Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Primary Asshole

     Now, unless you're on Twitter and are as politically engaged as I am there, you won't recognize the fat twat leering behind the not-so-fat twat in the foreground. That's (former) Facebook troll Casey Champagne, one of the paid Hillary attack dogs who masterminded an effort to suspend several Bernie Sanders Facebook pages last night, including the three largest composed of some 120,000 members.
     If you want a condensed overview of what happened last night during Clinton's Night of the Long Knives, go to Freakout Nation. If you'd rather not, then keep reading.
     What Champagne and his fellow mercenary trolls did was game Facebook's algorithm, which is what all internet behemoths use so they don't have to, God forbid, actually think about anything. And they gamed the algorithm by filing complaints such as the one below that the Sanders FB walls were threatening violence.
     This, obviously, is Casey bragging about his anonymous cybernetic terrorism on his late, lamented FB wall. Then, as if that wasn't enough, they were posting kiddie porn on the Sanders walls then reporting them for that. Yes, these paid trolls are so despicable, they were using victimized children of sexual predation to erase the Sanders Facebook presence the night before Election Day.
     I'd made an observation on Twitter a couple of days ago that the more often I come into contact with them, the more I realize Hillary supporters and especially her trolls that are paid for by a PR firm (one of them going public on Daily Kos) are the new undeclared right wing. Because there is absolutely no daylight between Hillary Clinton's supporters and those zombies that followed Bush a decade ago or the ones that wreak havoc on seemingly every single Trump rally. Because these disgusting and despicable (if not actually criminal) tactics are precisely what one would expect from a right wing following. Even Karl Rove, the master of political kneecapping, would never stoop so low as to use images of sexually molested children for his clients.
    Luckily for us, just like the Bushbots of a decade ago, these arrogant cunts are so fucking bloated with hubris and so fucking stupid, they make themselves easy targets of retaliation by actually bragging about their insurgent tactics. And these PR firms that hire these assholes are paid for by the Clinton campaign and are the ones that send out the marching orders and constantly change the Rules of Engagement (and they tend to get more and more vicious the closer we get to the convention). And the lead photo proves, Hillary actually has met these people or is even on friendly terms with them. She will pretend as if these Warsaw ghetto-like tactics didn't happen last night much less decry them. Because if Clinton were to decry them, that could conceivably connect her to these tactics.
     And in case you have any lingering doubts as to whether Hillary is a right winger, note that she and Trump as well as over 285,000 tax-dodging corporate entities share the same address in Wilmington, Delaware. Yes, Hillary Clinton's a tax dodger. Surprise, surprise.
     But these tactics done on her behalf by these political terrorists should be remembered even past this election day. Just remember this when you go to the polls in any of the five states holding primaries.Keep in mind that Clinton's won just two primary states in the last 10 contests and they're both being investigated for electoral fraud.


At April 26, 2016 at 7:30 PM, Blogger Now Am Found! said...

well, i'm beginning to think she's a rethuglican

At April 27, 2016 at 5:11 AM, Anonymous CC said...

It's people like him who put a lie to Clinton's message to unite. With such vitriol being spewed by the Clinton camp (to be fair, the Sanders camp has made nasty remarks, too), whether or not officially condoned by Clinton, how could she expect to unite Democrats and progressive-minded people for November?

Sanders got trounced last night, and if he doesn't run as an independent, then it's Jill, not Hill, for me.

Better yet, Sanders should reach out to Stein's camp, which has been trying to contact him for months, and combine forces.

At April 27, 2016 at 11:07 AM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

If we've made nasty comments, oh well, it's politics. If the Clintonistas can't stand the heat...

What we can't stand and what drives us nuts is the utter corruption of the Clinton campaign. Between sleazy tactics like this, the vote caging, party affiliation switches, closing of polling places, the attack ads, the constant lies and the cynical triangulating, it's no wonder we can't always be civil. And her supporters seem blithely insensible to and disturbingly comfortable with every evidence of her epic corruption.

As far as a Sanders/Stein ticket, that wouldn't make any sense from a geographical standpoint, as Stein is from Massachusetts and Sanders from Vermont. The biggest consideration in choosing a VP running mate is to ensure they come from a part of the country in which you do the weakest, which is why Kennedy chose LBJ because he was weak in the South. If you're going to pick anyone from MA, it doesn't make sense to pick a nonentity like Jill Stein when you have Elizabeth Warren. And I don't see her being interested in the job.

At April 27, 2016 at 12:44 PM, Anonymous CC said...

Warren would probably be more effective as a senator than as a veep.

Conventional wisdom states that it's bad strategy to nominate two candidates from the same region in a presidential election, but that didn't stop Clinton and Gore from teaming up in 1992 and 1996. Their home states were adjacent to each other and, if I remember correctly, there was some buzz about Clinton choosing a fellow Southerner as his running mate instead of diversifying.

But, unlike Sanders and Stein, Clinton and Gore were young. Their looks (which shouldn't be a factor, but usually are) also didn't hurt them. Plus, Gore and his father before him were already a mini-dynasty in Congress and had good connections.

These factors certainly outweighed geography. In short, Clinton chose wisely.


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