who will massage Trump's feet when his time comes?

     If you have the misfortune of being a Republican these days and no longer excuse Trump's impeachable crimes, there's only one thing left to do- Completely ignore the massive evidence of those crimes.

      Former Maine Senator & Clinton SOS William Cohen tears the GOP a new one in this article by Jennifer Rubin.

       I'm a writer and I still can't adequately express in words how much I loathe Fredo Trump. I mean, only a skeevy greaseball like Junior would proudly go on national TV with the aging squeeze with whom he cheated behind his wife's back.

      In fact, Junior was so obnoxious on The View that Whoopie Goldberg kicked him and his aging squeeze off the stage. Later on Twitter, Fredo tried to claim victory by saying he "triggered" the hosts then launched personal attacks on them.

      I vehemently disagree with this op-ed. I think all 34 Republican senators up for re-election next year should embrace this toxic pile of shit in a back-rubbing, crotch-grinding hug just like Trump did to the American flag at the last CPAC. Show the voting public how much you love him despite the mountain ranges of evidence proving his countless crimes. Then see how the electorate reacts to your devotion to him on Super Tuesday.

       Looks like Bolton will testify after all, pending legal clearance.

       By the second hour of his hate rally in LA, people started leaving Trump in droves.

      The first day of Roger Stone's trial may have flown under the radar yesterday (or perhaps it just seemed that way as I was having a new keyboard installed in my main laptop and was offline almost all afternoon). Here are the five most dramatic moments in the prosecution's opening arguments.

       The latest from Mr. Kellyanne Conway.

       Let's not and say we did. Not only did Zelensky turn the tables on Trump and play him for the fool to the tune of nearly $400 million, he also shot a huge hole in Trump's "no quid pro quo" defense.

       Actually, this is much more descriptive of Republicans than Democrats.

       And Donnie Dumbo loses in court yet AGAIN!

      Italian senator and Holocaust survivor calls for an end to hate, gets buried in hate and death threats by right wingers who prove her point. And finally...

        Remember when the news came out yesterday that Trump asked Barr to clear him on Ukraine like he did with Mueller's report and Barr refused? Yeah, the Liar in Chief now denies ever asking him to do that.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Gotham City Digest: Der Gropenführer edition

(Where we vow to never grope your pecs from behind.)

     Donnie Dumbo wants to pull firefighting funding from California. Then again, this is a fucking moron who thinks that windmills cause cancer.

     I just sent a nice long email to the right wing shyster who wrote this, in which he claimed that Omar was wrong in quoting Trump as saying Neonazis are "very fine people." He most certainly did and I made sure to let this clown know that and a lot more. I'll post the results later in a full post. This fucking guy's unreal.

     "Aiming to win back public confidence in the Boeing 737 MAX, major US airliners are reportedly planning to hold demonstration flights with senior company officials, but not real passengers, on board to prove the model is safe. "
      I bet they'll be buying a shitload of life insurance.

      Since I move exclusively in adult circles, I have to say I haven't seen behavior like this on a daily basis since grade school.

      #somuchwinning #somuchborrowing

      Another Trump scam. Shocking, I know. Or maybe, no one wants to eat with him.

      The trouble with this, besides the obvious, is that you can't drag a pig into the mud when it's already in it. Trump is already up to his bizarre comb over in the mire. He is to sleaze what Bill Gates is to software. Seriously, Trump threatening to launch a smear campaign against Vindman, a Jewish officer, is like the Dreyfus Affair 2.0. And, speaking of whom...

       That's right. Some right winger called up CSPAN and compared Lt. Col. Vindman to the Nazi propagandist. This is what happens when you get 100% of your news from Trump's Twitter feed.

        Jay Sekulow's already vowed they would fight this all the way to the Supreme Court. The right wingers on the court will probably rule forcing Trump to turn over his tax returns would amount to a violation of his 4th Amendment rights or some silly shit like that.

        California? Fuck 'em. They're Commie pinkos out to hurt America! Russia First!

        Kurt Suzuki will never live down this moment as long as he lives, not with his wife, his kids, grandkids or the nursing home orderlies.

        At this point, I look at Never Trumper Republicans like useful idiots and, yes, I count George Will in that number. People such as Will are acting shocked as if Trump is the first bad Republican "president" to come down the pike. These fireflies of clarity that occasionally go off in Will's brain, as well as other idiots such as Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt and George Conway also gave Bush full-throated praise even as he stole the presidency twice and got us into two wars in which we're STILL engaged, bankrupting the Treasury and borrowing trillions from the Chinese to pay off those and his ruinous tax cuts. They each stood by and did nothing even as we tortured human beings for useless information. So, no, I will not listen to these right wingers as if they're the new voices of moral clarity. We got war criminals like Bush in the White House because of their right wing snuffling about how evil Socialism and liberalism is. Fuck 'em all. So, please, keep doing damage to Donnie Dumbo's "presidential" legacy. The next time a more moderate Republican gets in the WH, they'll sneak back into the party and start preaching the usual right wing orthodoxy. You just wait and see. Then remember what I said here in 2019.

       Remember when Nixon called Walter Cronkite before deciding to fire Archibald Cox? Yeah, me neither.
       But this is how clueless our government is.The morons running Foggy Bottom are so stupid, they're leaving personnel decisions with grave geopolitical implications to Sean Hannity, a guy who once ran a failed dating site.

       This is the REAL Richard Spenser when he's not getting free air time from CNN. This is one of the assholes Trump calls "very fine people."

       Hey, if Donnie Dumbo wants to bankrupt someone else besides the American taxpayer for his sporting outings, it might as well be the RNC.

        Meme intermission.

     Among the many disturbing revelations in the full testimonies and depositions of Marie Yovanoviych and Michael McKinley that were released by the House Intelligence Committee today was Marie Yovanovitch fearing for her life if she didn't get out of Ukraine as a colleague warned her to do. Another was Gordon Sondland telling her to "get big or get out" and to go on Twitter and support the "president."

       Speaking of which, for anyone that cares to read them in full, here are the links to the released testimonies of Michael McKinley and Masha Yovanovitch.

        It's Tuesday afternoon so have lunch with Volbeat, some of the best Dad rock on the planet.

        Anti-choice pregnancy centers are sometimes the worst choice a mother can make.

       When you don't have the guts to break the law, go the Rand Paul route and demand others do it for you.

        Make ISIS Great Again.

       "Went there, bitch."

      This is how toxic the Republican brand is: They're so ashamed of running as Republicans, they try to deceive voters into thinking they're Democrats.

     More right wing rat-fuckery. Note these Republican scumbags aren't defending Trump so they resort to sophomoric horseshit like this to slow the impeachment process.

      If Trump isn't a good racist, it isn't for lack of relentless trying.

      Wouldn't it be something if South Carolina, of all states, had two black senators?

      I always hate seeing those lying right wing losers at Project Veritas made artificially relevant but this hot mic moment that O'Keefe caught shows another major tv network actively suppressing a sex scandal story. NBC did the same thing with Ronan Farrow and his story about Harvey Weinstein. And it appears Amy Robach ran into stiff resistance from ABC brass in getting her interview with Virginia Roberts about Jeffrey Epstein on the air. By way of mollifying her, they're doing a six part podcast next year that virtually no one will watch, over six months after Epstein's death. And the MSM wonder why they're no longer trusted. And finally...

      Now you know why the Tory scumbags want to privatize the NHS. Imagine how much these leeches would rake in for executive bonuses if THAT were to happen.

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