Saturday, July 20, 2019

To 1969 and Beyond!

     So, President Buzz Windrip Lightyear wants to go to the moon, then he doesn't. So, typically, he's set his sights on the planet in the solar system that most closely matches his late life skin tone: Mars.
     Today also happens to be the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 manned lunar landing but I'll let better minds than mine pontificate on the historical significance of such. My concern here today is that, with Donald Trump now shambling through the West Wing between rounds of golf pretending to be an actual president, is taking us back to 1969 in more ways than his ambivalent ambitions to take us back to the moon.
     1969 was when the civil rights movement began its slow, imperceptible decline with the assassination of Dr. King the year before. And in 2019, it seems the man with the hair that looks like an Irish cabbie's hat is doing his level-headed (?) best to turn back the clock as pertains race relations.
     You know know what I'm talking about- He just took one small step for a racist man and one giant leap for white Mankind when he'd told four Democratic Congresswomen to go back where they came from. Those Congresswomen, of course, are the four freshman lawmakers who in at least three instances have been vocal about Trump and his, well, racism.
     Three were born in this country: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (the Bronx, same borough where Fred Trump was born), Ayanna Presley (D-Massachusetts, born in Chicago), Rashida Tlaib (Detroit. MI). Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was born in Somalia and came to this country when she was 10. She became a citizen 19 years ago, long before Melania.
     Basically, Trump's telling these women, "If you don't like my government, go back where you came from and fix it there then come back and tell us what to do."
     Ironically, this is the same undocumented Klansman who's telling immigrants, "You don't like your government? Stay there and fix it."
     So, despite Trump ramping up his Otherism to Hitlerian levels, there are, predictably, right wing nut jobs who are playing the tried-and-untrue Deflect and Distract game by accusing the victims of, you guessed it, antisemitism, specifically the two Muslim Congresswomen singled out by Il Douche. This would include some Sean Hannity wannabe named Fred Fleas on, predictably, Fox Spews' website.
     And, mark my words, it isn't just low-octane Fox bloggers who are listening to Trump, such as this miscreant in, predictably, Georgia.
     Let's be perfectly clear here: People listen to the child molester currently masquerading as "the president" and they're now showing it. A white man (of course) at a Publix saw an African American woman standing in the 10 items or less express line. She had 15 items. In keeping with white assholes from coast to coast, even little infractions committed by black people result in police being called and/or racist tirades. The woman is 9 months pregnant and can't stand for long. She's also the Minority Vice Chair of the Georgia State House, aka a Democratic elected official. He told her to "go back where you came from."
      Because white shit bags like this can't think for themselves and ignorantly parrot the brain-damaged boob currently shambling through the West Wing in between rounds of golf.
      You're going to hear a lot more of this shit. You're going to be hearing a lot more about Trump supporters telling women of color this. This lawmaker is from Georgia. So when you hear white colostomy bags like this racist tell a black woman to "go back where you came from", you're seeing not only someone who has seriously deficient critical thinking skills (ie your typical Trump supporter), you're also hearing them tell black people to go back to Africa, as if they willingly immigrated here just yesterday. America still belongs to white people, don't you know?
     Forget Obama's election and re-election. Because white people just can't get over the 60's.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(Where we can trace homelessness to the cave-dwelling prehistoric era.)

     So, VP Race Bannon visited a couple of concentration camps last week and he promptly blasted CNN for showing the truth.

     Fascism doesn't just pounce. It creeps and crawls THEN it pounces.

     While New Orleans fears Hurricane Barry, the rest of the country is hunkering down in preparation of Hurricane Dotard.

     We call them "snowflakes" for a reason. When they hear those of us in the reality-based community criticize our government for its many failures, they interpret that as an attack on our country, which is another thing entirely. They take any criticism of the government & the country as a personal attack. That's because they generally identify with a country that has always seen to its interests, that is the Caucasian patriarchy that had founded this nation.

     So, why isn't this racist asshole up on murder one charges? It was obviously premeditated. He left the party then drove back in his pickup with the intention of running over and killing a disabled black man.

     Now you know why Trump and the rest of the GOP love the poorly educated.

       Imagine going overseas and risking your life for flag and country then coming back and finding your family's been deported. I hate the fascist state my nation has turned into.

     Only a psychopath like this piece of shit would call killing defenseless, endangered animals in front of its young "conservation."

     Why won't this asshole die?

     To quote James Comey, "Lordy, I hope there are tapes!"

     "I got super powers ain't no one's ever seen before!" says Captain Covfefe.

     Ken Coochie Coochie believes in compassionate fascism. Some of you more informed people may remember Coochie Coochie when he was the AG of Virginia.

     I love this. We need to do this to those evangelical nutbags more often.

     Just another morning with Crack Whore Barbie.

     Bill de Blasio literally has his Waterloo moment.

     "We have a system of justice in this country that treats you much better if you're rich and guilty than if you're poor and innocent."

      He was worried about his career even when after being handed a slam dunk case on a silver platter by the FBI.
       How's your career path now, Mr. Acosta?

     This came out almost exactly two years ago about Monsanto bribing FDA officials but is anyone naive enough to think anything's been cleaned up since then?

     This happened 92 years ago. And, if we're not vigilant, it'll happen again.

     I love these guys. I really do.

     This article about 57 corporations getting corporate welfare at your expense is from April yet it deserves a second look.

     What kind of a pathetic right wing douchebag has to make even her wedding all about Trump? And if Trump ever hears of this, he'll love it.

     Fuck Pelosi & her three dimensional chess games. Some things are screamingly obvious. And one of them is that Trump must go, by yesterday.

     Only Trump supporters deserve free speech? My, how convenient that would be!

     In other words, a tinpot version of Donald Trump, who is himself a tinpot dictator. Among the disgusting comments leaked were the Governor wishing someone would shoot Mayor Cruz.

     Touché. Suck on that, you prudes.

     It doesn't matter whether their silence is due to craven cowardice or pure racism. Both show a shocking fecklessness that has no place in a democratic society. So I think we can safely conclude that every single Republican on Capitol Hill is a feckless thug.

     Oh, great. Now we're turning self-loathing concentration camp guards into sex symbols. We may be turning into Nazi Germany but a part of us will always be America.

     I wouldn't be surprised if this was true that 91% of Americans in Mexico are living there illegally. She didn't provide any corroborating linkage in her article. Anyone know if her claims are true?

     What Bernie's doing here reminds me of the stunt Michael Moore pulled in SiCKO when he took a bunch of Americans to Cuba to get $1 inhalers that cost over $100 in the US.

     I got this in my inbox two days ago. Yes, for the nonexistent "TrumpCare." When I unsubscribed, they asked me why I was doing so. I said, "There's no such thing as TrumpCare, you right wing idiots. Plus, 'TrumpCare' is an oxymoron."

     Another Blue Dog is born.
    You know what I see when I see all these Republicans fleeing the party? I see political opportunists running scared because Trump poisoned their conservative brand. I see rats waddling down a mooring rope off a burning ship. These idiots like Amash, this woman, Bill Kristol, George Will, Steve Schmidt, Donald Trump did not suddenly or even gradually turn them into liberals who saw the light. Such people are as rare as unicorns. When I see these rats scurrying, I see people who are more concerned about their own political futures than that of the country. And when Trump is gone, watch them slink back into their true party. They may not be greeted with open arms by the remaining hardliners, but they'll at least try to return to their true roots. These apostates are fighting for their political survival, not the nation's.


      All of us should cool it? Shut the fuck up, Mitch.

     "His colleagues, he said, wore surgical masks and rubber gloves because there was 'sickness and filth everywhere.' And he said the facility 'looked like a walled-off compound where the government had the last safe zone and was taking in refugees fleeing the deadly zombie virus.'”

      That's 78% of our country's electoral system. Compromised by Trump's boss, Putin. A trend the Republicans led by Mitch McConnell, who's accepted tons of money from the Russians, are attempting to keep going by blocking electoral security bills in the Senate. Think about it.

      Trump's a seven year-old bully trapped in the bloated body of a 73 year-old. Impeach the motherfucker. Get it over with.

     Snopes completely fucked this up by calling the claim "mostly false." So don't talk to me about Snopes being the official, unimpeachable arbiter of what's true or not. It's literally run by one guy in a little house in the middle of nowhere. So, yes, Hitler did say he was going to "make Germany great again."

     Seriously, does Elon Musk strike anyone else as acting like a villain straight out of a Phillip K. Dick novel?

     Not a big fan, huh?

     I've been following this story since it broke a few days ago. Facebook, as usual, is front and center as its company Instagram apparently has no interest in taking down pictures of that poor girl's severed head and headless body. It doesn't surprise me that the bastard sons and daughters of Mark Zuckerberg are dropping the ball on this while banning quotes from St. Augustine. And it also doesn't exactly enhance my already low opinion of human nature. In fact, it's getting harder for me to recall the decent people I know who used to be able to counterbalance and temper my dim view of humanity.

     Oh, look. $1.3 billion or 20 tons of coke was seized in Philly last month aboard a ship owned by JP Morgan. Philly, the last I recall, is a legal port of entry. Now how, O how is the White House going to spin this so it's Mexico's fault? Maybe we should put Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao on the case. Oh, wait...

     Go get him, Jon. Rand Paul really is a bottom feeder. May I add that he and Mike Lee are scum-sucking pieces of shit?

     So, while Trump was having another Nazi hate rally somewhere in the Fatherland soaking up the brainless adoration of wouldbe stormtroopers, this was going on during Tucker's show. Pretty soon, only white people will be allowed to whine about racism and victimhood. Cry me a river, Roger, you fascist fucking snowflake. Someone really misses the pre-Rosa Parks days. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader CC.)

     Where the fuck do these right wing, antediluvian douchebags come from and why are they so obsessed with gay people? Sounds as if someone's in need of an intervention.

     Imagine if someone wrote POLITICS FOR DUMMIES then put it on TV. This is what it would look like. Of course, it was in North Carolina, the place where the mid 19th century went to die and be taxidermied.

     Someone's begging for a rubber room & 4 point restraints.

     Bob Iger is such an arrogant corporate cunt that when Abigail Disney emailed him with a long list of her grievances with the company her grandfather and great uncle co-founded, he completely ignored her.

     Egomaniac who loves being quoted now says he's "not happy" crowd quoted him. And finally...

      Another right wing knuckle-dragger heard from.
      Long before any of those women are out of Congress (and I have a feeling one of them may wind up in the Oval Office), Jesse Wattles will be sucking cock in the Castro for BART subway fare. (Another tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader CC.)

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(Where we've never called retired public officials "lame ducks.")

     This Common Dreams article is five years-old but it ought to be read anyway. It shows what a dirty, duplicitous cocksucker Nixon really was. It eerily echoes what Reagan would do in 12 years by fiddling with the Iranian hostage crisis and setting up Iran Contra.
      The fact is, and history amply supports me so it's not even up for debate, that Republicans over the last 80+ years have been crooked, bottomlessly corrupt, treasonous psychopaths whose party should have been banned from this nation the moment they turned to the dark side. This article shows not only the depths of Nixon's treason and depravity but also the possible rationale behind the GOP's criminal refusal to investigate Trump, let alone help impeaching him. It may also explain the Democratic "leadership's" refusal to impeach Trump- The disingenuous argument that exposing a Republican's crimes would do far more to harm the nation than benefit it.
      Which is a fallacious and absurd argument. Think of how it would've harmed the nation if the House in '74 hadn't sent articles of impeachment to the Senate. And whatever Nixon did in scuttling the Paris Peace talks, breaking into Democratic HQ, pales in comparison to what that son of a bitch Trump has already done and will surely do if his crime wave isn't stopped.

     When we try to warn people about Trump's motives, we're called "conspiracy theorists". Then, when Trump confirms those "conspiracy theories", we become Cassandras.

     Look for Trump to start bad-mouthing Barr for this latest recusal in Epstein's case. Or did he recuse himself? He's recused himself, he hasn't recused himself. He's fucking Schrödinger's Attorney General.

     Model concentration camps. They were inevitable. When any government faces a certain level of criticism for cruelty & violating human rights, it vomits propaganda. The Nazis had their model camp. This is ours.

     When exactly did this junior high bullshit from the highest levels of our government become normalized?

     So, Epstein had photos of nude underage girls in his Manhattan townhouse, eh? Lordy, I hope there are pictures of Trump with these underaged girls.

     37 more subpoenas, eh? And the hits just keep on coming.

     The latest George Zimmerman. By the way, this guy had just gotten out of prison two days before. So tell me all about Willie Horton again.

     The Pelosi-AOC feud escalates and race, as usual with passively racist Democrats, is the stress point. The reporter is here is engaging over some pearl-clutching  over the left wing of the party, which should be the party, ruining the agenda of the Blue Dogs who think canoodling with Republican scumbags is the path to a better America. His solution seems to be in primarying people like AOC so they don;t upset the right wing apple cart. OR... we could put Democrats' feet to the fire by giving them the Senate & WH next year and seeing how they completely fuck that up.

     The late Ross Perot was a right wing libertarian and conspiracy theorist, the 90's version of Ron Paul. But he was the only one who called out NAFTA for what it was and what it produced: "A giant sucking sound." Say what you will about his politics but for a few months, Perot made it fun again.

     Sorry, sweet cheeks. 1) 55,000 combined followers does not make you an influencer. 2) Your boated self image also does not entitle you to free goods and services even if you had the numbers. 3) Which, again, you do not.

     Yeah, how dare Sweden treat one of our own like we treat Central American migrants?

     If you read this article as I have, you, too, may come to the same conclusion as I have- That out of all these rich cunts in Brooklyn Heights mentioned in this article, there isn't a single likable one in the whole thing. Not. One.

     Go fuck yourself, Mo Brooks.

       Looks like the mouthpiece o' God needs a mouthpiece himself.
      Is every rich man in the world a child molester and a human trafficker? 'Cuz a lot of them are getting arrested at airports these days.

     This is a year-old but I doubt anything's changed since then.

     Investigative journalism is back and it's badder than ever. But all it took to bring that about was our electing to the highest office in the land a draft-dodging, tax-evading, child molester, rapist and all around psychopath who, rather than "draining the swamp", merely restocked it with the swamp creatures who make up his criminal empire. And we have Julie K. Brown to thank for Epstein's arrest and impending trial. Because every good investigative journalist knows prosecutors read newspapers like regular people. And, when the investigative journalist does their job well, they wind up doing the spadework for the prosecution team.

     Profiles in cowardice.

     The day these smarmy pedophiles go down is the day I buy a bottle of Korbel for the first time.

     The first rule of Fight Club...

     I've never seen our government so divided until Trump came to the Beltway. These arrogant, fascist fucks are defying Congress and spending money Congress hasn't given them yet on three new concentration camps to further bloat these human trafficking profiteers.

     A blizzard came to the White House in July. tRump hosted a "social media summit" for a bunch of right wing snowflakes pissing and moaning about "media censorship" of conservative voices. Among the attendees, the racist nut job retweeted by Fredo who said Kamala Harris isn't black.

     Finally, it's all beginning to make sense. Among many other evil agendas, this administration is determined to protect Epstein and scumbag pedophiles and sex traffickers like him. This isn't a conspiracy theory. The proof's right here.

     Last month while Trump was in London, the DOJ essentially interrogated Christopher Steele for 16 hours. And, surprise, surprise, they found him credible.

     "A total beast" at "coke-fueled" sex orgies. Evangelicals, meet your godly superhero.

     "Pedophile Island." I wonder if Epstein also had a midget in a white suit call out, "Boss, the tweens, the tweens!" I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

     There's nothing really special about Jeffrey Epstein. He's just a typical 1% scumbag with a bloated sense of entitlement. What's extraordinary is how many people knew he was a child molester and honestly didn't care about the children he abused as long as he kept signing checks to their pet charities. Or as the editor of New York Social Diary put it, “A jail sentence doesn’t matter anymore. The only thing that gets you shunned in New York society is poverty.”

     4th Amendment, anyone?

     Don't tell me Trump isn't trying to kill us. The Nazi's first priority even before the Jews was eliminating the weak and feeble.

     Looks as if there was more than one Jeffrey Epstein arrested at an airport last week, only this one whined about being treated "like a black person." You're still alive and unventilated, aren't you, asshole? So shut the fuck up.

     You want to know what killed New Coke after two months? Greedy right wing rednecks screaming about heritage.

     Blame the victim. That's the Republican way. In his attempt to be as anodyne as possible, Acosta's blame the victim game made him more of a lightning rod than ever. Seems to me Trump's fixated on the wrong Acosta.

     The NYPD, it just came out, allowed Epstein to skip every one of his court-ordered 90 day check-ins. Don't tell me there's no such thing as white privilege.

     The dark side of the Lollipop Guild.

     "They live in forests!"

     "Some of the best friends I got is colored," says a white racist for the 10,000,000th time.

     Denny's, again. Shocking, I know.

     Yes, he's doing the stable genius thing again.

     Ben Shapiro explained in 2 tweets.

     Just another day in Oklahoma. The most wonderful quote was, "although uranium ore can be bought on Amazon."

     And yet another pedophile bites the dust.

     Meanwhile, as these people are losing their homes, Snyder, the asshole who personally made the decision to poison Flint, gets a high-paying sinecure at Harvard. America, what a country.

     And yet another douchebag Cabinet official bites the dust.

     This is another asshole that has to go.

     This is just the beginning of the end for Epstein. And finally...

     As far as I'm concerned, the answer isn't to shut up the gang of four so the fucking right wing Blue Dogs can keep sucking up to the Republicans. The answer is to primary these treasonous pieces of shit, which is what they're planning on doing to 25 of them. Remember, Joe Crowley, a 10 term incumbent, got primaried in NY-14, which is how we got AOC (whom the establishment Democrats, aka Tammany Hall 2.0, are quietly trying to do to AOC next year). I wish the Democrats wouldn't be so fucking fractious all the time but this is what they do and it's always the fault of the right wing Blue Dogs, who ARE reminiscent of the racist Dixiecrats of the 50's and 60's. The ultimate avatar of this right wing of the so-called Democratic Party is Joe Biden, who had no problem sucking up to a racist Mississippi senator named Eastman when he wanted to put the kibosh on integrated busing.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019


     Here's a handy dandy map of all the concentration camps that we're running with our tax dollars and in our names. Zoom out and you'll note there isn't a single one along our northern border with Canada.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(Remember, not one member of the Continental Air Force lost their life in the air.)

     Gee, how'd I know it was going to shake out like this? This psychopath murdered a 12 year-old boy then mugged for a selfie with his corpse, the only charge that would stick to him. He's a disgrace to the Navy uniform, to his SEAL patch and to JSOC. Please, karma, pay this scumbag a long, painful visit.

     Ransom, in other words.

     I can think of a lot of fish who had a VERY happy 4th of July.

     Brock Turner, redux. You KNOW damned good and well this kid is white.

     This ought to make Trump happy.

     Naturally, Trumpie the clown calls the 5 term Congressman "a total loser."

     I almost hate to say it but being blindly patriotic and nationalistic on the 4th of July these days is just morally repugnant, ignorant and hypocritical. Frederick Douglass put the lie to our selective independence 167 years ago. And we shouldn't forget his example.

     Land of the free, home of the brave, my sore ass. This is exactly the shit the Gestapo used to pull.

     A REAL STATESMAN that's popular wouldn't need actors.

     Sanders 2020. It's as real as Sanders 2016.

     OK, so let me see if I have this straight-
      White rich boys rape girls and get off with a slap on the wrist so we don't endanger their futures.
      Non-rich black woman licks a tub of ice cream, police across an entire county are mobilized, the federal government (FDA) gets involved, a major corporation is spooked enough to pull every tub of that flavor and white men are vowing said non-rich black woman will get up to 20 years in prison.

     "The future of the American future depends on the shoulders of men and women willing defend it. Now is your chance to join our military and make truly great statement in life and you should do it."
      Said the 5 time draft dodger whose kids never joined, either.

     Trump's bosses don't have much of a sense of humor, do they?

     People like this are going to save the world despite the best efforts of Trump & his Bond villain buddies.

     So, please tell tell me again about how aggrieved you are that Halle Bailey is playing the Little Mermaid.
      It's notable that right wing nut jobs only care about science when they're trying to twist it to their racist, ignorant ends. The people screaming why Ariel must be white are also the ones who are too stupid to acknowledge that ice is melting because of global warming.

     The Battle of JFK Airport  ranks right up there with the Massacre at Bowling Green.

     So, to recap, children, last night Donald Trump said:
      The Continental Army took to the sky.
      It also took over the airports.
      The Battle of Fort McHenry was also during the Revolutionary War.
      Alexander Graham Bell was American.
      The lesson, kiddies? We are doomed.

      So, whose side are the cops on? As usual, the wrong side. The police are just glorified street gangs with coffee makers and pensions.

     Steve King really is kind of an organ donor, isn't he?

     This is the whole idea behind the 1994 crime bill, which Biden and Clinton are still defending to this day- To bloat these opportunistic vultures.

     One more time- The facts do not care what you think of them and neither should schools. Facts do not require faith or belief.

     Totally adorable love story out of Ireland.

     Now if only they arrested Trump and Acosta with Epstein for the Trifecta, we'd all rest easier.
     What's a bonus is that Comey's daughter is part of the prosecution team who's going to try Trump's old running buddy.

     Oh, speaking of Epstein- this should be interesting- Trump's listed as a witness in his upcoming trial. "Jeffrey Epstein? Never heard of him. Pictures of us together? Fake news!"

     The fucking morons at Fox & Frauds are at it again. What's going on at these concentration camps is nothing close to a party.

     Another white asshole calling the cops on a black person just became famous. Ironically, he works for Youtube.

     If it leads to a parallel universe where we elect sane, intelligent presidents, I'm all for it.

     If we don't tolerate child abuse by parents, why do we tolerate it from our own government?

     $3.5 million of Russian cash dumped into Mitch McConnell's PAC in just 2 years? Strictly coincidental, tovarisch.

     This is hilarious. At first I thought the artist was mocking Melania. OMFG, he was serious when he made this Wicker Man monstrosity.

     Just think- The Carters have been married as long as Trump, who'd already been married three times, has been alive.

     I love badass animals that say Fuck You to asshole humans.

     Because, of course Florida. If she'd been driving in South Texas with a dozen migrant kids in that dog cage instead of a man, it might've been legal.

     Wherever there's a shit show, somewhere there's bound to be behind it all an asshole. )Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader CC.)

     Imagine if Goebbels fell out of favor with Hitler. This is sort of what the result would be.

     Fuck these hypocritical douchebags and their ultra conservative social beliefs. I'm still waiting for a Universalist Unitarian minister to be caught in a sex scandal like this. But they always seem to involve right wing Bible-banging pedophiles like this.

     So, Fox "News" walks into a bar and asks, "How about that team?" and Americans say, "Fuck Trump!" and "Democrats in 2020!" live on the air. And finally...

     Climate change? What is this climate change of which you speak, citizen? lawmakers say as the White House is literally flooding.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Good Times at Gotham City: Independence Day edition

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

From the "I Saw What You Did There" Files:

     The picture on top is one I'd put up on Facebook three days ago of two female Scottish mountain climbers from 1908. What you see below are two female characters in a scene from the latest episode of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD. There is no fucking way that's a coincidence. They thought no one would get it. But I did. And, as far as I can see, no one else on the entire internet recognized the recreated tableau, either.

Gotham City Digest

(Where we never, ever hijack conversations between heads of state.)

     Note many of these migrant detainees are wearing surgical masks. Many of them have been there well over a month even though legally the Flores Rule forbids us from holding them for more than 72 hours. Can you guess why they're handed surgical masks?

     While we're on the subject, let's talk about the turn of events in Espionage Nation. While Trump was perfectly re-enacting The Manchurian Candidate for Kim Jong Un in North Korea and Vlad Putin in Japan, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus visited two detention facilities concentration camps at the southern border in Texas. First, they had their electronic devices confiscated before they were allowed inside. Anticipating this, Congressman Joaquin Castro, brother of presidential candidate Julian Castro, snuck in a second device then recorded then showed the world why CBP didn't want recording devices on the premises.
     The results on Congressman Castro's Twitter feed was nothing short of abominable. And what's equally deplorable is that Members of Congress had to violate CBP policy like secret agents and smuggle out their intelligence as if it was Soviet samizdat.

     Good. All primary and caucus states ought to do this. If they did, it would cancel out the whole rationale of the shockingly and astoundingly corrupt superdelegate system.

     ICE didn't have to set up a fake school for their sting operation. They could've just enrolled them in Trump University.

     Meanwhile, as Mike Pence acts borderline presidential, Trump is busy getting into one-sided flame wars with soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe, giving away tickets to top GOP donors for his co-opted July 4th celebration and handing out half a million dollar invoices to individual immigrants.

     Hm. Interesting that Putin AND Pence both canceled events at the same time. What's notable is that in every account I've read about these cancellations, Trump's name is never once mentioned. I guess the West Wing missed having someone there who was vaguely presidential.

     So, this is what passes for progressivism in the Democratic Party, huh?

     After looking at this from both sides, I've come to the conclusion that these people are utter wankers. In our neverending search for historical people of unimpeachable purity, we will always doom ourselves to failure in trying to find those whose views, actions and behavior is always aligned with whatever passing cultural fad is prevalent. This is especially laughable at a point in our species' history in which racism, sexual degeneracy, corruption and sheer, wanton savagery are at cartoonish levels. Yeah, Dewey was the Joe Biden of his time yet the medal wasn't and isn't about him. Honoring people for librarianship isn't and shouldn't be twisted as an endorsement of his past misdeeds.

     Sweden's Book Boat is one of the coolest ideas of all time.

     Meet Zelig Trump. Maybe she thought IMF chief Christine Lagarde was the head of the Impossible Mission Force.

     I love these Jewish protesters & what they're doing.

     Aw. Nike kicked its Betsy Ross kicks because of Kaep and Laura Ingraham's having a sad. How do you say, "Shut the fuck up, you irrelevant Nazi cunt," in German?

     What the fuck was Harvard thinking in hiring Rick Snyder?!

     I'm sure the guards at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Bergen-Belsen also made merry amongst themselves at the expense of their charges.

     The little boy's demanding his toy tanks again. Sure, we'll just take it out of the wall funding that you stole from the military for pay and other non-essential items.

     So what if Ocasio-Cortez was a bartender? Tom DeLay killed bugs for a living. What qualified him to be House Majority Leader?

     Fredo: I don't think Kamala Harris is black. Top that, sis.
     Ivanka: Hold my Evian...

     Looks as if our ICE isn't the only ice Mexico has to worry about. Here's a picture of a woman walking her dog last weekend... in Guadalajara, Mexico.

     Meanwhile, as Mexico is buried in ice, the Arctic Ocean was seeing 84 degree temps. Climate change? What's climate change?

     Now we're talking about "climate apartheid." Nine years ago, I first read an article by Mark Ames, Matt Taibbi's old running buddy, about how these 1% scumbags were actually commissioning the building of billion dollar private ocean liners so they could serenely float off into the sunset while the rest of the world turns to a flaming bag of dog shit.

     Days ago, a federal judge issued a permanent injunction on Trump's vanity wall. I don't know why this story didn't get more play in the MSM.

     Another "Democrat" moron heard from.

     When our planet turns into Waterworld, I hope Trump is stuck on a life raft with no one for company but Roseanne Barr.

     Yeah, this WILL happen. Look what happened to Hulu. Then Netflix got greedy and split their streaming service from their DVD rental arm while jacking up the price of both (I count getting Netflix out of my life nine years ago as one of the best decisions I ever made). Anything halfway worthwhile will get shunted behind a paywall and that velvet rope is about to get very expensive. You're much better off just downloading the shows and movies you want on Frostwire and just watching them for free.

     Making America great again*

     *1% at a time.

     Seriously? In 2019, we're still seeing this racist shit?! You'd think Rosa Parks hashed this out back in the 50's but you'd be very wrong.

     When will we finally get some sense and flush this turd into the Baltic Sea?

     I could get behind this. We've been using paper ballots here in Massachusetts forever but I noticed in the last election last year, they'd combined them with electronic scanners to "verify" them, which I fear is a creep toward a hackable system.

     It's hardly surprising that Trump would hire a stooge like Mauldin who uses propaganda straight out of Russia's playbook.

     As I always say, never trust a corporation. They always talk out of both sides of their mouths. Here are nine such cases. And finally...

     Only in America, can the largest corporations on the planet earth poison you and make you pay for the privilege. As if that wasn't enough, here's the money shot: "The Food and Drug Administration has not yet recalled either brand." Making America Great, one fatality at a time.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(Where we never say, "Russia, if you're listening...")

     We desperately and I mean DESPERATELY need more cops like this. This is what law enforcement used to do in the 19th century. When the Boston PD was founded in 1854 and the NYPD in 1846, they regularly coordinated charity drives aimed at feeding and clothing the indigent. Law enforcement needs to get back to this.

     And then, there are the cops who serve just themselves. Seriously, is there anything or anyone more corrupt than an Alabama Sheriff?

     Why is it that white assholes like the Trumps are always the first ones to pull the race card?

     The cancer Luis Alvarez had contracted at Ground Zero was so aggressive, even 69 rounds of chemo couldn't save him. RIP, Brave Man.

     Food for thought abo    ut delusional and hypocritical Zionists.

     The author makes a good point here. NBC didn't even think enough about minority voting rights to put it on the agenda either night. But hardly any of the 20 even gave it lip service. Yet one thing is screamingly obvious- We wouldn't have nearly as many Republicans as we now have infesting the political landscape and there wouldn't be nearly as many Republican majorities if it wasn't for right wing gerrymandering. Because if they had an actual mandate, they wouldn't have to resort to such dirty tricks.

     And while we're on the subject- John Roberts obviously thinks more of free speech for billionaires than that of average voters. Thanks, Bush, you fucking asshole. Here's a quote from Charlie Pierce- "Once you've legalized bribery and influence-peddling, and declared the Day of Jubilee on which racism had vanished entirely from our election procedures, legalizing gerrymandering is a pretty easy lift."

     So what did Sonny the Sponge think was going to result from murdering his own father? That the gravy train was going to magically reappear in the station?

     Here's the story of a guy who took "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" a little literally.

     Remember when the British had to use icons to convey to tRump what was to take place and when during his itinerary?
     Apparently, the Japanese were taking notes.

     One more time: Trump is an avowed enemy of everything that is good and decent.

     Make Russian totalitarianism great again.

     Once more with feeling: Concentration camps. The German press wasn't allowed in Hitler's, either.

     "And just hours after Carter’s comment, Trump again made light of Russia's meddling attempts. While meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit in Japan, Trump turned to the Russian president and said jokingly, 'Don't meddle in the election, president. Don't meddle in the election.' Putin, after appearing to hear the translation, laughed while Trump grinned."
      In case he hasn't made it obvious enough to you people at home.

     So this is what "liberal" NBC had to say about the debates. Of course, opinions were advanced by the right wing nutters "liberal" NBC keeps hiring.

     And still more in-depth analysis from the corporate MSM and right wing nutjobs. The right wingers criticizing Yang for not wearing a tie are probably the same ones who blew a gasket when Barack wore a tan suit and Michelle showed her arms.

     From last year but still worth a read.

     This Bonobo ape is already smarter than any Republican on Capitol Hill.

     Today in Fantasy Dialogue:
     "We're not going to pay through the nose for doing our jobs."
     "Then you can't stay at my beautiful hotel!"
     "Fine. Have fun. Just run between the bullets. We're sure you'll be fine."

     Elizabeth Warren stepped in it Wednesday night and no one realized it. Despite being the longest-running candidate (he's been running since July 2017) and having no chance at the nomination, Delaney nonetheless put Warren in a trap by exposing the huge flaw in her plan to get rid of private insurance entirely. Hospitals would simply go broke even if she could pull that off.

     The fucking MSM is already asking Sanders when he's going to stop being old and in the way. Like the Machine Democrats, they have learned absolutely NOTHING since 2016.

     True to form, Donnie Douchebag just couldn't keep his tiny thumbs off his phone about the Democratic debates.

     This is fucking outrageous. The victim's indicted but the shooter who killed the fetus gets off scot free.

     So, what IS God's trademark? A boot on a human neck?

     I truly hate to remind my UK readers but this brain-dead oaf may very well be your next Prime Minister.

     "Trump Lashes Out After Mueller Agrees to Testify to Congress." Of course he did. Twat.

     "Have you ever violated the Hatch Act?" "Yes sir!" "You're hired!"

     Here's what you can do to help in the migrants' struggle.

     But, yeah. Let's keep ragging on my Senator, Elizabeth Warren claiming to be Cherokee.

     I'll believe it when I see it. I hate it to say it but I have to agree with Sekulow when he predicts Mueller won't say anything to Congress that he hadn't already said in his report. Mueller made that clear in his rather disappointing presser a few weeks ago in which he concluded that he was not going to speak publicly on this matter ever again.

     That's right- We'd save $18 a day per migrant child if we put them up in a luxury Trump hotel.

     Oregon is open for business... sort of.

     How responsible is a people for its government's actions? We elect these officials, sure, but we don't write the policies. I disagree with this guy. We ARE better than this. We're just not that good on election day since US politics has a long history of bait & switch. We elect these self-interested jackals to do one thing and then they do something horrifying.

     Three and out. Couldn't have happened to a better Nazi network.

     Hear that, kids? The Republican nut bag says you're free to leave. Just walk out of the repurposed Walmart whenever you feel like it and just waltz past the armed guards.

     Truly great thinkers like Hannah Arendt always find some way to become relevant every generation or so because truly awful thinkers have the same talent.

     If this isn't emblematic of typical Republican toxic masculinity, I don't know what is.

     WWJD? I can't speak for him but I know what I'd do.

     As AOC said, this is what solidarity looks like. Good on these folks in Massachusetts.

     If this doesn't break your heart, then you don't have one.

     I'm amazed DeNiro didn't get a piece of this action. After all, he did it several times on SNL. And finally...

     Shorter Trump: "I only rape those who ARE my type."

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