Sunday, October 18, 2020

Gotham City Digest: Expanded, Bigly, edition

(This administration is so filthy, you have to wipe your feet before leaving the White House.)
    “Everybody would say the same thing: ‘It’s a shitshow.’”
    Grifters attract other grifters.
    I don't feel one bit sorry for this right wing asshole. You had ample opportunities to learn the truth. You not only chose to ignore medical guidance from experts, you chose to get all yours from Trump's Twitter feed and even hosted Fredo at your bar. Fucks and rat's asses given; 0.
    Man, talk about white male Republican privilege. If Las Vegas prosecutors had done their job last year instead of abruptly dropping five charges against Sparks, he wouldn't have been able to rape that woman last month.
     They suspended Kayleigh yet not Trump for retweeting the same video.
     Agreeing to stop violating the law and actually doing it are two entirely different things.
     Your Brad o' the day.
     Projection literally on steroids.
     Yeah, it's time to put this racist, 88 year-old dinosaur turd out to pasture.
    China's going to pay us for the pandemic? Like Mexico was going to pay for the wall you still haven't built? Yeah, this'll end well.
    These OAN scumbags are like the coronavirus- Even after you expel them, they STILL linger around to do more damage.
     Another Trumper gets arrested in the Whitmer kidnapping plot.
   Amanda Marcotte suspects that Guiliani's smears against the Bidens would have worked if the Democrats hadn't impeached Trump. I think she's right.
    Asshole whose press secretary was suspended on Twitter cheers suspension of C-SPAN anchor.
     Once a right wing crook, always a right wing crook.
     "Trump has demonstrated little grasp over policy matters, instead preferring to establish a shared victimization relationship with his supporters as he increasingly complains how everything is unfair for him, a billionaire real estate magnate and supposed leader of the free world."
      NBC is so incredibly not living this down.
     Well, no, I won't. But having had a right wing father, I can at least feel your pain.
     You'd think a senator from Iowa would know the price of soybeans. How'd this moron get elected to Congress?
     "No, we're gonna continue stealing votes!"
     "Under-levered," he said. Often.
     Nitroglycerine, meet fertilizer.
     He literally is someone's crazy uncle: Mary Trump's.
     Another angry, old white Republican asshole.
     The Gray Lady was feeling crotchety last Friday.
    “As a country, we cannot continue to get lost in the noise of negativity and encourage ambition by those who seek only to promote themselves.” Are you for real, lady?
    Man belonging to a cult that believes in a golden Bible no one's ever seen, magic underwear and the Kolob star system decries antifa.
    A GOP Secretary of State (Washington) called out Trump for his bullshit smear campaign about mail in ballots.
     Cartoon intermission.
     Ben Sasse is your typical right wing lickspittle. He's Jeff Flake 2.0.
     Donald Trump is the best friend a plague ever had.
     This is a SWAT team I can get behind.
     It's like watching the Hindenburg crash, only in super slow motion.
     Your co-Brad o' the day.
     Yeah, snowflake, it's true but thank your lucky stars you still have Ted Nugent and James Woods.
     The ratings from last night's Town Halls are in and, as I predicted, NBC got shellacked by a million viewers. It didn't help their cause any that their golden boy denigrated their network hours before the telecast and that he left a half hour early.
    Trump was on his back hoof all the time last night. Afterwards, his drones at Mini-Tru aka (the Trump campaign) crowed that Trump beat Savannah Guthrie, even though the whole idea of a Town Hall is not to defeat the moderator but to engage the voters by answering their questions.
    Well, I think we can safely conclude that right wing ink slinger Amanda Carpenter is no fan of Kelly Loeffler.
     Can the Koolaid be far behind?
    Right wing asshole throws his vote away voting for a guy who couldn't legally run for a third term even if he was still alive.
     Look for him to duck out of this one, too. Right wing asshole though he is, you can't deny Biden is a policy wonk from way back and Trump knows he can't debate him on policy issues without resorting to ad hominem attacks, conspiracy theories, lies and deflections.
     The nation is heading for a post-election fugue that'll define the Biden administration for years if not always.
     How the hell could we let it get this far?
     Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
     Speaking of right wingers going to prison, look what just happened to 21 Trump fanboys in Ogden. Utah.
     Does this venality and childishness surprise anyone?
     So, how's that draining the swamp thingie coming along?
     Let's hope the One Term Island is one he's never voted off of.
    “Apparently, if Americans want to hear the full truth from the Trump administration about the severity of Covid-19, they need to be wealthy and well-connected donors.”
     Typical elitist One Percent scumbaggery.
     The real reason Republicans run for office in a government they otherwise think is unnecessary.
     I don't know why Democrats didn't grill Barrett on this.
     Shorter COVIDiot Ronna McDaniel: "Please, Governor, kill my children!"
     Coked-up Fredo tells us that Daddy wants to bust up the FBI that foiled the kidnapping plot against the woman he said last night in Macon he wants to lock up.
     "Dozens of names, as reporting from Sky News has uncovered, appear to be common prank jokes — including names like Dr. I.P. Freely, Dr. Person Fakename and Dr. Johnny Bananas. Some signatures may even have been added on without the knowledge of the signers. For instance, one of the names included is that of Harold Shipman, a doctor who was arrested in the late 1990s for killing 200 of his patients."
     Your government inaction, ladies and gentlemen.
     If you've ever wondered what a Stepford wife would sound like with a brain tumor, wonder no more.
     That Sharpie's going to give him writer's cramp if he wants to make that list.
     Lady G is going over the cliff with Donnie Dumbo and we get to watch it all in glorious super slow motion.
     Anything else you'd like to share with the rest of the class, Donnie?
     I've been openly wondering if he would. Apparently, Big House Bannon thinks so, too. And finally...

    "Donald Trump is evil. His movement is evil. They meet all the criteria for evil. Yet, there is a willful avoidance of using that language to describe him by the mainstream news media, political elites, and other opinion leaders and public voices. If they admit that Donald Trump and his movement are evil, then there is an obligation to do something about it. To my eyes, that avoidance is a defense mechanism that will not save them or anyone else from Trump and his movement."
     I've had bowel movements that were more substantive and relevant.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Coronavirus is Trump's Stool Pigeon

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari.)

By now, it's become obvious in 60 point bold in flashing neon red that Donald Trump is not only unfit for the presidency and that he will lose it, but that he's also every bit the narcissistic psychopath tens of millions of us saw him as five and a half years ago and perhaps even worse.

    We knew that, being a Republican and a greedy corporatist, Trump would bring about economic ruin, heralded, as with Reagan before him, a nearly immediate tax cut benefiting people like him. We knew there would be trouble on the southern border when Trump, minutes off the escalator, began inveighing against Mexicans by calling them "rapists" and "criminals" (Ironic projection, considering how Trump has treated women and underaged girls and with whom he pals around).

     What even the most perspicacious of us did not see was a pandemic claiming the lives of 220,000 of our fellow Americans in eight short months. Because the novel coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak has not just been a plague on both houses Democratic and Republican, it has been the stool pigeon of the Trump administration and the entire Republican Party.

     It revealed the venality, sadism, sociopathy, avarice and corruption of the GOP, starting with Trump. It betrayed, first and foremost, how hide-bound by party primacy and party tribalism the Republicans are by enabling and supporting, often viciously, a psychopath who'd cynically duct-taped a capital "R" after his name and discarded, dismissed and insulted whatever few Republicans who stood in his way. The rest he uses as the useful idiots they are. And they use him as such.

     Over nearly four years, Trump is an ongoing object lesson as to why America should be a nation of laws and not men, especially one man who is completely, irreparably insane. Nobody in the GOP occupies the Oval Office and wields the power that office contains except for one. Because of that one and his self-centered right wing cruelty, greed and narcissism, our nation has been steadily morphing into what was once an outlier: Nazi Germany of 1933-1945. 

     Because of the will of one man, we have turned our nation into one of concentration camps for migrants who'd had their children kidnapped from them, an economic crater rivaling that of the Great Depression and a massive leper colony of 330,000,000 that is shunned and barred from virtually every country on earth. Yes, Trump had a small army of enablers, but they're cynically using him as their useful idiot for their own agendas whether is be Christian Dominionism, tax breaks or whatever else they're after. But only one man can bring about what he has: the "president" currently squatting in the Oval Office in absentia as he vows to take to the campaign trail every day between now and Nov. 3rd to vainly convince us as to why he should ever be allowed back in that hallowed office.

A War President at War With His Own People

During a coronavirus briefing/campaign whistle stop months ago, Trump had likened himself to a war president. Taken in that context against the backdrop of his failed war against the coronavirus, Trump looks not like Woodrow Wilson or FDR but more like the Lenin that walked away from WWI and ceded much of the Soviet Union's land to Imperial Germany. This was proven by the White House's all-but-announced intention to simply let the coronavirus run rampant across the country so while a small percentage of us (just a measly few million more) would die of it, the rest of us would develop the "herd immunity". In other words, after the election, win, lose or draw, Trump will announce his intentions to abandon all pretense of fighting the virus and then he'll go back to Trump Tower and rage tweet about Biden in between court appearances for his countless lawsuits and blame the whole thing on the Democrat.

     Who cares that there's no valid scientific study proving the herd immunity is a viable strategy and that it's a right wing fallacy? Who cares that it would burden hospitals, clinics and funeral homes beyond the breaking point? Certainly not elitist Republican scum who are as sociopathic as Trump.

    And this is just one but one major way that the COVID-19 epidemic in America has ratted out Donald Trump- It has proved that he never gave a damn about the American people, not even his own voters that (according to ex-coronavirus task force member Olivia Troye) Trump privately called "disgusting." He always intended on violating the nation's trust and the trust of those in it except in the extremely unlikely event that that trust and his interests ever aligned.

     The pandemic had proved that, just a couple of short months after the virus wafted in from China, Wall Street's strategy was, as we discovered during the 2008 financial crisis, very vulnerable to serious challenge and was completely predicated on massive short-term gain and no long-term economic stewardship whatsoever. This was proved when countless CEOs and corporations waddled up to the trough with their cloven hooves pointed to Washington and demanded another bailout. Meanwhile, the American people got a onetime $1200 check to shut them up before Republicans closed the spigot in an election year.

     In short, the pandemic proved how vulnerable we are to any serious challenge to our way of life, our very economic infrastructure and this current government's reluctance to even hand out paper masks and give us the correct guidance as to how to stay alive, at how cowed are our medical experts who could and should provide that guidance.

     And lastly, through over 550 documented examples of how Trump has deliberately hobbled our government's response to the pandemic, the disease has damnably proven in stark, unambiguous terms of Trump's sociopathy, in treating the virus as a parochial PR crisis impacting only him and his re-election instead of what it truly is- A global health crisis.

But What about Antifa and the Radical Left?

Trump essentially continued digging his own political grave at last night's Town Hall that was a gleaming, squeaking clusterfuck hours before air time. Trump's dueling Town Halls on a night in which he should have been debating Vice President Joe Biden before he chickened out revealed Trump for what he truly is- a bloated, scared, wounded animal lashing out from a dark corner at anyone, starting with moderator Savannah Guthrie, simply for asking him tough questions.

     NBC would be rewarded for its lickspittle subservience to Trump by him denigrating the network and the entire Town Hall hours before air time, yelling at Guthrie during the hour he was on and, in typical Trump cowardice, leaving the stage a half hour early (Biden lasted the entire 90 minute time slot and long after as he took questions from attendees). He was on his back foot the entire time and, instead of taking advantage of perhaps the final opportunity to disavow QAnon and white supremacists, he chose, instead, to insult Guthrie and by constantly pivoting and diverting to antifa.

     As I'd predicted, NBC got slammed in the ratings war as Trump drew 1,000,000 fewer viewers than Biden and ABC had. For a ratings-obsessed megalomaniacal narcissist, that must be a bitter pill to swallow. Trump's obsession with the organizationally-nonexistent antifa is what Hitler's would've been like had there been an antifa movement in Nazi Germany. Of course a fascist would be hostile to anything even remotely resembling organized and well-funded opposition, which, again, Antifa is not.

    Last night, as with the debate nearly three weeks ago, Trump came across as loud, sour, nasty, brutish and interrupted Guthrie often before she could even finish. Trump left the Town Hall stage and the undecided voters on it 30 minutes early because he thought it was an affront to his dignity to be asked hard questions which would've actually helped his campaign if he'd answered them even disingenuously out of political expediency.

     But he couldn't do that. He wouldn't do that. And he couldn't and wouldn't do that because Guthrie pinpointed perhaps two of the biggest wings of his shrinking base- White supremacists and QAnon. The Town Hall revealed that Trump is plainly no more interested in healing and uniting the country than the neofascist and white supremacist elements that had planned to kidnap and behead Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Trump may be completely insane but he still has just enough political instincts to know which side butters his German rye bread.

     Nearly 250,000 of us, a quarter of a million of us, could very well be dead by election day. Donald Trump would have you believe that's a great victory and that only he should take that victory lap in one super spreader event after another. He will tell you that this is the greatest economy ever even though we'd lost a third of our GDP in 2Q and that over 40,000,000 Americans are out of work. Take it as an article of faith that when Donald Trump opens his mouth and says something, believe the exact opposite.

     Then listen to COVID-19 as it clears its throat and holds up its index finger.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(The Republican Party has now officially turned into the Amityville Horror.)

     It seems white privilege is alive and well in Florida.
     "The U.S. Justice Department on Tuesday accused Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, author of a tell-all book about first lady Melania Trump, of breaking their nondisclosure agreement and asked a court to set aside profits from the book in a government trust."
     Fuck you, assholes. You tried that shit with John Bolton and it didn't work then, either.
     The GOP already has a token, her name is Candace Owens and you ain't her.
     Trump parrots Parrot.
     Great moments in signage.
     So, according to these feces mural painters, liberals are "war-gaming", plotting to "steal the election" and will "usher in totalitarianism" even as they openly plot to steal ballots from churches to keep a totalitarian psychopath in charge.
     This is projection on anabolic steroids. There is no negotiating or reasoning with these right wing nut jobs.
    Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island has masterfully taken almost complete control of the Barrett confirmation hearings. And he's done it the right way: By not going after Barrett but the well-funded right wing cabal trying to shoehorn her onto the SCOTUS. Time after time, he had her agreeing with him on points of law and legal ethics.
     "If there's a civil war, then don't forget who has all the guns."
     That would be the DoD. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)
     This is the definition of insanity- Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.
     My man!
     Trump ridiculed Jeb Bush five years ago with his whining that people weren't clapping for him. This is Trump's "Please clap" moment.
     She's so nakedly and transparently a right wing contract killer and she's trying mightily to hide the gun. But you can still see the outline of the gun in the lines of her clothes. When a Republican furtively and hypocritically hides behind the so-called "Ginsburg rule", which isn't any more of a rule than the Biden rule or the Goldwater rule, then they're hiding their biases and bigotries for a good reason.
     Meme intermission.
    “KDKA also reported that the post office said this latest haul didn’t contain any discarded mail-in ballots, but neighbors told the station trash bags ‘have been put outside Troesch’s house almost every Sunday night for Monday morning pickup.'”
    That means some of the mail this right wing piece of shit refused to deliver is already rotting in a landfill somewhere outside Pittsburgh.
     And we need to give a flying fuck what Ammon Bundy says..,. WHY?!
     Melania Trump just revealed her son Barron had coronavirus, too.
     When it comes to drafting a health care plan or an infrastructure bill, Republicans have bupkiss. But when it comes to stealing elections, Republican scum always have back up plans from B to Z.
     Your Brad o' the day: Unabomber edition.
     Another Republican bites the dust.
     So, let me see if I have this straight: A computer shop owner in Delaware sees a Biden sticker on a laptop, goes through their customer's private correspondence then turns it over to Rudy Giuliani and the Feds? Yeah, sounds legit.
     You forgot to mention the freedom to petition, Amy. Yes, she failed to name the five rights in the First Amendment.
     Meanwhile, Vero Beach, Florida is seeing a rise in "Trump-on-Trump crime."
     Oh, this will flip Joni's wig.
     "They said they saw his defiance of widely accepted medical guidance in the face of his own illness not as a sign of poor leadership, but one of a man who does his own research to reach his own conclusion."
     Where'd they ever get the idiotic idea that he actually reads?
     "They see his disdain for masks as an example of his toughness, his incessant interruptions during the debate with Biden as an effective use of his power."
    He interrupted Biden because he didn't want his failed record contrasted with his policy positions. (Another tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)
    Two of Kamala Harris' staffers tested positive for coronavirus and how the Biden-Harris campaign responded to it stands in stark contrast to the furtive, mendacious way the Trump campaign had. This is because right wingers are by their very nature furtive rat fuckers.
     Mizz Lindsey got the vapors and decided to shatter a long-standing Senate rule. Schumer needs to put a stop to this charade and farce NOW.
     This is absurd. A while back, NBC offered both candidates a town hall. Only Biden took them up on it. Trump turned them down then they gave him the time slot anyway. Now NBC's bleating about "fairness and balance". How can anyone watch two town halls on two different channels simultaneously? And does Cesar Conde actually think NBC's not going to get hammered in the ratings? And finally...
     If we can arrest people in California for growing a pot plant in their back yard, we can certainly arrest these Republican scum in California for openly stealing ballots. (A third tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Scorched and Salted Earth

 (By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari.)

To anyone who knows the first thing about world military history, the scorched earth strategy has served generals and dictators since the 6th century AD. It was used by the Russians in Russia in the wake of Napoleon's failed campaign in that country. Over a century later, it was employed by Stalin when the Nazis made their own ill-fated invasion of Russia during WWII. It was used by General Sherman during the Civil War in his infamous march to the sea.

     Everyone who had successfully used it no doubt had defended doing so in the wake of a humiliating retreat. The idea, of course, is to destroy resources that could otherwise be used by the enemy in their advance. From a cold-blooded military standpoint, adopting the scorched earth strategy is a brilliant tactical move intended to starve the enemy of badly-needed resources. 

    But doing so is a classic case of throwing out the baby with the bath water- It deliberately and conveniently forgets that it also deprives the townsfolk and villagers of the resources they, too, would need. These military geniuses also conveniently forgot that the civilian populace are the people they're supposed to be protecting. But if you're a general or dictator in retreat, winning or at least losing with some savage, spiteful satisfaction becomes everything.

     Donald Trump is plainly doing this in his own retreat from the world stage. To him, the "enemy" he'd be denying in retreat is the Democratic Party who would be hobbled in his toxic wake no matter how huge the Blue Wave will be. Largely with the aid of his chortling stooge Mitch McConnell, who recently laughed at his Democratic opponent Amy McGrath when she accused him of killing hundreds of Democrat-sponsored bills passed by the House, he has packed the federal judiciary with 200 mostly young right wing ideologues who will be salting their own little patches of earth for decades to come. With McConnell, he's shoehorned two vastly unqualified right wingers on the Supreme Court and, with ghoulish dispatch, within three days of Justice Ginsburg's death, had advanced yet another right wing ideologue, Amy Coney Barrett, as his third SCOTUS nominee.

     Trump had said after nominating Barrett that he fully intends on using her and the 6-3 majority to throw out potentially millions of ballots that don't go his way and using the dodgy rubric of massive amounts of Democratic voter fraud that simply do not exist. But of greater and more immediate importance to the vast majority of Americans who don't get top-notch health care for free is Barrett's assured vote against the ACA. A week after Election Day, November 10th, the SCOTUS will begin hearing oral arguments to gut the ACA on which tens of millions of Americans depend for quality, affordable health care that Trump and other Republicans get for free. Who cares if the rest of us go without?

     But packing the federal judiciary with right wing ideologues is just one front of Trump's strategy to scorch and salt the earth and douse it with malathion just for good measure and to do it in ways that can't easily be reversed, if ever, when Biden wins in three weeks.

How He'll Do It

In his infamous Harrying of the North, William the Conqueror had ordered in 1069 the burning of countless Northern English villages and their inhabitants slain. Food stores were destroyed and whatever survivors there were had to resort to cannibalism, with some stories recounting the cracking open of skulls so the brains of the dead could be eaten.

   Hopefully, we've gotten a little more civilized since then even if our Social Security fund is bankrupted because of Trump's suspension of the payroll tax that funds Social Security (In a ominous prophecy, Trump had said he'd make the tax suspension permanent if and when he got reelected. How that's supposed to make him popular with seniors who depend upon it is anyone's guess.).

    Yet, however much of a fraud he is, however big of a failure he is, however much debt he's in, I still think it's safe to say that Trump will never have to depend upon Social Security to make ends meet or to fund his addiction to Adderall. And Trump, as uniquely bizarre as he is, is still a typical Republican in that he couldn't give a shit if Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the ACA go down the tubes for the simple reason that he'll never need them.

    Who cares if over 8,000,000 in this country have preexisting conditions just because of the coronavirus that he'd actively allowed to spread even to himself and his own family? On a quiet night, you can just hear the chop-licking and hand-rubbing of HMO executives openly salivating like a Ridley Scott Alien moving in for the kill. 8,000,000 people with costly preexisting conditions they can turn away at the door, just like in the good ole pre-Obama days! No more coverage for offspring up to the age of 26 leeching off their parents' health care plans! Oh, you were treated for a hangnail once a decade ago? You're on your own, loser.

     That's the Republican health care plan they keep promising but never deliver and never give details about. A return to the status quo before the Affordable Care Act in which preexisting conditions like cancer or a heart problem or lupus could get one booted off their health care plan because Congress long since had given HMOs the power to arbitrarily decide which of their paying policy holders get to have health care and which don't. In which copays and prescription payments still ran into three digits and deductibles, an ingenious dodge to give people the illusion they still exerted some control over their health care plan by making them pay less for plans with deductibles as high as $10,000.

     Again, that 's the Republican health care plan- A simple dusting off of the pre-ACA status quo that killed 45,000 Americans a year. Or, to quote former Rep. Alan Grayson; "Die quickly." As Adam Serwer reminded us not long ago, the cruelty is the point.

     This is how Trump is scorching and salting the earth and soaking it with malathion just for good measure. He knows he will not need Medicare or Social Security because he will get a fat pension courtesy of the US taxpayer as well as free health care for life. In a recent interview, Michael Cohen related an anecdote in which Trump had arbitrarily bloated his net worth from $7 billion to $8 billion within seconds. Cohen asked Trump if he was afraid the tax bill would come due and that the Trump Organization and even his children wouldn't be able to cover it. Trump dismissively told Cohen that it would be his kids' problem and that he'll be dead and beyond caring.

     And if that's how little he thinks of his children, imagine how little he thinks of you.

Gotham City Digest

(Have no fear, President Scarface is here.)

     And now, the Trump administration on the stimulus bill...

     You KNOW they're not waiting in line all those hours to vote for Trump.
     In addition to his book, DISLOYAL, Michael Cohen also has a podcast called Mea Culpa. In the latest edition, Cohen had Tony Schwartz, the real author of THE ART OF THE DEAL. Schwartz likened Trump's brain to "a leaking balloon" or "a glass with a crack in it." That part comes at roughly 35 minutes in.
     According to the Cook Political Report, 15 more Republicans will lose their House seats next month. I predict it'll be 20 or more seats.
     Whitehouse burns down the White House.
     Your Karen o' the day.
     Pro-life? Mike Lee is pro-afterlife. This is the same asshole who doesn't believe in democracy.
     "Altogether, the money has given Democrats a TV spending edge in 12 of the 13 most expensive Senate races."
     Keep in mind the only reason Eric Trump's scheduled event at this gun shop was cancelled was so they could own the libs.
     Wisconsin woman dies of COVID-19 because she couldn't afford to see the doctor. That's WITH the ACA. Imagine how vulnerable 20,000,000 people will be if the genocidal GOP shoehorns Barrett onto the SCOTUS.
     This is the story of the store that called the police on George Floyd, a call that inevitably led to his murder.
     Meme intermission.
     Shorter Trump: I want to murder every one of you.
     After four years of fraudulently squatting in the Oval Office, Trump is still so ignorant that he thinks Puerto Ricans on the island can vote for president.
     Fauci is still screaming about being used in that campaign ad.
     Confederate Voldemort needs to get voted out. Posthaste.
     God, stab my eyes with lightning bolts, forever.
     So, in order to prove voter fraud, California Republican scum are willing to commit electoral fraud.
     "The Economist lists nine Supreme Court nominees, going back to Ginsburg in 1993 under President Bill Clinton. The least popular of the nine, The Economist reports, is Barrett — and the second least popular is Justice Brett Kavanuagh, nominated by Trump in 2018. The third least popular, according to The Economist, is another Trump nominee: Justice Neil Gorsuch..."
     ...says the right wing day drunk.
     "We shouldn’t even be discussing this. And I don’t believe there is racial discrimination going on. I absolutely don’t." ...says the Swedish right wing ex cop months after George Floyd was murdered in that state.
     The girl with the faraway cult eyes said she'd have to see what would happen if Trump tries to delay the election.
     Mike Lee seems to make a case for packing the court. Even Batshit Barrett's looking at him like he's batshit insane.
     That'll come as a relief to the 725 people who died yesterday.
    I wonder if Barrett would've felt the same way if the word was used against her adopted black children.
     They may be inbred northern hillbillies but you have to give them an A for ambition.
     Professor Cornell West gives an enlightening interview.
    California's AG ordered the state GOP to remove their fake ballot drop off boxes and they're refusing, citing a law that doesn't empower them to "harvest ballots." Right wingers cling to the law only when it holds out even a faint promise of advancing their neofascist agenda.
     Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse masterfully exposes the ongoing right-wing conspiracy to rig the courts. And finally...

     Oh, the flop sweat is strong with this campaign.

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