Friday, June 26, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(I'm a writer. Coffee is my only friend.)

      NBC's numbers are way off and very old. The Courier-Journal has more up-to-date results that show Charles Booker with a commanding 3.5% lead over McGrath. I really like this guy's chances. He's got the right ideas and the momentum behind him.

     You know your state is corrupt when your own Attorney General is up on fraud charges. C'mon, look at that asymmetrical puss. Who wouldn't want to buy a used car from this man?

     I'm anticipating mass protests in Jacksonville during the RNC convention. Hopefully, it won't turn into Chicago in 1968.

     Donnie Dumbo, Jr (R-Why Won't You Love Me, Dada?!) wants to replace the toppled confederate statues with ones of his father.
      I suggest this one. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

     Man, the flop sweat is strong with this one. He's really pulling out all the stops and trying to cram in as many victories as possible that he can take to his base before November.
    Knowing he's losing bigly to Biden, he's trying to manufacture victories regarding his unkept campaign promises. That's why he went to Arizona a few days ago to crow about a wall he still hasn't built.

     This is just a small sample of the verbal vomit that was hurled on Sean Hannity's expensive leather Gucci loafers Thursday night. Want more? Try this:
    Trump: "If we didn’t do testing, we’d have no cases... There are so many names to this, I could name 19 names like Corona 19."
     Then he said Joe Biden couldn't talk before predicting he'd win.
     Then he called himself "a perfect person."

     Meme intermission.

     Republican's daughter begs people not to vote for him. Then in interview he demonstrates why they shouldn't. Wow, this douchebag's a real piece of work.

     Barr's trying to throw more turmoil into this election than it already has by trying to delegitimize mail in ballots. When a reporter challenged him by asking what his evidence was, he fell back on Trump's old Obamagate line and said, "You know."

     If at first you don't succeed, fail, fail again.

     Nepotism Barbie says WHAT?

     Have these assholes forgotten that it was their industry that brought coronavirus over from Wuhan, to begin with?

     Meet Sacramento Karen. Say nightie nite to Sacramento Karen. Sacramento Karen just learned the hard way why white people can't use the N word.

    Someone should remind Vice President Race Bannon that those First amendment rights also extend to BLM protesters.

     More cop lies. And they wonder why they're hated and distrusted.

     Holy shit, I didn't have Dick Cheney as a sensible, responsible adult on my Bingo card.

     Keep in mind, the only reason DeSantis clawed back the reopening was because the stock market began tanking. It'd lost 730 points today.

    This is how desperate the GOP is getting They know they're about to lose the Senate, they know Trump will get his fat, pasty ass handed to him by Joe Biden, yet they're trying this Hail Mary conspiracy theory-chasing to the very bitter end because they know the rancid goods they've been selling to the American is no longer in demand. And it's precisely this behavior that's going to cost the GOP the Senate this November. They lost the Senate the nanosecond they refused to impeach Trump.

     Right wing writers sell their soul to one devil or another each time they put their fingertips to the keyboard. But convicted sleazebag Jack Abramoff is one devil you should avoid if you know what you know what's best for you. Right wing hack Derek Hunter is not one of them.

      Your Karen o' the day.

      Karma, delivered in 30 seconds or less.

     Florida Man, the world's worst super hero. "I will not be muzzled like a mad dog." Then stop looking and acting like one. And finally...

     Of course, it'll fail in the Senate and that's even if Mitch McConnell would allow it to come up for and up and down vote. Of course, making DC a state is the last thing the Republicans want, which is why they've been bitterly battling this idea for literally decades. As DC is over 50% black, it's a sure bet the GOP doesn't want to give DC statehood because that would mean two more Democrats in the Senate.


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