Thursday, June 25, 2020

Gotham City Digest: Expanded Karen edition

(Yeah, that's not going away any time soon.)

    This is what happens when you lower recruiting standards just to pump up recruiting numbers. Let's not forget where McVeigh came from.

    This sort of reminds me of the RWA blowing up last year, although the ITW's (International Thriller Writers) alleged incident makes the RWA dustup look even more comical and trivial than it already was. I only hope this gets expedited in a timely fashion.

     In the course of my research for my latest novel, I ran into this three and a half year-old article about the "stunt girl" journalists that every major paper had since Nellie Bly.

    "(T)he question of how America deals with its history of racism has continued to grow in urgency..But what’s a state to do when the monument in question is carved 42 feet deep and 400 feet above ground into a granite mountain?"
     Target practice for F-16 fighter jets and Hellfire missiles.

     Her name's Heartstrong but she certainly isn't strong in the mind.

     Meanwhile, the Bluegrass State continues to slather itself in glory...

     OK, Karen.

     Karen o' the day.

     Bob Cesca strikes again.

     At last! Evidence of liberal Democrat voter fraud! Er, wait...

     Yes, white lady, teach us all what privilege is all about.

     Why is this skinhead fascist still on paid leave while he's in jail?

     Whatever Trump's got, Pence now has.

     Man with long history of making anti Semitic, homophobic remarks vehemently denies making anti Semitic, homophobic remarks.

     Meme intermission.

     This is getting even more bizarre. And Stone being the conduit between Russia and Wikileaks was bizarre enough, as it was. Looks as if Trump's about to be taken down by another Zelinsky.

     This was the same day as Trump's ridiculous St. John's photo op.

     As expected, the usual Republican buttfuckery continues apace. Consider Louisville.

     Elsewhere in Kentucky, after all these months, NOW he gets fired. Still no charges filed against against any of the eight cops in that extra-legal killer elite.

     Another "very fine person" heard from. This clown was at a right wing free speech rally earlier that day.

     I'm sure Air Force One's pilots would've loved getting that order.

     “I don’t even know where you come up with that question of personal responsibility."
     That's because "personal responsibility" is only a right wing bumper sticker slogan during election years. Another Missourian, Harry Truman, famously had a sign on the Resolute Desk that read, "The buck stops here." But having a conscience is only for liberal suckers, right?

    A brief but good history of the Civil War written by a woman who destroys the myth that Confederate monuments represent the ideals of American life and democracy and, as such, do not deserve protection.

     It disheartens me to see that racism hasn't been expunged even from Seattle's CHAZ.

     I think by now that coronavirus has endorsed Trump and vice versa.

     So, illegal chokeholds are now considered "assistance" by the police.

     Co-Karen o' the day.

    This was ordered by Neomi Rao, the psychopath Trump appointed to replace the other psychopath, Brett Kavanaugh, that he shoehorned into the SCOTUS. She essentially ordered the Flynn case to end even though Flynn pleaded guilty twice.

    Another co-Karen o' the day.

    This is what happens when a fast pitch softball coach uses her players as political pawns while sucking up to Trump. All 18 girls quit the team during a series.

     If the George Floyd protests prove anything, it's if the people scream loudly and long enough, the government WILL have no choice but to listen and respond. So don't stop yelling.

   Honestly, I can't keep up with all these Karens. This woman was later arrested for public intoxication and criminal trespass. She had a problem with their BLM signs in the yard.

     But, he did it to honor his "colored comrades" to show he definitely wasn't racist. And I guess in saying, “we will not back down from our heritage,” he doesn't know that Maine wasn't part of the Confederacy.

     Meme intermission 2.0.

     Nearly 60% of Jacksonville residents don't want Trump's super spreader convention.

     "Mr. Chairman, point of order, can someone give the bald-headed little cretin at the kiddie table a juice box?"

      Aaaaand here's yet another Karen.

     He was "surprised" by what he wrote and insisted it was all "a big mistake."

    NC Governor Roy Cooper just extended Phase 2 until July 17, making face masks mandatory. Even Republicans are seeing the light.

     Elijah McClain. Say his fucking name. he was murdered last year by the police just for walking while black.

     It's official- Yesterday, a grand jury indicted Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael & William R. Bryan on malice & felony murder charges in the death of #AhmaudArbery. #SAYHISNAME

    Trump's talking about pulling our troops out of Germany because they're "behind on NATO funding." Bullshit. He's pulling us out because that's what his boss Putin wants.

     This is what right wing voter suppression looks like.

    Lady G is pissing and moaning that Tuesday's primaries in NY and Kentucky was like "the French Revolution." My response to him went viral.

     Meanwhile, in the City of Brotherly Love...

     Racist white cops fantasizing about killing black protesters fired by their black chief.

     Bolton Sings Bolton.

     Charlie McCarthy slips off ventriloquist's lap and attacks reporter.

     102 years ago, we got a break from the Spanish Flu during the summer. We're not getting that now. Why? There are two reasons:
     1) Air travel.
     2) Stupider Americans.

     That awkward moment when your former Christian academy teacher calls you out for being a liar. Note to Kayleigh- Dylann Storm Roof murdered nine black parishioners on June 15, 2015. The very next day, Trump announced his candidacy for president. He just talked about himself, ragged on Mexicans and never mentioned the AME shooting the day before.

     Yesterday, NC Gov. Roy Cooper officially slowed down phase 3 and extended Phase 2 until mid July. Today, TX Gov. Greg Abbott did the same thing.

     Keep writing, assholes. We'll keep reading.

     And here yet another reason not to trust the police. They're more adept at protecting themselves than they are the public.

     Yes, Charles Blow went THERE and called Trump a killer. As more of us should.

     Boogaloo Bois are now setting black people on fire. But please, Donnie Dumbo, keep telling us how BLM & Antifa's the problem.

      Another 4th of July, another shockingly brilliant publicity stunt from our very stable genius that's guaranteed to backfire, no pun intended. I'm amazed Trump didn't pick Stone Mountain for his fireworks show.

     You ever notice these racist asshats are only contrite AFTER they lose their jobs for being exposed as racist asshats? Yes, this is yet another Karen.

     Another tell-all book, another losing day in court for the Trump crime family.

     Jesus Christ, what the hell is the matter with these Karens? A baby? Really? And this woman may be a school teacher.

     Professional asshole Mark Taylor has a brilliant new theory as to why so many black men are suddenly being hanged. And finally...

     The last Karen o' the day. I promise.


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