Thursday, June 21, 2018

I Really Do Care. Do You?

(By American Zen’s Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)
It's been going on for many, many decades and many years. Whether it was President Bush, President Obama, President Clinton — same policies. They can't get them changed because both sides are always fighting. ...This is maybe a great chance to have a change.” - Donald Trump

Since photography was invented in the 1820's, every disaster or outrage has an iconic photo. In cases such as the Civil War, there were several iconic photos, all seemingly given to us by Mathew Brady. There were several others that came out of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan after we'd illegally invaded and occupied those nations. Occupy Wall Street gave us more in 2011, as did the Ferguson protests. In this highly visually oriented day and age, we crave iconic images that become lead images in news articles, blog posts and internet memes that are shared millions of times on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere on social media. It's an effective way for humans to focus their anger, outrage, sorrow or grief by fixating on that one iconic image that seems to sum up an event or global catastrophe that never should have happened.
     Donald Trump's and Jeff Sessions' "Zero Tolerance" policy that was announced just early last month has, in seven short weeks, given us several iconic images on which we can all focus our outrage (Or, if you're a Trump deplorable, your uber nationalist pride). Time Magazine today had revealed their re-purposing of an iconic image, that of a Honduran toddler girl crying at a Texas Border Patrol station and, with ingenious political retribution, giving that tragic photo a secondary iconic life.

     But when she made a "surprise" photo op at a detention facility (nonprofit and housing just 60 children, with cute pictures on the walls as if it was a grammar school classroom in Grosse Pointe, Michigan) in McAllen, Texas, Melania Trump had inadvertently given us another iconic photo that perfectly sums up the right wing's collective reaction to the horror show taking place at the southern border: In her tone-deafness, the First Lady, wife of the "President" who put this Fourth Reich shit show into warp speed 10, thought it would be a good idea to wear a designer jacket with, "I really don't care. Do you?" embossed on the back.
     It was so unbelievable, so audacious, people on social media were asking, "Is this for real or is it Photoshopped?" It was not and the First Lady's press flaks have already gone into full-blown spin mode, blaming, as usual, the media for noticing her wearing a jacket reading, "I really don't care. Do you?" before meeting immigrant children who, despite their relatively cushy circumstances, were nonetheless ripped from parents' arms by her husband, a man who is supremely indifferent to their families' pain. No, quite the contrary- I'm sure seeing a foreign-born, wealthy white woman wearing a jacket with such a saying sent the perfect message to those children who could read English.
     At least as equally telling as Melania's "Fuck you" jacket was the safe choice of a photo op venue. Instead of McAllen, the Potemkin Village of child prisons, they could have taken Melania to Tornillo, Texas (high 106° today), an Arpaio-class tent city that's about to rapidly expand despite Trump signing that head fake of a 20 day moratorium on separating kids from their families. 
     Notably, they also chose not to take Melania to Shiloh, also in Texas, another for-profit concentration camp in which immigrant children are forcibly drugged, beaten, choked, and, in at least three cases that we know of, murdered. Shiloh, despite getting into hot water with the authorities in the past, has received upwards of a billion and a half dollars in contracts since Trump took office. They're lying to the migrant children and telling them if they don't take the "vitamins" they're offering, they'll never see their parents again. Likewise, they also didn't take the First Lady and her now-infamous "Fuck You" jacket to Shenandoah Valley Juvenile (Detention) Center where it would've really fit in. At Shenadoah Valley, immigrant children are regularly handcuffed and beaten, according to court records.
     When Melania Trump goes to that tent city in Tornillo, TX or Shiloh or Shenandoah that's housing thousands of child prisoners and speaks out against her husband and the abuse he's inviting from the fascists who run them instead of blaming Democrats for this, then I'll be impressed. Until then, fuck your photo ops.

Norwegian Wood
"I once had a girl
Or should I say she once had me
She showed me her room"
This is a cartoon that, as the caption says, originated in Norway. It perfectly captures several things, starting with Trump's dictatorial posture and arm patch that says, "Border Control." But it also carefully makes a distinction between Trump and the United States, blaming not the American people for this Central American pogrom we're seeing but Trump.
     To be fair, this attitude toward immigrants at the border did not start with Trump. Sorry, limousine liberals, but Obama also separated children from their parents and threw them in jail. Trump just took it to the next level. With their typical craven hypocrisy, the aforementioned limousine liberals who thought Obama was the next Lincoln and then Hillary Clinton the next Margaret Thatcher, hardly said a word when we had very much the same humanitarian crisis at our southern border during the last administration but are selectively screaming themselves hoarse now.
     In this other iconic photo put up by those limousine liberals, one that had also gotten a second life, people have been putting this up on social media to show the world how cruel Trump can be. But in fact, it's a file photo taken almost exactly four years ago in Nogales, Arizona. That would be 2014, during the Obama administration. These elitist limousine liberals were also eerily quiet when Obama had quickly deported two and a half million immigrants in the first couple of years of his first term. Perhaps not coincidentally, so were right wing voters.
     But Obama's not the president, any more (Neither is Trump, but that's another story). Just as Obama had inherited a police state from Bush consisting of a Department of Homeland Security, two wars and a DNI, so Trump had inherited (thanks largely to Clinton voters and tens of millions of other racists and evolutionary dropouts), in al Jazeera's words, "a well-oiled deportation infrastructure from the Obama administration, which has deported 2.5 million people - more than every single US president of the 20th century combined."
     But, as we say, is "better late than never"? Try telling that to the countless families Obama ripped apart over a decade ago. Yes, it's good that Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives alike are condemning this "Zero Tolerance" policy of Trump's and Sessions'. In fact, Melania Trump's own immigration attorney, Michael Wildes, risked his job today by coming out swinging against it even as his employer, Melania Trump, was touring her child's Potemkin Village in McAllen, Texas.
     Republicans, keeping a cynical eye on the midterms and trying to gauge which blowback will be worse come Election Day, are trying to craft a bill that will make everyone happy. But George W. Bush can tell you all about that. Not realizing how deeply divisive an issue it was, 11 years ago Bush tried to craft his own bill (the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act) that sought to make Congress happy and it blew up in his face like a prank cigar. Republicans derided it because it wasn't Draconian enough and Democrats blasted it because it was too Draconian.
     But, for all his failings, W was never what one could reasonably call an immigration hawk. Trump is, in spades. And while Bush's own party stood tall against his one, sole attempt to reach across the aisle, we're not seeing this so much with today's Republican Party. Trump can only push them so far and, if faced with certain defeat in the midterms, they will either adopt some cautious populism that's critical of his immigration policies or, like so many others, they'll just decide to throw in the towel.
     And maybe for once, Trump was inadvertently right when he said, "This is maybe a great chance to have a change." I just wouldn't bet on it (especially as Trump just asked the DoD to make room for 20,000 more immigrant prisoners) because the toads in the GOP are too stupid to realize the water's already at a high boil and it will cost them in the midterms.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Quick Study in Contrasts

     I'm not going to have much time for blogging since I have to take Mrs. JP to the hospital for a checkup and I probably won't be able to even use my cell phone in the building. But I just wanted to give you a study in contrast brought about by King Hairod and his fascist policy at the border.
     At last count, 2342 children have been ripped from their parents' arms in the six weeks since Zero Tolerance took effect.
     First, watch what happened to Rachel Maddow last night when she tried to read an AP bulletin on her show about the "tender age" shelters we're putting up. She came perilously close to breaking down live on national TV and had to hand off the story to Lawrence O'Donnell.

     Secondly, also last night, Trump's former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, made an appearance on Fox (of course) and when Democratic strategist Zac Petkanas informed us that a 10 year-old with Down Syndrome was abducted from her mother, Lewandowski idiotically chimed in with "Womp womp."

     I don't know what Lewandowski thought he was accomplishing aside from channeling Trump when he mocked a disabled reporter on the campaign trail but please keep in mind two things:
     Firstly, the news is now so incredibly horrible that our nation's anchors can't read it without crying. This is a new low and you have go back to November 22, 1963 when Walter Cronkite broke down on CBS reporting on President Kennedy's assassination.
     Secondly, within the space of a couple of hours, we were presented with a study in contrast between Maddow, the choked voice of compassion, and Lewandowsk, the sneering voice of fascism. What was too horrible for Maddow to report is fun fodder for Lewandowski. What is horrible for progressives is funny to Nazis like Lewandowski. Megyn Kelly, of all people, denounced Lewandowsk.
     This humanitarian circus that is orchestrated by Trump is already costing Republicans in two different ways. First, they're receiving backlash from their constituents at home and the Senate is trying to draft a bill to put an immediate end to Zero Tolerance. Obviously, they're just doing this because they're keeping one jaundiced, cynical eye on the midterms (which is why Ted Cruz from Texas, who's up for reelection this year, is involved in it). But whatever it takes to put this abomination to an end.
     It's also costing the Republican Party Republicans. Today, GOP strategist Steve Schmidt announced on Twitter that he's quitting the Republican Party effective immediately (I guess being played by Woody Harrelson will do that).
     And Trump's losing the support of Republican governors. First it was just a few states. Then it was five. By this morning, 11 states, some with Republican Governors (including my state of Massachusetts, one of the first three to lead the charge), announced they were pulling their National Guard troops from the southern border in protest of us kidnapping children.
     I'd say that's consensus. Now all that remains to be seen is how long it takes for the UN's Human Rights Council from which we'd just separated ourselves begins to investigate and act on the humanitarian crisis at our southern border.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Gotham City Digest

     Where King Herod changed his name to Trump.

     The latest from Fox & Frauds. Right wing semantics at its finest. Next thing you know, they'll be calling them "freedom cages."

     Remember about 13 years ago when Duncan Hunter went on national TV and told the American public about all the delicious food we were serving Muslim prisoners we were holding ar Gitmo without charge? Yes, Laura Ingraham went there and called child detention facilities "summer camps" and "boarding schools." Sounds as if Laura Riefenstahl is begging us to cost her some more sponsors. David Hogg, you got this?
     In the meantime, here's a little education for dear Laura of the Fourth Reich:

     Meet Kim and Carl. Kim the Stepford soccer Mom and Carl the strenuously heterosexual Dad work in the State Department's Passport Services. Today, Kim and Carl and Foggy Bottom thought it would be a real corker of an idea to hold a 40 minute-long travel QA on Facebook.  Yes, in this current political and social climate, Kim and Carl whitesplained to America about the best ways to travel the country with your children such as where to get the best tattoos on your forearms and which camps have the lowest impact hard labor regimens. Unfortunately, things didn't go so well for Kim and Carl because they got barraged by a bunch of questions from trolls with sweaty, uncomfortable questions. To their credit, Kim and Carl didn't once mention the fact we've been kidnapping children and putting them in concentration camps, which was just as well when they showed us their lily white childrens' passports and how privileged they were to never have to worry about being arrested for doing nothing and being forced to live under armed guard in abandoned Walmarts 22 hours a day.
     I imagine Kim and Carl are doing a lot of heavy drinking right about now and looking over their resumes.

     At last. The real reason we're kidnapping adults and children at the border. Two of these private prison corporations kicked in a cool half million to Trump's still-missing inauguration fund. So just as a rule of thumb, when you hear Republicans vowing to crack down on MS-13, marijuana or illegal immigrants, follow the fucking money and find out for yourself how much in bribes they've vacuumed up from the private prison industry. Trump's planning on building five new ones with capacities set at 1000 or more. And it's just the beginning, folks.

     In a post I put up just yesterday, I wrote about how every government in the world, especially here in the United States, seems to have an inexhaustible capacity for finding cold-blooded fascists ready to do the worst acts imaginable for flag and country. This morning, this audio tape came out that was recorded at a border checkpoint. The nearly eight minute-long tape features lots of small children crying after being abducted from their parents but it also reveals two Border Patrol guards making jokes about the crying children. Heartless pricks.

     We now have so many concentration camps detention facilities, we need a website with an interactive map to show us where they all are. Not surprisingly, nearly a quarter of them are in the Great State of Texas, a state mostly comprised of stolen Mexican and Native American land. And finally...

     Is it just me or does Stephen Miller's suit cry out for a little extra something, like a swastika armband, for instance?

Monday, June 18, 2018

So Far Today on Republican Twilight Zone:

      Jeff Sessions is blaming Democrats for us being "forced" to kidnap children at the border at a Sheriff's convention in New Orleans.
     Despite this, Stephen "Goebbels" Miller says separating children from their parents by force was "a simple decision." So whose decision was it, again?
     Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is saying there's no such policy to kidnap children at the border. There IS a policy. Trump's. There's just no law mandating it.
     And Rick Santorum escaped his orderlies again to run on a CNN sound stage to say that maybe these people shouldn't have come here to begin with.
      We still haven't had a commercial break.

Stanford and Milgram redux

     I don't know the provenance of this account but I have no suspicion that it's fake. If you can read this without wanting to cry, if you can rationalize visiting the nightmare of us taking by force children from their parents for what amounts to a misdemeanor offense, then you can just stop reading right now. But we are no longer the United States envisioned by the Founding Fathers. What was once a functioning democratic republic is now just a husk long since hollowed out by and now stuffed with criminals, psychopaths, oligarchs and kleptocrats. Trump was incredibly stupid to do this in an election year. So remember this in November.
     It's one thing to allow kleptocrats into our government. Our standards have sunk so low this past century that, like mouse droppings and rat hairs in our hot dogs, we'll allow a certain percentage of our government to be infested with such people. But money and power is one thing- Now, these kleptocrats are stealing children from families who commit, at most, a misdemeanor offense of approaching the southern border without documentation.
     What we're seeing there is a giant, economy-sized version of the Stanford Experiment from 1971. The results of this experiment were so swift and horrifying that it became virtually the only ground-breaking psychology experiment that was never seen to fruition. For those of you who don't know what this was about or had never heard of it, here's a brief rundown:
     Funded by good old Uncle Sam, specifically the US Office of Naval Research, it sought to define and document the effects of both perceived power and the lack of it within a controlled environment. The introduction in the Wikipedia article states, "The results of the experiment have never been successfully replicated." This is patently and palpably untrue. We see it replicated in everyday life, especially in the government. But I'm putting the cart before the ox.
     Using ordinary college students, the Stanford Experiment randomly divided the subjects into two groups- Prisoners and guards. The "guards" were instructed by psychology professor Philip Zimbardo to use psychological control methods on the "prisoners." Disturbingly reminiscent of the Milgram Experiment a decade earlier, Stanford and Zimbardo took the first tentative steps toward understanding how easily humans could abandon their moral belief system and become absorbed in roles thrust upon them by even fake authoritarian figures. (In fact, Milgram was inspired by the Jerusalem trial of Adolph Eichmann that was taking place at the same time).
     Within 36 hours, things began to fall apart in the Stanford Experiment. One "prisoner" had begun to act "crazy", in the appallingly imprecise language of Dr. Zimbardo and eventually had to be released. The prisoners began to rebel, turn on the others for not accepting the harsh and even cruel psychological measures exerted, under Zimbardo's direction, by the "guards." One such "guard" had been labelled as having "genuine sadistic tendencies".
     As the days wore on, the "guards" had resorted to measures such as rewarding compliant prisoners with better food and giving inferior food to non-compliant ones, forcing them to urinate and defecate in buckets, taking away mattresses, attacking rioting "prisoners" with fire extinguishers and solitary confinement. The unethical experiment was eventually terminated when Zimbardo's girlfriend and future wife Christina Maslach informed him of the unethical nature of his experiment and his own absorption in his role as "warden."
     Shockingly, and tellingly, out of more than 50 people who'd audited the experiment, Maslach was the only one who'd objected to the experiment's morality.
     The point I'm making here is that every government in the world has psychopaths and sociopaths who are thrust into real situations in which they are forced to do the unimaginable to their fellow humans. And some don't have to be forced. The United States is certainly no exception as Abu Ghraib, Iraq and many other instances have shown us. And we're seeing this cold-hearted compliance and even zeal that was typical of Eichmann and the Nazis in our kidnapping of children at the border.
     What stuck out the most for me in those screengrabs that were put on Facebook was when one of the flight attendants, seeing tears streaming down a terrified six year-old girl's face, then returned her hug in a futile but heartfelt gesture of hope, "much to the scowl and comments from the adult escort."
     In this fascist bubble populated by very real guards with genuine sadistic tendencies in an ultimately uncontrolled environment, noncompliance even by those not assigned within that bubble are growled at and warned off by the real-life guards. That's what stuck out for me most of all. That these men who could have just as easily have been part of Eichmann's staff are now taking children from their parents while others escort them hundreds of miles from their parents and belligerently protest any semblance of compassion shown to their frightened charges.
     These are the new Nazis, the kind excused time and again by the man who leads them, Germanic strongman Donald John Trump. They would easily have become the many people in Milgram who would have administered allegedly fatal electric shocks to helpless subjects under the guise of "just following orders."
     Such people have no soul and no conscience, which makes them perfect for these jobs. There is nothing than can be done about them. The pilots who would bomb civilian villages or the men who would shoot women, children and babies in My Lai, the men who would herd the Jews into the "showers" and the ones who would drop the Zyklon B are all cut from the same rotten piece of wholecloth. These authoritarian personalities identify so strongly with their roles of conferred power that they forget what identity they once had, if they ever did, and will do absolutely anything and everything to indefinitely retain that power.
     They will always be among us, these quasi-pod people that look and act human outside of their workplace and are exactly the wrong type of people who should have any contact with children.
     We will always be afflicted with dead-eyed psychopaths in our government from Steven Miller all the way down the 15 year Border Patrol agent who senselessly murdered Claudia Gonzalez in Texas just for approaching him.
     The problem is the bar for moral and immoral behavior, what is acceptable and what is intolerable can be set very low very quickly as Stanford proved. And the sooner we get in front of this kidnapping scheme of Trump's, the sooner we can reacquaint ourselves with our true north.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Modest Proposal

(By Cyril Blubberpuss, Conservative-American)

Dear Ms. Phebe Novakovic:

     As a fellow One percenter and self-professed Trump Deplorable Zero, I am writing to you with a modest proposal (Not to be confused with an essay by another writer, some Jonathan Swiftboat or another, you know, the erotic author who wrote about bondage and talking horses).
     It has come to my attention that General Dynamics (whom my kid brother Cecil used to think was a DC super villain but more on him later) has received a massive contract through ICE and ORR. Understandably, you've been close mouthed about this contract, rightly giving the liberal twats at the Daily Beast the usual corporate runaround by sending them to the equally close mouthed Department of Health and Human Services.
     No doubt, kidnapping children from their helpless parents is an absolute necessity for national security and it is only by the happiest of coincidences that defense contractors such as your General Dynamics and the once disgraced MVM (which has benefited greatly from Uncle Sam's forgiving nature by being awarded $43,000,000 in contracts after being fired by the CIA) had gotten tens of millions of dollars in much-needed business since last September, several months before the Democrat Party in Congress thought of the idea of separating children from their parents at the borders.
     However, as much money as you're obviously making off of migrant separation, the Last Great American Frontier, I'm kept awake every night, haunted by the fear that you folks at General Dynamics (as well as Blackwater, Halliburton or any other trusted corporation with whom our government has dealt in good faith over the years, should they get in on the ground floor) may not be maximizing your money-making potential in this business arena. And these contracts come at a fortuitous time, since at the end of the trading day last Friday (I'm a titan in the financial sector), General Dynamics' shares lost 0.5% of their value and fell to $194.81 a share.
     You can do better than that. Allow me to elucidate by starting with a story about my kid brother Cecil:

     My father Ambrose (a good friend of Fred Trump and, later, Donald) and I were always worried about little Cecil. Like many children who came of privilege and wealth, for the first 30 or so years of his life, Cecil was an indolent sort. Rather than learning the finer points of tax evasion, union-busting and being the corporate titan our father was (and that I, too, would one day become), Cecil was always more interested in going to the local junior high schools' wrestling meets (from which he was eventually barred on account of a series of misunderstandings involving locker rooms). We tried buying him suits from Brooks Brothers so he'd look the part but he would just take them to seamstresses and have them put on lace ruffles and flounces so he looked like a balding, glandularly-challenged tranny hooker from the French Quarter.
     So it was with unmitigated joy when we discovered just before my father's death that in 1990, Cecil founded, the first live sex chat website in internet history. At last, he was a businessman and entrepreneur in his own right and making his own money! Cecil's business model was stunningly low overhead. Using our family's contacts in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, Cecil instructed his contacts to go to student hostels all over the Soviet Bloc and use (sometimes strenuous) persuasion to talk these young male studs to do their bit for whatever flag and country they hailed from and to do live sex shows for $15 per 15 minute private session.
     Then one boy had the gall to saw off his foot using an old discarded jagged band saw that was sitting around the abandoned factory and hop his way to the Yugoslavian authorities. Eventually, our "comrades" in Eastern Europe contacted the FBI and ICE and burst into Cecil's SoHo loft while he was in mid ejaculation to take him into custody. For some reason, the poor boy was so racked with remorse, he even volunteered to go to Riker's Island even after hearing abominable stories about the nightly prison shower rapes that go on there.
     Anyway, despite my lingering resentment at ICE for arresting my baby brother for rescuing misguided European youths bound for law and medical school who came from Third World countries where the sound of dying, screaming rabbits are blared on PA systems every morning, this is one time those jackals can work for us, and you and your worthy corporation, for a change.
     Did you ever see a movie called Schindler's List? (I have the DVD BluRay edition in which one of the extra features is a deleted scene in which Liam Neeson porks a Jewish girl in front of a bunch of Nazi officers. They eventually went with just the kiss.). Anyway, Schindler was, like you, an industrialist in a Nazi country and when the Germans asked him why he was saving Jewish children, he held up a little girl's hand and asked, "How else can I shine the inside of a casing of a 40 mm mortar round?"
     There you go. Put the little taco-munching moochers to work in exchange for the education on US history, food and dog kennel cages we're giving them courtesy of those who actually do pay taxes. And I have some additional suggestions:
     I'd imagine Research and Development's biggest headache in the defense industry is not testing its missiles and mortar rounds on live targets. How else are we supposed to gauge the accuracy of missiles that cost millions if we're trying to surgically bomb a Muslim wedding, with all sorts of towel heads screaming and running all over the place?
     Well, you have the solution to that particular problem literally at your grasping fingertips. As ICE raids all over the nation have proven time and again, these little brown-skinned kids are quicker and more nimble than ferrets on speed and those poor fellows at ICE must feel at times as if they're trying to herd feral cats. Place them in an Aberdeen Proving Grounds-like environment in which they have some room to move around then let 'er rip. Such canned hunting pens are all the rage with those dozens of 2nd Amendment types who still listen to Ted Nugent but are too fat and lazy to actually hunt animals in their native habitat.
     Why, the possibilities for these children to make you and your company immense amounts of money, more than you're already making in your diversification from national defense to child care, boggles even the minds of those of us who deal with huge sums daily. I have many more ideas and I await your rejoinder with bated breath so I can discuss them with you.

     Cyril Blubberpuss, Conservative-American

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Godwin's Law?

     You're Goddamned right I'm going there. Here's why:
     The man who's allowed to employ his criminal daughter in the White House has, with the collusion of his embattled Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, stolen 2000 children or more from migrant families in just six weeks. That comes out to nearly 50 a day.
     If 50 white children of respectable (or outwardly respectable) conservative families were abducted on a daily basis for a month and a half, there would be a hue and a cry on Fox "News" and perhaps all the other dinosaur networks. Right wing bloggers would be foaming at the mouth and the Weekly Standard, National Review, Breitbart, Twitchy and Pajamas Media would be calling for Trump's head.
     But they're not. Because these are just brown kids whose parents are just seeking asylum. And you have to ask yourself:
     Considering that the United States is rapidly turning into a dystopian, fascist nightmare you used to see in B sci fi movies in the 80s and 90s, how bad does it have to be in Honduras, Guatemala and other strife-torn nations that even this fever dream of a country still looks better. What the hell is going on in central America?
     And what the hell is going on here? The Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, the place that piously says,
"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore."?
     Technically, Emma Lazarus' poem isn't a good one but it's a great one given what it had represented for countless tens of millions of immigrants that have come here since the 19th century. In its slightly anachronistic way, it perfectly sums up America's professed attitude toward immigrants sailing to America in that ageless, universal quest for a better life.
     Obviously, it's impossible to visualize an America without immigrant labor and innovation. And anyone who disagrees is a delusional ignoramus.
     It's unforgivably barbaric and fascistic what we're doing to families who both cross the border without visas and especially those who surrender themselves to Border Patrol agents when they're just seeking asylum. And the right wing's response to this travesty as it gains more and more traction in the media is at least as horrid.
     Simultaneously, Republicans like Jeff Sessions and even Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders justified it with a Bible verse beloved of Nazis and slavery proponents. Then, when that didn't look as if it was going to fly, the Trump administration admitted it was a horrible idea then blamed Democrats for the forced separations.
     Let us be very, very clear about this: This was not an initiative of the Democrats but Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions. John Kelly defended it then shrugged his shoulders when reminded that the US government had admitted to losing 1475 of these kids. "Morally, we're not responsible for finding them."
     Then morally, we never should have taken them in the first place. Whether they're fleeing the paramilitary death squads in Honduras or the drug cartels in Mexico, these people have the right to seek asylum for a better, safer life for them and their families. They're entitled to such no less so than Kelly's or Trump's ancestors.

     Instead, this is what these children see: More of the same, essentially the same type of men they flee. The Mexican drug cartels kidnap children for a monetary motive. The United States apparently has none save for sadism and spite. The paramilitary death squads in Honduras have an agenda, rancid as it is. When we kill people such as Claudia Gonzalez, a 20 year-old Guatemalan girl who merely wanted a job in forensic accounting, we kill them out of frenzied paranoia.
     We are officially no better than the hell holes from which these people are trying to escape.
     We now have 100 child detention facilities all across the nation. The people of San Diego, California's most right wing city by far, recently held a demonstration protesting these wanton kidnappings. One of them didn't even know until recently that one of these detention centers that ICE refuses to call detention centers was just a few miniute's walk from his house. In Brownsville, Texas, 1500 children are being imprisoned in a former Walmart, where, when Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon tried to gain admittance, the guards called the police on him.
     On the rare occasions they allow the press in, they are not allowed to take pictures or talk to the child prisoners. Why? What are they hiding? Why do they require 24 hour's notice before letting in the media?
     And, save for blaming the Democrats or blathering Biblical platitudes telling us we need to obey a government that "God ordained", the Republicans are silent. If there was any one thing those hypocritical right wing cunts would never waver on, it would be "family values." But obviously when they mean family values, they mean respectable, white middle class or wealthy families, not the huddled masses who, against rhyme or reason, still come to our southern border.
     Federal agents even lie to these people as they kidnap their children and tell them, "We're giving them a bath." Anyone who knows a blessed thing about the Nazi death camps knows that's exactly the line the Nazis used before herding Jews and other undesirables into large concrete buildings before dropping the Zyklon B. Now we're hearing news reports that somehow these kids are fleeing some of these detention centers and are even trying to kill themselves. At least one parent already has.

     When General Patton's 3rd Army liberated one such Nazi death camp (Buchenwald), he forced the neighboring villagers with armed escorts to tour the facility, to bring home what the Nazis did in their names. What Patton saw on April 11, 1945 actually made him vomit. They told Jew and Gentile alike they were being merely relocated. At Nuremberg the following year, the German and Polish people learned the full scope of the horror that was going on right next to them. They learned the full scope of the Nazis' lies.
     And now, 72 years later, we're doing much the same thing to people our Germanic strongman had fingered as undesirables the very day he announced his candidacy three years ago yesterday. We are separating families by force just as they had at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Bergen Belsen, Buchenwald and lying about what the detention facilities really are, about whose idea it is. These are horrible, craven people who lack the moral courage to even own up to their immorality.
     And perhaps some day we'll also be forced to tour these facilities posing as mere detention centers to which now very, very few people do not have access. But what will happen between now and then? And will we as a nation have the moral fiber to stand up to this humanitarian crisis and take steps to ensure it never happens again?

Fuck Civility

     Now these are 50 Shades of Grey I can actually live with. In a long series of tweets last night, Ethan Grey puts his finger on the origin of the problem that progressives are facing- charges of lack of civility. Over the last several days, I got a taste of that on Facebook when I chimed in on a video posted by some racist right wing nut job by one of my (now former) FB friends. Just criticizing this nut bag resulted in scores of comments from other like-minded morons who didn't or couldn't comprehend there are some well-informed people in this nation who simply don't like Trump and for some very good reasons.
     But Grey nails it when he says this attitude of holding progressives to a higher standard of civility to which they feel they don't have to be held begins in white families. I know exactly what this feels like.
     Back in 2006, my (former) stepdaughter, barely 17, brought home a 21 year-old guy she met at Job Corps in Exeter, Rhode Island. Within no time, he began making his racist and right wing views known. He started brow-beating and threatening members of our family and no one had the guts to stand up to this assclown but yours truly. This was at a time in my relationship with the girl's mother in which I couldn't say or do anything right but everyone thought Josh DuBois was the greatest thing since sliced white bread. Those of you who were reading me back in the spring of 2009 may recall some of this.
     The girl's mother didn't wish to be reminded by me that her future son in law was a racist asshole and was all wrong for the family. Even after he cheated on my stepdaughter while she was pregnant with their first child with two other women and removed all the money in their joint checking account, I was still in the wrong for pointing out the obvious. She went back to him 18 hours later, I was thrown out of the family the following year and he was allowed to marry into it. Since then, they've gotten divorced but no one will ever give me credit for being right about this monster from Day One.
     So, during family dinners in Auburndale, MA, this douchebag would be allowed to hold court and I would be expected to keep my rebuttals hidden for the sake of family unity and harmony. I still do not know to this day why they decided to side with this asshole and throw me out of the family but these are the facts- Being on the left side of an issue was wrong but if Josh wanted to expound on how lazy blacks were, hey, he had the right to speak his mind (It ought to be mentioned here that I have two biracial sons and he was very well aware of that).
     And this is what Grey is talking about in this series of tweets that puts the finger squarely on the pulse of the problem- That demanding civility of progressives without feeling the need to live up to the same standards is the start of fascism. It's a way of suppressing dissent so they can advance their own rancid opinions without challenge or rebuttal.
     Fuck that. I will NEVER shut up. I'm a proud liberal and only death will silence my mouth. I've had it up to here with right wing psychopaths telling me to shut up while impugning my considerable intelligence and erudition so they can spout their bullshit without opposition.
     And I don't truck in this bullshit I see once in a while from my FB "friends" about how both sides are deplorable and we need to listen to the opinions of those on the "other side of the aisle." No we don't. I've heard them. I know exactly where they're coming from. I've been blogging about them for going on 14 years. They're sick, twisted, hateful cunts and I don't have to give them the other side of the street when they march up and down with their misspelled signs and scream about "blood and soil" and confederate statues. There is no "both siderism." 10 months ago, one of us was murdered in Charlottesville and several more of our number were beaten with wooden sticks right next to the Charlottesville Police station. There is no other side to see, hear and respect.
     And when Donald Trump's dittoheads inveigh against immigrants and supports his policy of kidnapping children from their parents, each and every one of us has a moral obligation to lushly spit in their faces and inform them they're unAmerican, fascist and inhuman. Fuck civility. Civility got us nowhere and that's the whole idea, folks. Follow up your vote this November with rude and nasty resistance. Don't go back to being silent after Election Day. Election Day is just the means, not the end.
     Fuck civility. Civility never won a damned thing. Civility didn't defeat the Nazis and it won't defeat Trump's little Hitlers. Civility didn't end slavery nor did it give women the right to vote. Civility didn't get us unions. When fascists ask for your civility, they're really demanding your servility.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Gotham City Digest

     Where nobody puts words in our mouths.

     First it was tough love, Biblically ordained. Now stealing children from their parents is a bad idea and it's all the fault of the Democrats. In other words, "We are war with the Democrat Party. We have always been at war with the Democrat Party."
      Here's an idea: You want to end migrant children being kidnapped from their parents before disappearing while Republicans shrug their shoulders? Hack the narrative that the GOP is running a pedophile sex ring and don't let up until this abominable policy is finally ended. If right wingers can have their Pizzagate, so can we. If Pimp Daddy Jimmy O'Keefe can get ACORN defunded at the federal level with a heavily-edited video, then we can catapult the propaganda, too.

     Yes, at the G7, Trump actually told Macron "all the terrorists are in Paris" and Shinzo Abe, " I can send you 25 million Mexicans and you’ll be out of office very soon." My response to this international embarrassment:
     "If we send 250 Democrats to Capitol Hill this November, YOU'LL be out of office very soon."

     Imagine having an honor bestowed upon you and not being told about it until federal authorities reveal you've been listed as the Trump Foundation's Board of Directors for a decade?

     I think it's inspirational and even adorable that Trump assumes he won't be in prison long before 2020 and that he won't abandon his old friends.

     This racist asshat is just one of the many racist and antisemitic worms that the GOP has embraced this election cycle and Chris Cuomo completely eviscerated him on national TV.

     "Smithers, release the hounds." On Fox and Frauds this morning, Trump had some more kind words to say about serial mass murdering tyrant Kim Jong Un. Now he wants his own staff to sit up at attention when he speaks just like they do in the fear factory known as North Korea. And finally...

     Paul Manafort is the former campaign chairman of the President and is now in jail. The President's lawyer Michael Cohen is about to flip after getting his home, hotel room & office raided. Michael Flynn, Carter Page and George Papadopoulos have all pleaded guilty for lying to the FBI. Why, O why do these scum insist on afflicting themselves on our poor, innocent, non-colluding President's life?
     And how crooked and stupid do you have to be to commit an obvious crime after being told to commit no more crimes while out on bail and under house arrest, knowingly surveilled and awaiting trial in federal court? Is Manafort angling for a segment all his own on a Stupidest Criminals TV show?
     And how perfectly elliptical it is that Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign chairman, was arrested and thrown in jail three years to the day after Trump announced his candidacy?

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Gotham City Digest: Flag Day edition

     Never say Trump doesn't love the red, white and blue on Flag Day.

     This is the Twitter feed of Jacob Soboroff, who released a series of tweets just before going on Chris Hayes' show All In on MSNBC. He's written a long series of them between going inside the Brownsville, TX facility where Sen. Jeff Merkley had the cops called on him.when he tried to gain access to it. It's a sobering look at what we're doing to these migrant children that Trump and Sessions essentially kidnapped from their own parents. I'm not going to go on about what was discovered because Hayes and Soboroff can tell the story better than I can because I'll likely melt my keyboard of I start writing about it. So I'm just going to provide a link to the video here and you can judge for yourself what dismal present these kids are going through and the even more dismal future they'll face unless we do something about this quickly.

     It must burn Trump's shriveled nuts that it's his 72nd birthday and it's not even trending on Twitter, his only discernible connection to the outside world. But that's not to say he's not trending in some way. To wit: The NY Attorney General decided to sue the Trump Foundation and Trump's three oldest kids. Essentially, Trump's been using it as a slush fund to pay legal fees, out of court settlements and as a way to line his own pockets. I know, shocking.

     In case you've been wondering why Trump decided off the top of his pointy little head to suspend our war games with South Korea, it's not because he wanted to give Kim everything he wanted. He gave Putin everything he wanted.

     I know what you did last summer, redux.
     To give you an idea of how thoroughly and staggeringly corrupt is anything and anyone having even a tangential relationship with Donald Trump, the White House Chief Counsel, Don McGahn, had to recuse his entire office from Mueller's probe... last summer. That means, aside from that psychopath Giuliani, Donald Trump has virtually no legal protection whatsoever.

     Republican quits owning whorehouse to spend more time with his Republican customers.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sackcloth and Asses

     It seems we have reached peak IDIOCRACY (or maybe not.). You may have heard that Dennis Rodman (a man who actually married himself) turned on the water works on Chris Cuomo's show the other day. He began bawling because when he came back from North Korea five years ago, he said he had a special message from Kim Jong Un to give to President Obama. Obama knew that nothing of any importance would be given from one world leader to another to someone who wasn't at least an ambassador or administration official, so he ignored Rodman. He's still weeping about it, apparently.
      History lesson, just to show you the difference between our current day and age and that of a bygone age:
     In 1962, just a couple of months before the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy sent Robert Frost to the USSR as a cultural envoy. He eventually met with the vacationing Nikita Khrushchev, then the Soviet General Secretary. It was plainly just window dressing, as are all cultural missions. Perhaps because of the personal enthusiasm of Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin, Frost had an inflated sense of the mission's and his own importance on the international stage.
     But when Frost returned, he too, publicly said he had an important message from Khrushchev to give to Kennedy. Kennedy ignored Frost (the man who'd delivered the inaugural poem just the year before), also knowing no world leader would entrust a message of any importance to another with a mere civilian. But we didn't see Robert Frost doing the sackcloth and ashes bit on national TV, did we?

      This is the stark difference between our time and that one. Back then, for good or bad, we had grown men running this nation and this world, not manchildren who wept or raged on Twitter the minute their feelings got tweaked. This is what the Age of Trump has reduced us all to- Either enablers such as Rodman or horrified, impotent witnesses. And this is what passes for part of the international discourse- Overrated basketball players and professional performance art clowns with pierced pusses playing at diplomat and bawling on national TV wearing MAGA hats and tee shirts reading on them.
     And the sad thing is, if the day ever comes when North Korea and the United States ever diplomatically recognize each other, I can perfectly imagine this assclown being nominated by Trump, a guy who brought Sarah Palin, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent into the Oval Office at the same time, to be our first Ambassador to NoKo.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Singapore Sling

     I know I should be writing a long, comprehensive post about the nuclear summit but frankly, it doesn't rise to the level of gravitas even on a C list blog like this. If you want that comprehensive overview, read Nicholas Kristof's article in the "failing" New York Times. Here's the money shot:
There was nothing about North Korea freezing plutonium and uranium programs, nothing about destroying intercontinental ballistic missiles, nothing about allowing inspectors to return to nuclear sites, nothing about North Korea making a full declaration of its nuclear program, nothing about a timetable, nothing about verification, not even any clear pledge to permanently halt testing of nuclear weapons or long-range missiles.
     Now you know why Donald Trump's been bankrupted four times.
     At most, at the very most, all this chickenshit dog and pony show did was open diplomatic relations with North Korea to be built on in the future by people who aren't genocidal strongman psychopaths.

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Ugliest American

There’s the Obama Doctrine, and the ‘Fuck Obama’ Doctrine. We’re the ‘Fuck Obama’ Doctrine.” - Anonymous senior administration official
(By American Zen’s Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)
When the Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg spoke with the usual anonymous senior administration official, it was difficult if not outright impossible to determine if said official was being approving or disapproving when he'd succinctly summed up the so-called Trump Doctrine: "We're America, Bitch!" In fact, the title of his article is simply, "A Senior White House Official Defines the Trump Doctrine: ‘We’re America, Bitch’"
     While it's (disturbingly) no longer difficult to imagine the most powerful nation in the tiny handed grasp of a megalomaniacal madman. the belligerent attitude driving the "Trump Doctrine" is easier to understand than the alleged intellect behind it. The G7 and now-infamous photo posted on Angela Merkel's Instagram page of Trump sitting, his arms crossed, while other world leaders appear to be conducting an intervention with him, is proof enough of said doctrine's existence. It's like the opposite of religious faith in God- We can plainly see evidence of its existence- We just can't understand or rationalize how or why it's allowed to exist.
     We saw the seeds of this so-called "doctrine" the day Trump announced his candidacy before a rented flash mob at Trump Tower almost exactly three years ago to the day. He mentioned "a wall", demonized those on the other side of it by calling them "criminals" and "rapists" and from that moment on, those seeds took root and later blossomed into the quasi-fascist police state we see today. If he were around today, Yeats would've called it "a terrible beauty".
     But there's nothing beautiful, terrible or otherwise, about Ugly Americanism, never had been and never will be. Last year's G7 that had culminated in Sicily was but a dress rehearsal for the rancid nationalism put on display by Trump at last week's G7 in Quebec. And the quietly terrifying thing about Trump's "Doctrine" is that it's not even based on contorted facts and figures but "gut instinct" also used by Bush that's informed by a mixture of runaway isolationism, nationalism, baffled fury the world isn't bending to his will and incipient senility. If you ever wondered what a hyper-militarized nation with a three trillion dollar annual budget would look like in the hands of a seven year-old, you needn't look any further than the latter day United States.
     By now, we all know about the seriously deteriorated relations this week with our neighbors to the north, Canada before, during and after the G7. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau emerged from the summit he'd graciously hosted looking like a psychiatrist who'd just realized his star patient was completely insane. If so, no one can blame him. Trump continued his blather about a phantom trade imbalance with Canada that's unfavorable to us (it isn't) and then, on the way to Singapore to nuclear talks that, again, he's conducting on his ample gut, announced we weren't signing onto the joint statement.
     It was a reprise of Trump whining last year at the dedication of the new UN headquarters in Brussels that our NATO allies weren't kicking in their fair share for national defense and making us pick up the slack. It was a reprise of Trump announcing at that same G7 summit that we were withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord (which Trump derided, without any evidence as to why, as "a bad deal"). And it was a reprise of Trump deciding earlier this year to withdraw from the Iran nuclear accord. And now he's in Singapore to try to get another unstable, murderous madman to denuclearize and to wing his way through that.
     What could possibly go awry?

You Want Alaska Back? I Can Gift Wrap it For You.
And if Donald Trump's, "We're America, Bitch!" style of foreign policy was merely predicated on blind, ignorant and hyper-masculinized nationalism, it would be disastrous enough. But, as with everything else in TrumpWorld, that, too, is a self-serving lie. Anyone who's been paying even the slightest amount of attention can see how nauseatingly and archly defensive and deferential Trump has been to Putin and Russia. At the last G7, Trump whined and fumed that Russia wasn't allowed in. Either forgotten or never learned by him is that the other member nations kicked Russia out of the G8 as punishment for bloodily annexing the Crimea in 2014.
     Part of the trouble is, the media are complicit in normalizing this madness with articles such as the aforementioned Atlantic's May 2017 piece, "The Brilliant Incoherence of Trump’s Foreign Policy." There is nothing even remotely brilliant about Trump's foreign policy. "We're America, Bitch!" is not a presidential doctrine but what Rick James would've said before punching a woman senseless and imploding his sputtering career. And Donald Trump is learning the rest of the world, starting with Europe and our other beleaguered allies, are collectively not a defenseless woman.
     And the "Bitch" in that "doctrine" is obviously our allies, starting with the G7 and extending outward. Any sovereign nation, regardless of what they've done for the United States, has been relegated to the dust bin of Trump's mind while he shamelessly cozies up to deranged strongmen such as Putin, Duterte, Netanyahu and now Kim Jong Un.
     Hitler (Yes, I am absolutely going there) was also attracted to strongmen, not the least of which his World War II antagonist Josef Stalin, with whom he shared an interest concerning the Balkans. And one doesn't need to be a foreign policy wonk like Joe Biden or career diplomat to know that when you sleep with tyrants, you wake up with a knife in your back.
     It's bad enough knowing Trump colluded with Russia and Putin. Their collusion was a very bad impractical joke that, tragically, had practical outcomes. Now we're stuck with an incurious oaf who's worse than George W. Bush on his very worst day, one who, unlike Bush, is solidifying and institutionalizing his racism and Islamophobia in one policy after another that's killing people and needlessly tearing families apart.
     Thomas Wright saw that the bridge was out exactly a year before Trump was sworn in and nine and a half months before the election. It's difficult to see how so many people, particularly his voters, can be so blind to Trump's many defects in foreign and domestic policy. He wants Russia back in the G8. He's just renewed his push for China's ZTE and creating jobs for them while a Harley Davidson plant announced a complete shutdown and the axing of 800 jobs mere hours after getting their massive tax cut.
     Russia's no friend of ours and neither is China. And that especially goes for Donald Trump, who recklessly and dangerously bases his entire foreign policy on spitting in our allies' faces and undoing everything Obama did.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Two Little Hitlers

(By American Zen’s Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)
Usually draft dodgers run to Canada not away from it. 
     Yet, that's exactly what Donald Trump did when Justin Trudeau brought up the trade imbalance that doesn't exist because Donald Trump doesn't feel it does. Based on that and Trudeau saying the other six members of the G7 were standing behind the joint statement, Trump decided to tweet on Air Force One that he was picking up his deflated ball and going to Singapore with it. Il Douche's dittoheads immediately went into echo chamber mode with Peter Navarro, aka Paulie Walnuts, saying, "There's a special place in Hell" for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
     Which brings us to where we are today in this fascist soap opera, HOW THE WORLD TURNS AROUND THE LAST NAZI WORLD LEADER. In fact, it ended on such an acrimonious note, a dying John McCain had to apologize for Trump to the other leaders.
     Hard as it was to envision after last year's G7 summit, when Trump had to be lugged around in a golf cart because he ran out of energy after sitting on his fat, pasty ass for a few meetings, this one ended on a sharply darker note. And considering Trump's typically unstable mind, who among us has any real confidence based on more than just a love for disorder that the Singapore Summit will go any more smoothly? But not to worry: Trump, who's renowned for his "bad touch, bad touch!" way with women will use his touchy feely talents in Singapore. Then afterwards, perhaps a shaken Kim Jong Un will tell UN weapons inspectors where Trump touched him using a doll.
     So, let's recap: We're about to embark on a historic nuclear summit with an equally unstable rogue nation with which we've never had to deal. On one side, we have a soft, blubbery second generation tyrant (aren't they all?) who, with all the alacrity of a latter day Nero, literally fed his uncle to attack dogs and, more recently, had his half brother knocked off with VX nerve agent.
     On the other side of the Treasury coin, you have a first generation dictator who sides with Nazis and white nationalists ("very fine people") and called for the execution of five youths before they were wrongly convicted in the Central Park Five case.
     Oh, and they both love to imprison children.
     Seriously, one almost wishes for the self-marrying Dennis Rodman to suddenly pop up in Singapore to lend some much-needed gravitas to this Olympic-class freak show that promises one tyrant or another will get up, wave his private parts in the general direction of the other before walking out as both nations prepare for Def-Con 5.
     (Addendum: Guess who just arrived in Singapore? You heard it here first  folks.)

Go or No Go in Noko?
If this nuclear summit had an official theme song, it would be Elvis Costello's "Two Little Hitlers." The optics alone leading up to Air Force One's landing in Singapore should have ended any presidential administration in a saner time. But we do not live in sane times, ladies and germs. Donald Trump and his leg-humping psychopath sycophants that ineptly pose as an entourage are proof of that. The very most superficial takeaway is that Donald Trump walked away from a summit and six world leaders of nations that are our staunchest allies so he could talk to a tyrant for whom he's often shown respect.
     He showed up late for a gender equality meeting while being gawked at by Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the IMF, and French President Macron. His slovenly body language suggested he was read the Riot Act by Ivanka who ended by threatening him with no more nookie unless he put in a token appearance. He and Merkel glared at each other throughout, with Merkel probably still remembering Trump refusing to shake her hand at the White House but fawning all over yet another tyrant who murders political rivals and journalists (whom he wants back in the G8 or he's gonna hold his breath until his face turns umber).

     What Trump likely does not know, or at least dismisses the importance of, is Kim Jong Un's very recent visit to China and a rare talk with President Xi. Both men are very well aware of what happened during Richard Nixon's own visit to Red China in 1972 when he and Chairman Mao set up the beginning of what eventually would be a disastrous trade deal with China. But the thing to remember here is not the most imbalanced trade deal between any two countries in the planet's history but the fact the Chinese abandoned the Soviet Union in order to make us their biggest trade partner.
     And while Kim Jong Un may be a psychopath, the man's no idiot. He wanted to listen what a jittery Xi had to offer him before talking to Trump. Trump's going to unilaterally demand complete, immediate and permanent nuclear disarmament, in itself not a bad thing. But in return, Un is going to demand a bigger share in the US market and Hyundai sedans and bad kung fu movies on Netflix are just not gonna cut it. Simply put, China does not want to be in the same position in which they put the USSR in the early 70's by watching Kim waddle off to play with Trump.
     And that would be just the sort of thing we can expect of Trump- To slap our most reliable allies in the face for the second consecutive G7 with nasty tweets and insane trade tariffs that will benefit no one while striking a sweetheart deal with a tyrant of a rogue nation in exchange for a dubious promise to denuclearize. It wouldn't be the first time.
     After all, Trump recently tried to reanimate Chinese tech giant ZTE, whose cell phones are banned on all US military bases and has officially been deemed a security threat. Of course, that happened last month after China secured for the Trump Organization a half billion dollar loan for its Indonesian enterprise. And after that got slapped down, Trump reanimated the reanimation of ZTE again just a few days ago before slouching to Quebec. For good measure, ZTE agreed to pay a $1,400,000,000 bribe to Wilbur Ross's Commerce Department in exchange for Ross lifting the sanction.

     After all, tyrants of a feather flock together but the feathers never come from a bald eagle.

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  • Vanity Fair.
  • Citizens For Legitimate Government.
  • News Finder.
  • Indy Media Center.
  • Lexis News.
  • Military Religious Freedom.
  • McClatchy Newspapers.
  • The New Yorker.
  • Bloggingheads TV, political vlogging.
  • Find, the next-best thing to Nexis.
  • Altweeklies, for the news you won't get just anywhere.
  • The Smirking Chimp
  • Don Emmerich's Peace Blog
  • Wikileaks.
  • The Peoples' Voice.
  • CIA World Fact Book.
  • IP address locator.
  • Tom Tomorrow's hilarious strip.
  • Babelfish, an instant, online translator. I love to translate Ann Coulter's site into German.
  • Newsmeat: Find out who's donating to whom.
  • Wikipedia.
  • Uncyclopedia.
  • Icasualties
  • Free Press
  • YouTube
  • The Bone Bridge.
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