Friday, June 5, 2020

Your Government in Snapshots

     Often, it's nigh impossible for political satirists and us snarky political bloggers to keep up with the rampant, out of control assclownery of our defective, elected officials.
     First off, Trumpie the Clorox Clown has now built a fence around himself. It was very kind and considerate for the government to provide the White House with a #babygate so the president doesn't toddle off into traffic to hold idiotic photo ops at a church he doesn't attend.
     Secondly,  it's only innuendo and rumor at this point but several male escorts have accused Lindsey Graham of hiring them then signing them to NDAs. Remember, Mizz Lindsey is up for reelection this year so if there's anything to this rumor, then he's going to have a very tough row to ho hoe.
       It's perhaps no coincidence that the only lawmaker on Capitol Hill opposing the anti-lynching bill is Rand Paul, a Texas native representing Kentucky. Paul's alleged objection to the bill was that if an attempted lynching results only in "slight bruising" then the attempted lynching shouldn't be a federal hate crime. Yes, this is how rednecks like Paul think. I can easily see him writing to NBC complaining about James Kirk kissing Lt. Uhura.
     Republicans break the law even when they don't have to. Take Donald and Kayleigh. They registered to vote in Florida even though they legally couldn't as they weren't legal residents of the state. Of course, being American citizens, they have as much a right to vote as anyone else but they just can't do it legally, But then again, this is the party that appeals to criminals like Derek Chauvin, who also registered to vote, as a Republican, in Florida despite being a resident of Minnesota. What is it about Florida that attracts more criminals than Sing Sing?

     It's about time someone remembered the 25th Amendment exists and for reasons just like this.

Gotham City Digest

(Trust me, George Floyd has had a worse year than any of us.)

     Yeah, whatever, Karen.

     The writing was writ large on the wall as far back as last year that Steve King was not going to get elected to another term.

    Trump's buddy Kroll the Troll is at it again. If they were smart, the union would fire this racist asswipe.

     Some sociology advice from a racist. This ought to go well.

     Trump is just a glorified social media influencer with mediocre, histrionic gifts.

     When the truth doesn't fit your racist narrative, use fake memes from sock puppet accounts.

     God knows what Hannity's ex wife ever saw in that asshole. It's a shame for Sean that Hannidate still isn't up.

     "At one point that month, administration officials asked the agency to provide feedback on possible logos — including 'Make America Healthy Again' — for cloth face masks they hoped to distribute to millions of Americans. The plan fell through, but not before C.D.C. leaders agreed to the request, according to one person familiar with the discussions."
    IOW, campaign propaganda masquerading as an actual response. Meanwhile, hospitals were desperately short on medical equipment.

     Of course he's going to hit them back because he loves to batter women. Nothing's sacred to this asshole.

     This black ex-cop is a hero.

     Trump's latest excuse for why he cowered in the bunker. Hilarity ensued.

    The gathering for George Floyd in Houston wasn't so much a protest but a demonstration of solidarity for their native son. It ought to be a model for the rest of the nation.

    And countless tens of millions of us always felt you got away with child molestation, draft dodging, electoral fraud, tax fraud, collusion, obstruction, rape...

     If you want to be a racist right wing asshat, fine, have at it. But at least have the courage and conviction to stand behind your racism.

      Next time, you racist, homicidal cops, that you want to murder a black man, make sure you don't do it in a state that has a black Attorney General.

      People with far more important jobs have been fired for saying far less. By this, it seems the SC Ports Authority tolerates and encourages racism by refusing to punish such behavior.

      And why not?

     When trying to prop up your miserable failure of a "president", you can at least avoid comparing him to another miserable failure of a "president" in his own most catastrophic moment of failure.

     Susan Sontag's thoughts about writers. Myself, I've always felt that being a writer meant paying homage and being in service to a cause or idea greater than oneself.

      "Trump's theory that a violent crackdown will end the protests and cause 'real Americans' to rally around him in gratitude has been put to the test. So far, it looks like he couldn't have been more wrong. Violent crackdowns in many places have only made the protests larger, and polling suggests the public is rejecting Trump's sadism in large numbers."

     Can someone please explain to this elongated douchebag that it's not 1967 again and that Posse Comitatus is still a thing?

     Meme intermission.

     One of Esper's top aides resigned on Tuesday in a very open resignation letter. It was over the St. John's photo op.

     The New York Times: All the Nazi propaganda that's fit to print.

     Loreal: Because Mizz Lindsey's worth it.

     I think it's time to get Rand Paul's neighbor to body tackle him again.

     Three Electric Boogaloo Bois just got unplugged. Good. It's about time. But it's just a start.

     Admiral Mike Mullen came out against Trump. Now it's Jim Mattis' turn.

     Let's hope this starts a national movement. Not all cops will be on board with this, obviously. But if enough cops do this, police nationwide will see there's serious division within their own ranks and that's when the violent resistance to our nonviolent resistance will begin to fall apart.

     "Praying in the bunker." Sure, keep telling yourself that, asshole. At most, he was praying the angry lib'ruls wouldn't get their hands on him.

     Lee's statue's coming down again. Great. Looks like we'll have another hate rally of tiki torch-wielding very fine people.

     Go start a riot in Mom and Dad's basement, you miserable little fist fucker.

     The Lincoln Memorial  Wednesday night, outside and inside. "Officers" my ass. They're mercs. I know mercenaries when I see them.

    I usually don't link to Christian websites because, you know, militant atheist. Yet I think it's important to know George Floyd outside of those horrifying final few minutes of his life. This is what Derek Chauvin removed from the planet for no reason.

     This is the darkest day and worst lapse in judgment in NYT history since they hired Jayson Blair. Seriously, the opinion editor needs to get his ass fired for this.

    "Tear-Gassed Clergy To Blasphemous Trump: Your Hands Are Too Small To Box With God." The title alone just makes you want to read it, doesn't it?

     If an asteroid was streaking in from the other side of the galaxy, you just know the right wing like this winner in Texas would blame Obama for it. AShe's so noxious, even Greg Abbott wants her out.

    Trump finally got his wall... and it surrounds the WH. I think this is one Mexico will pay for. When Biden beats him, I don't see him leaving the WH. He'll have to be dislodged by force.

     I lived through the 60s and let me tell you, we have come full circle. We're back to Rosa Parks and the Woolworth lunch counters.

    You can't possibly convince me that racists don't become cops so they can victimize people of color with impunity.

    He fired through his windshield five times, missing four times, killing a kid whose hammer he mistook for a gun. I guess he thought he was in a LETHAL WEAPON movie.

     Trump has now been condemned by every single living ex president, a first in American history.

     "Golf course staffing"? In the Pentagon's COVID-19 budget?!?!

     As a citizen of the United States of America, I deeply apologize for Rudy's appearance on GOOD MORNING BRITAIN yesterday.

     Push them hard enough and fascists will inevitably adopt a bunker mentality. Kroll the Troll is no exception.

    James O'Keefe's and Project Veritas' newest shockingly brilliant "expose" of Antifa Mandatory meetings at a feminist bookstore that's been closed for exactly two years. In other words, James O'Keefe once again exposed himself as a dickhead. Naturally, it didn't stop Marco Rubio, Fox and Michelle "I show you good time, soldier boy" Malkin from running and tripping with it.And finally...

     The NY Times now says publishing Tom Cotton's Nazi op-ed didn't meet their standards (which is hard to see because their lazy op-ed editor didn't even read it). Then how come it's still on their website? This screengrab was taken yesterday at 8 PM.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Trumpie the Clorox Clown Builds a Fort

     Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that discussion.
     "What about if I make a fort from the couch cushions in the Oval Office? Would they fit under the Resolute Desk?"
     "Uh, I'm afraid not, Mr. President."
     "Everyone's laughing at my bunker! What do I do?!"
     "Well, here's an idea..."
     Yes, Donald Trump who, when he threw his MAGA hat in the ring by promising to build "a beautiful wall", finally got around to fulfilling his campaign promise by building a wall... around the White House. Which is something banana republic dictators do. Obviously, this is a direct response to the protests across the street in Lafayette Park that freaked out Captain COVID last weekend and led to him fleeing to his bunker after turning off all the lights.
     So Trump's response is to spend taxpayer dollars building a wall around the White House, literally making the Peoples' House a gated community, so he can't look outside from the Executive Mansion and see them. Of course, a more cost-effective alternative is to simply not look out the window and ignore the protesters as he's been allowed to do since this right wing turd theater began in 2017.
     But Trump can't do that. He can't not look. He's obsessed with the protests because they're the first evidence he's ever seen with his beady, jaundiced eyes that not all Americans are on board with his fascist agenda. They're literally surrounding the White House even after being shot with rubber bullets, tear-gassed and pepper-sprayed. Like the tide coming in every night, you can push them away then they inevitably encroach.
     So Trump's solution is a hyper-expensive version of, "If I close my eyes, you can't see me."
     Of course, a real president who was actually elected by the people and not the swaggering little goon in the Kremlin wouldn't have let it get to this point. But even if they had, this would still provide a teaching moment for even a half-assed, low octane president. In fact, the protests across Pennsylvania Avenue are so vocal, so persistent, that Bunker Boy even called off his planned golfing weekend at Bedminster.
     Instead, he was only secure enough to simply walk across the street and play the part of the world's worst Gideon Bible salesman in front of St. John's after Hope Hicks instructed Bill Barr to tell the Capitol Police to clear the area of undesirables (that would be the American people). Far be it for him to actually go across the street and talk to these people and get more than a sense of their grievances. Even Barack Obama and George W. Bush, two mediocre, right wing assholes who have brutally suppressed their own share of protests during their time in the White House, seem to grasp it. Today, Jimmy Carter grasped it, making Donald Trump universally condemned by every living former occupant of the Oval Office, a first in American history.
     And if Gen. Lafayette, our ally during the Revolutionary War and Jefferson's old friend, could see our people protesting the current government in the park named in his honor, he'd applaud them and maybe even lead them in insurrection. Trump is King George III, as mad as they come, and the American people are so angry at his complete lack of leadership and the brutality that ineptly seeks to supplant it, that even he can't ignore the evidence.
     He's now officially under siege in the waning days of his failed dictatorship.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Take a knee, assholes.)

   This girl preaches the Word maybe to a choir but every white person needs to hear this short speech.

     We can only hope that the next time, they remember to bring the Mauser and cyanide pills. Bring Laura Ingraham down, too.

     Typical right wing asshole. The guys that's stiffed countless contractors and cities out of money he's owed them for years just vetoed a student loan debt forgiveness program.

     "You have to dominate!" This, coming from the Nazi PINO who's hiding from protesters in his bunker.

    Trump's mob law firm (formerly known as the Department of Justice) WOULD have no interest in cracking down on jackbooted cops.

    Digby and I are in independent agreement that the fix is already in and that the Hennepin County DA's office, the county coroner's office and the Minneapolis PD will do everything in their power to spike this trial.

    Cell Block Bernie Kerik is essentially blaming "radical leftist mayors" for George Floyd's death. "At the end of the day, those things happen," he breezily concludes. People just spontaneously turn into rotting corpses, it's all collateral damage. Blame the left. What a fucking clown. The very fact they're putting this fraud and crook on TV shows that Fox has a serious paucity of authoritative, trustworthy sources to turn to.

    Have you ever heard of the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act, asshole?

    If you've lost right wing sewer, THE DAILY WIRE, you've essentially lost Bullshit Mountain.

    Before Trump scuttled off to the Reichstag's bunker, he made sure to turn off all the lights at the WH. Yes, they literally turned the lights off.

    The Minneapolis Public School Board is demanding that the district cut ties with the Minneapolis Police Department. “It’s just gotten to the point where I don’t think in good conscience I can give another dime...It’s an agency that’s not correcting its mistakes.”
    YES!!! And they can take it another step further by kicking out all the school resource officers from their department to keep their minority students safe.

     More cop thuggery.

     And still more racist cop thuggery. Remember, the cops are committing most of the violence and rioting. There was absolutely no excuse for doing this.

     The epitome of white privilege:
     "In 2013, police picked him up on assault and battery charges, and also... with a count of failing to tell an officer he had a concealed handgun. The gun charge was dismissed in a plea deal that saw him pay $200 in fines.
     In 2011, after being nabbed for alleged reckless driving, he was also charged with carrying a concealed weapon... downgraded to disturbing the peace in a plea deal that resulted in a $200 fine."
     And even after he murdered a black man on Saturday, "He was taken into custody shortly after the 11 p.m. shooting but not booked."
     As you can see, this right wing thug and the Trumps have a thing going.

     Kentucky police are at it again. This time, they murdered a black business owner who used to feed them for free. When the news about this spread (including the extreme disturbing fact they left his body to rot on the street for a full half day), the police chief got fired but still gets to keep his pension.

     Trump's followers are deserting him and so are Zuck's.

     Meme intermission.

     Here's a handy-dandy George Floyd timeline:
    Minneapolis police called to the scene of a possible petty larceny in progress. Police respond to call.
     Eight minutes and 46 seconds in police custody, George Floyd dies after Derek Chauvin kneels on his neck for over eight minutes on video.
     Police say Floyd resisted arrest.
     Chauvin put on paid administrative leave. Police surround his house to protect him.
     Security footage shows police lied about Floyd resisting arrest.
     Hemnepin Co. DA says there's nothing to charge Chauvin with.
     Minneapolis bursts into flames.
     Chauvin fired, arrested three days later, other three responding officers fired.
    Hennepin Co. DA says. "OK, we'll charge Chauvin with murder three and manslaughter. You happy?"
     Minneapolis burns more brightly. The rest of the nation follows.
     Hennepin County Coroner's office finds no evidence of strangulation then holds out possibility of George Floyd having, "potential intoxicants" in his system even before the tox screen comes back.
     The rest of the nation burns.
     Independent autopsy says Floyd was strangled.
   Hennepin Co. Coroner's Office hours later- "Ooooh, THAT evidence of strangulation! Yeah, Floyd's the victim of a homicide, after all. Our bad!"
     Floyd family demands charges be upgraded to murder one.
     Hennepin Co. DA- "....."
     Timeline will be updated as the coverup and lies progress.

     So, this was El Caudillo del Mar a Lago. "I am your president of law and order..."
    ...says the guy who shook in a bunker of a dark White House while a church across the street burned to the ground.

     Like me and every other good political journalist, Charlie Pierce knows when to cut loose with the snark and when to play it straight when the situation calls for it. Here, he does the latter and gives us a sobering take on the violence we saw nationwide this weekend.

     Sure. It's fucking 2020. Why NOT clusters of earthquakes?

     You ain't the only one, Archbishop.

     Black lives mattuhh. I ❤️ it.

    It doesn't matter what you do or ever did for this vicious fucks. You could feed them for free or help them when they're injured. They'll still shoot you.

     Police ban: "Shoot the motherfuckers. Don't put that over the air." It's on the internet now, asshole.

     But, but... the uppity blacks!

     And then, when things look their darkest, when the villains threatening to dominate the landscape, there are heroes like this to show us the other end of the spectrum of human nature. And there are the villains themselves. When police saw that Rahul Dubey opened up his home to 72 protesters, police fired tear gas through his windows, slammed him against a wall and even blocked a pizza delivery.

    There is no way that anyone with fully-functional powers of cognition can avoid coming to the conclusion that Trump is a fucking dictator who's reacting to this unrest from a position of fear and paranoia.

     Helaine Olen nails Trump in her latest op-ed, claiming he's the real anarchist. This is what Trump and his MAGAt supporters wanted all along- To destroy the natural order of things. Now the vultures are coming home to roost. Trump is threatening to violate the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and the Insurrection Act of 1807. The protesters are availing themselves of their 1st Amendment right of peaceful assembly. Trump already said he wants to gun them down and the police are happy to comply.
     So remind me again who the REAL anarchists are?

     Speaking of the vultures coming home to roost.

   NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Kasie Hunt tried to pin down Republicans for their responses to Trump's lack leadership. The non-responses were typical. of the radical right wing. Her Twitter feed is a masterpiece of comedy.

    In yet another crowning irony, Trump literally stepped over medical supplies to get to his photo op.

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck you.

    Ordering voters standing in line to go home? Why are cops so earnestly, vigorously, confidently stupid?

     I really, REALLY love my fellow New Yorkers.

     Looks as if the professional brown shirts have arrived.

     "The thought of Trump directing governors like some kind of Rascal Scooter generalissimo was rich; these are men and women who’ve been fighting COVID-19 and civil unrest for months now, and their collective eye-rolling today must have altered the orbit of the planet in some measurable way.” - Rick Wilson And finally...

     See? Even the FBI knows Antifa wasn't there. So shut the fuck up, you lying, fascist cunts.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Lights Weren't On and No One Was Home

     Historically, churches have been sanctuaries since before there was Christianity. In fact, the concept goes back to the days of the ancient Greeks and Romans. When Christianity began its rise, they offered their own sanctuary laws as a means of countering the rival pagan religions. In Boston, Massachusetts, for instance, churches were a smoldering hotbed of abolitionist activity, even going as far as to offer sanctuary to escaped slaves and heavily contributing to the Underground Railroad.
     However, in 1623, James I abolished the sanctuary laws and, a century later, it was struck down for civil matters. Ergo. religious sanctuary has never truly existed in any meaningful way in the entire history of the United States. Any forbearance respecting the right of sanctuary was purely a political decision with a keen eye on optics, not a legal prohibition.
     Yet, in the popular imagination, the church still endures as a place of sanctuary, a safe haven where the afflicted and persecuted may still go for balm and solace (provided it's during the church's business hours.). Donald Trump blew all that away yesterday with his incredibly clumsy and palpably fraudulent photo op with a blast of tear gas and right wing hot air. Sanctuary! What a silly, quaint notion!

     What Trump might not have known, or cared about, was when he ordered Bill Barr to order the Capitol police to tear gas the protesters across the street, one of the victims would be the Rev. Gini Gerbasi, who is an actual Episcopal priest who works at the historic St. John's church that he decided on the fly he wanted to appropriate as the backdrop for his ridiculous photo op.
     Rev. Gerbasi was quite upset, as you can expect, in a telephone interview in which she called out Ill Douche for being the fake Christian that he is. And this was why the Archbishop of Washington DC, Wilton Gregory, slammed Trump for expanding his Christian play-acting for visiting the shrine of Saint Pope John Paul II. No doubt, the late pontiff would have been horrified by Trump using a burned-out church and his shrine for political and religious gain.
     "(B)affling and reprehensible" were the Archbishop's words.

     In another unintentional irony, in his lumbering across Pennsylvania Avenue, Trump literally walked over medical supplies like the kind he's been stealing from states, hospitals, private companies and even allied countries, supplies that were being handed out by Rev. Gerbani to assist the protesters. In other words, an ordained priest was acting in accordance with the teachings of her church. And in the commission of her humanitarian duties, she got tear gassed on the patio of her own church and chased out so a "man", for want of a better word, who has never once in his life, save for staged photo ops, ever shown the slightest evidence of Christianity could co-opt it for a few minutes for a stunt that left even other Republicans.puzzled.
     Mizz Lindsey Graham briefly raised himself on one elbow of his fainting couch to declare, “I don’t know what the point the president was trying to make. Trying to restore order is a good thing, attack on a church is a terrible thing. I don’t think it advanced the ball one way or another.” Then he declared he had the vapors and sank back down on the couch, his forearm draped over his eyes.
     So Trump is being abandoned by the church, his former Joint Chiefs Chairman, Fox "News" and a political party from which he derives all of his alleged strength. His voters will soon follow.
     But fear not, MAGAts, not all the "presidents'" allies have abandoned him, Moscow Mitch recently shot down a resolution banning the use of tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters.

Monday, June 1, 2020

White House Down

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari.)
Last night, for the first time since the British burned it and much of Washington DC down during the War of 1812, the White House went dark. Since that time, that venerated building has survived the Civil War, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Watergate and 9/11.
     In all those decades, in 206 years, the lights stayed on.
    Until last night. They could survive all that came before it. But they couldn't survive Donald Trump.
    Just as Derek Chauvin provided us with the iconic photo of police brutality in 21st century America (as I'd averred in my last article), the sight of the White House going dark last night and the fountains ceasing their semi-erotic ejaculations was the perfect symbol, the perfect iconic image of a White House bereft of any leadership, a rudderless ship of state about to lean to its port side. They might as well have posted a sign on the White House's front door: SOON UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT.
    It's the last thing a scared homeowner would typically do while suspecting there's an armed intruder or burglar about to break in before dashing down to the basement. And, in an eerie parallel of Adolph Hitler (Yes, Godwin's Law checked in record time) seeking refuge in the bunker beneath the Reichstag in the final month of the Third Reich, Donald Trump's unofficial Fourth Reich came to an ignominious end last night as the Secret Service hustled him down to the bunker beneath the White House. Maybe if he's as lucky as his spiritual predecessor, he'll be able to get those "most beautiful chocolate cakes" smuggled in from Mar a Lago.
     Apparently, Donald Trump was so freaked out by the protesters (the first he'd ever actually seen with his jaundiced, beady eyes since being given the Oval Office by Putin's intelligence network) in Lafayette Square, a full half a mile from the White House, that the Secret Service hustled him out of the Executive Mansion like a teenage boy hiding his girlfriend in the basement when his parents arrive home early. Save for the occasional digital Tourettes tweet, Trump was silent. The right wing Daily Caller was so completely disgusted with the "Commander in Chief", it could have been written by the editorial board of Mother Jones. In "Trump Silent As Nation Burns From Violent Riots", Ryan Saavedra wrote,
President* Donald Trump remained silent late on Sunday as the nation burned from riots across the country, including an iconic church that was on fire across the street from the White House.     
The last tweet from Trump that addressed the riots currently ravaging the U.S. came at 6:52 p.m. EST, when Trump tweeted: “LAW & ORDER!” No other information was included with Trump’s tweet.
At 12:23 p.m. EST Trump tweeted: “The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.”
   Then Saavedra drily provided seemingly endless examples of right wing media apostasy, including Trump uber mensch Mike Cernovich, who'd asked in all seriousness, "Does Trump have dementia or something? Because sitting on his fat ass right now isn't the right move."

It's 10 PM. Do You Know Where Your President Is?
Meanwhile, St. John's Church, which was built in 1816, just two years after the British burned down the White House and where every president since James Madison had worshiped, was in flames. Of course, that same right wing media that was firing shots across the ship of state's listing bow were framing it as "anarchy is winning" and conveniently pinned the blame of St. John's immolation on Antifa. If Trump wasn't cowering in the bunker, he could've seen the church and much of the nation's Capitol in flames if he but looked outside the Executive Mansion's windows.
     Meanwhile, the tweets sporadically came out. "LAW AND ORDER!" he silently screamed at one point, bringing to mind Dirty Steve darting out of his cave, shooting his rifle and screaming about a nonexistent giant chicken in the peyote scene in Young Guns.

     And it wasn't just the right wing media, it was virtually the entire 4th estate with whom Trump has a lifelong love/hate relationship. The Washington Post, one of Trump's favorite papers, raked him over the coals, saying, “Never in the 1,227 days of Trump’s presidency has the nation seemed to cry out for leadership as it did Sunday, yet Trump made no attempt to provide it.” The NY Times, Trump's other favorite paper, reported, "Some campaign advisers were pressing for a formal address to the nation as early as Sunday. But White House officials, recalling Mr. Trump’s error-filled Oval Office address in March about the spread of the coronavirus, cautioned that it was not necessary."
     And the reason behind the eerie and troubling silence was because Trump, the guy who wouldn't let George Floyd's brother talk during his "condolence call", suddenly had nothing to say.
     But fear not, my fellow Americans, while George Floyd protesters and law enforcement officers alike were outside the bunker putting their lives on the line, Bunker Boy came roaring back this morning to tell governors, over the phone, they needed to "dominate" their people and accused them of being "too weak." This is an actual exchange between Gov. JB Pritzker of Illinois and Captain Covid:
     Gov. J.B. Pritzker- "(T)he rhetoric that’s coming out of the White House is making it worse."
     President Bunker Boy- "“OK, well thank you very much, J.B. I don’t like your rhetoric very much either."
     In other words, I am rubber and you are glue and what you say bounces off me and sticks on you.
     It's literally impossible for me to believe that Trump has any allies left on Capitol Hill after this fiery weekend. Even his most vicious and virulent supporters must have woken up this morning to the deflating and dispiriting feeling that the guy they'd been supporting for over four years is, deep down, a coward who immediately wilted at the first protest he'd ever witnessed during his fake presidency and silently walked away at the exact same moment the nation needed the leader it hasn't had since January 20, 2017.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Gotham City Digest: Most Vicious Dogs and Ominous Weapons edition

(A brief rundown on the events taking place in Floyd protests all over the world.)

    THIS is an interesting development. It doesn't prove anything, of course, but then again, it could establish a history between Chauvin and Floyd. I'm going to stay on top of this angle.

     Wow, I never saw THIS coming. < /sarcasm>

     "I want a divorce." The news just keeps getting better for this asshole, doesn't it?

     Trump has his, "Smithers, release the hounds" moment.

    "Lynching is still not a federal crime. The Senate passed a bill to make lynching a federal hate crime in 2018, and the House passed the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act in February of this year. There have been lynchings during many of our lifetimes. Neither bill has been signed into law."
     This is all you need to know about this worthless, racist administration.

     "Mr. President, it's time to impersonate a human being again."
     "Oh, fuck me. Do I have to?"

     Berlin Barbie: Trump knows all about police brutality through the Mueller probe,. Oh, if ONLY Mueller had put his knee on Trump's neck.

     Explain to me again how this qualifies as law enforcement and shouldn't be classified as thuggery?

    You want to know why "hitler youth" was trending on Twitter yesterday? Because some (tautology alert) cowardly, right wing assholes with access to weapons and riot gear thought it'd be a corker of an idea to send out their kids to confront Atlanta protesters. This is real, folks. These were Junior ROTC children shoved out to face angry protesters.
    The Georgia National Guards said they weren't children. They were "short soldiers." They don't allow soldiers who aren't even five feet tall.

    Penguins go on a field trip to an art museum. This is endlessly adorable.

    Dead black men, cities in flames, a pandemic destroying human society, 41 million unemployed and this is what gets you upset. Fuck you and your 1st World problems. She's Trump with fake tits.

    Between the time Philando Castille was shot and killed with impunity and George Floyd was strangled on Memorial Day, several reforms were suggested and even passed for the Minneapolis PD. But the state legislature and the department failed to adequately implement or ratify them.

     Meme intermission,

    Oh dear, Trump's trying to act like a human being again. He called George Floyd's brother and then wouldn't let him talk.

     CNN? Fake news? Great, this is all Trump needs to hear.

    Sounds as if the Hennepin DA better start writing up a couple of new murder three charges.

   Meanwhile in NYC, NYPD cruisers are mowing down protesters and in Minnesota, police are using journalists for target practice. Stupid cops just don't get it. It's this thuggish, Nazi behavior that starts riots.

     Yeah, we're getting fed up with all the assholes, including you, Fox "News."

     Anonymous is about to doxx the Minneapolis PD. Go get 'em, guys. It's on.

     This is a brief rundown of the insanity that happened in the US last night.

     What this boils down to is, the DoD was brought in to monitor police brutality protests in 7 states. What it comes down to is, this is an even bigger clusterfuck waiting to happen. The military isn't trained for urban pacification and the police nationwide haven't got the temperament for it.

    So naturally, Trump & Barr, aka Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber, are choosing to blame just t he left for the riots, not the Boogaloo Bois & other far right elements that just just want to destroy government. In other words, "very fine people.

    The head of the Minneapolis Police Union spoke at a Trump Nazi hate rally just last October. This is the fascist pig who told us "not to rush to judgment" in the George Floyd murder,despite ample video evidence.

    Since last night, we've been reading news stories and seeing videos of cops resorting to what is plainly criminal activity. These are pigs in Denver shooting a man in the face in what's literally a driveby shooting. But Antifa's the terrorist organization, according to Donnie Dumbo.

    Elle Honig, a CNN legal correspondent, got a copy of the criminal complaint against Derek Chauvin, Apparently, it doesn't complain enough and they've omitted key facts. In other words, the Hennepin County prosecutors are already spiking the trial and will try to throw it, like I expected.

     NYPD stormtrooper pulls down black boy's mask to pepper spray him. Note the Boogaloo Boi standing just six feet away to his right, the one who DOESN'T get pepper sprayed.

     "Sure, let's do it again and take a knee, since it worked out so swimmingly in Minneapolis."

     It's the cops who are rioting. Pass it on.

    The protests in Trafalgar Sq. and at #10 Downing officially made the George Floyd movement global. Note not one cop in riot gear. It's completely civilized in London. Same in New Zealand.

     Authorities across the country have told the DOJ the out of state factions are right wing ones.
     So naturally, Fat Bill mentions just Antifa.

     Trump's terrified of protests. So's Putin from what I hear. And finally...

     Yeah, Trump's inner circle is telling him to tone it down, not because it's the right thing to do and because it would help save lives but because they're afraid his violent rhetoric will hurt him and other Republicans in the election. Typical right wing priorities.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Minneapolis Burning

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari.)
If anything, former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin has redefined the phrase "chauvinist pig" and expanded the definition to include hatred of black men.
     Hours after Donald Trump playacted at being the president after a weekend of golfing in Northern Virginia to lay a Memorial Day wreath at Fort McHenry in the same city where Freddy Gray was brutally murdered, Derek Chauvin was strangling the life out of George Floyd in broad daylight and with the protection of his own cronies. The next day, all four officers in Floyd's extra-judicial lynching were fired.
    But it still took four more days for his comrades in arms to get around to arresting Chauvin on suspicion of murder. The day after Memorial Day, mostly African American protesters peacefully assembled near the scene of the crime and demanded justice, an all too familiar ritual in latter-day American society. And the Minneapolis PD was all too glad to provide another American ritual- Mostly white cops showing up in riot gear and firing tear gas at them when the blacks got too uppity.
    Amanda Marcotte in the pages of Salon was struck by the stark difference between the initially peaceful protests in Minneapolis and the police response to that (essentially identical to Ferguson) and the almost exclusively white thugs showing up at state capitals armed to the teeth, several threatening to lynch their own governors (Beshear in Kentucky and Whitmer in Michigan) while cops not in riot gear strenuously ignored them even while these lunatics were screaming in their faces.
    Several of the so-called anti-lockdown protesters have been identified as members of the fascist "Proud Boys" movement, essentially a bearded Bund comprised of overweight incels who glorify in their self description of being, ironically, "western Chauvinists." You would think law enforcement would be clued in as to who the real threat is (Hint- It may be the aforementioned white incels who show up in fake camo gear cradling semi-auto rifles, threaten to lynch the governor and try to storm the legislative chamber that that same governor had to shut down.).
    But the difference in law enforcement's response, which is completely based on the overall skin hue of the protesters, is in itself a symptom of the problems we still face nearly 250 years into our history that boldly started with the proposition that all people are created equal but some are more equal than others.
    We saw it in Selma in the '60's when black protesters were simply exercising their 1st Amendment rights of peaceful assembly were petitioning for the right to vote, a right they already had in the Constitution. Protests inevitably start out as peaceful, the cops show up in riot gear, armed with tear gas, they escalate the situation and it's on.
    White cops see black people who are aggrieved, demanding a redress of their grievances, and, the unholiest of unholies, amassing in large numbers (something made legally prohibitive in mid 19th century Charleston, South Carolina). Then the cops needlessly escalate the situation. We saw this in Ferguson when black homeowners were tear-passed by city cops just for standing in their own yards. We saw it in Baltimore after Freddy Gray's murder when kids on a school bus were stopped by Baltimore police and made to exit the bus and held in a tight circle in a transparent attempt to manufacture an incident.
     It's this behavior that black demonstrators are trying to tell cops about yet all they see is a threat to their way of life and their authority.

Back Up, Boogaloo
Of course, cops, being among the stupidest and most hardheaded people on the planet, oafishly obeyed the dictates of their DNA that goes all the way back to when their 18th century forebears were legally empowered to kill escaped slaves on sight, and reacted in a hostile, defensive and retaliatory way. By Tuesday night, the night after Floyd's murder, Minneapolis's 3rd Precinct, to which four of the fired officers had been assigned, was evacuated and completely in flames.
     Black people nation-wide have reached a tipping point and George Floyd and his murderer Derek Chauvin provided that flashpoint that had been primed by the February 23rd murder of Ahmaud Arbery and the March 13th murder of Breonna Taylor in her own bed in Kentucky as she slept (police, as usual, got the wrong house). And what made the Floyd and Arbery murders especially egregious was that they were not only committed in broad daylight, but seemingly with the blessings of law enforcement.
     The last time I counted, 25 American cities were in flames today. Considering that coronavirus has been dominating the news as completely as it has for most of 2020, it would have taken one hell of a story to get us to forget about the pandemic for a minute and fallout over George Floyd's murder provided it. Yes, our African American community has reached a tipping point but there's no absolutely no indication whatever that police have reached their own tipping point beyond evacuating and abandoning one of their own precincts when protesters showed them their own tipping point.
     This is shaping up to be a summer of anger like the endless summer of 1967 (ironically nicknamed the "summer of love") that saw nearly 160 US cities go up in flames, and, less than a year later, more of the same after Dr. King's assassination in Memphis. In every single instance, police responded with the only two languages they knew- Violence and escalation.
     City and county prosecutors, heavily dependent on the work of law enforcement to help them make airtight cases and advance their political careers, are often loath to do their jobs when those same cops become the defendants when they, in turn, commit crimes. This was one of the reasons why the protests quickly turned violent. Even before the first tear gas canister was fired by Minneapolis police, the Hennepin County prosecutor said that he saw no grounds for a case against Chauvin. When Minneapolis went up in flames, he quickly changed his tune and Chauvin was charged with the ridiculously lenient felonies of third degree murder and manslaughter.
     Public opinion is thisclose to turning against the protesters because of the acts of arson and looting that have been occurring since night two of the rioting. But things decidedly took an uglier turn when the infamous Boogaloo movement decided to have their own spring break in Minneapolis. If you look real close at some of the file footage, you can identify them by their Hawaiian print shirts (their more or less official tunic). We know such right wing factions were instrumental in casting the protesters in Ferguson in a bad light when they committed petty acts of vandalism and larceny in the hopes it would be blamed on the black protesters.
     As usual, up to a point, it's working. Social media is still ablaze with white people condemning the black protesters with others defending their black brothers in arms for setting fire to Minneapolis and even bringing up the specter of the Boston Tea Party and how that elevated white people impersonating Indians and how that elevation was hypocritically denied black protesters. But the vast majority of the real protesters are doing no such thing even as Boogaloo thugs pretend to take up their cause so, again, black people will be blamed. That's because it honestly never occurs to white people to believe that when riots break out, especially when one hockey team or another wins the Stanley Cup, it's because of white assholes. Think I'm lying? I give you Lansing, Michigan.
     Nothing will change until attitudes change. But, to quote another Ringo Starr hit, "It Don't Come Easy."

Friday, May 29, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Minnesota looks pretty liberated to me. Be careful what you ask for, asshole, because...)

    If the 21st century had an iconic image of police racism and brutality, this would be it. Note how casual Chauvin is, unmindful or uncaring that he's causing someone serious medical distress. Note the hands in his pockets as if doing this is the most natural thing in the world. The touchy, petulant look on his face suggests outrage his tactics should ever be questioned.
     Now look at the man beneath his crushing knee. Floyd's horrified expression more than suggests a man terrified of death yet was just then realizing he's about to die in these, his final moments on earth. Maybe he was thinking of Ahmaud Arbery or maybe his wife, knowing he'll never see her again.
    Take a close look at this picture. Remember every detail and remember that one is dead after an execution in the public square.

     I'll never be on board with the looting because business owners had nothing to do with this. But some part of me is glad this has happened, that our black brothers and sisters have finally had enough of this racist bullshit and are doing something about it. This is already bigger than Ferguson, bigger than Baltimore and maybe even bigger than LA after Rodney King. This is going national. And I hope they're taking the proper precautions against contagion.

     When pigs fly in the face of the First Amendment.

     Says the right wing asshole and fraud who divorced his wife while she was in the hospital fighting cancer as he was drafting articles of impeachment against Bill Clinton.

     Are we great again, yet?

     Why do I get the impression they didn't arrest this pig but took him into protective custody? Even after they fired him, they still surrounded his house protecting him and the county prosecutor claimed he hadn't enough evidence to press charges.

    While the fascist cunts at Twitter are treating their fellow fascist with kid gloves, this asshole's doubled down and once more called for looters to be shot, a typical white, right wing response. Let's get one thing straight- Looting is a felony but it isn't a capital crime. This racist fuck is trying to normalize the extra-judicial murdering of more black people.

    Cartoon intermission.

    Let's call him President Karen.

    Sens Tim Kaine & Bob Casey both have coronavirus, So does Kaine's wife. Our nation's very capital is diseased. So stop waiting for this asshole to pull a miracle out of his bloated ass.

    Rick Wilson hammers Trump yet again.

    I don't see this as being a tipping point on their end. Remember, they came out in riot gear and fired tear gas at what were initially peaceful protesters. And you just know they'd love to defend Derek Chauvin. But somewhere in their reptilian brains, even they know Chauvin is more radioactive than Chernobyl's Reactor Four. And they know better.

    "The surveillance (Predator) drone is flying in a circle above the city, which has broken out in protests over the police killing of George Floyd."
     You know, like vultures typically do.

    Trump's childish "Executive Order" isn't about "free speech." It's about his free speech and his self-perceived right to advance any right wing conspiracy theory he wants.

     I'm thinking Markie Mark should've sat this one out. It doesn't help matters any that he criticized Twitter for mildly fact-checking Trump to Dana Perino on Fox. Shut the fuck up, Fuckerberg, and stay in your lane. You've already done enough damage by getting a fascist artificially installed in the White House.

      Remember, these charges were filed by the same worthless asswipe Hennepin County prosecutor who'd originally said in his rush to non-judgment, that there was nothing he could see on which to prosecute Chauvin. It took the immolation of a major American city to get this this cop-coddling shyster to even fulfill a baseline of his prosecutorial duties.

     "That's OK. I'm not going to jail."

    So, we know Mitt Romney's niece voted by mail, that Kayleigh McEnany voted by mail, that Kellyanne Conway voted by mail, that Donald Trump voted by mail. But as always, the right wing says, "For me, not for thee, motherfuckers."

     PA GOP: "We're asking that you stay at home and not to walk off the cliff into Hell's Lake of Fire."
     "No, Trump told us to and we WILL!"

      John Ratfuck, the DNI with no intelligence experience whatsoever, released partially declassified transcripts and even in in partially redacted form, is really damaging to Flynn and Barr's case to have all the charges dismissed.

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