Friday, August 7, 2020

Gotham City Digest

("We have a new vaccine for the Trump Virus. It's called voting.")

   Joe Biden: “Unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community."
     Dear God, will someone please steer this senile old man in the direction of the nice nurse with the little paper cup?

     Another Republican man baby has a temper tantrum.

     They had to hamstring this idiot so he wouldn't start a nuclear war and warned other world leaders as much. And he called Bolton a war nut. More projection.

    That's because he doesn't give a fuck if you live or die. Incidentally, why are these right wing scum taking a three day vacation? August is the only month without a holiday.

     Yes, the walking brain stem did it again, calling Thailand "Thighland." He is simply the stupidest carbon-based life form in the galaxy.

     And, yes, he used the N word... repeatedly.

     Your Karen o' the day.

     Life in prison for vandalism? Treating black protesters like they're MS-13 is not the solution, it's the problem. This is the very systemic racism they're protesting, to begin with.

    They're not going to be polite much longer, eh?

    Larry "Happy Hour" Kudlow got fact-checked by Poppy Harlow on CNN today. It didn't end well. Larry's been hitting the sauce a little early these days...

    "On Sunday Trump will visit the Deal, New Jersey home of his late friend, real estate developer Stanley Chera, who died in April of the coronavirus at the age of 77. Trump will headline a 100-person multi-million dollar fundraiser there."
     Does anyone else think it's obscene and heartless that Trump's fundraising at the home of a friend who died of the coronavirus that he refused to control?

     Meme intermission.

     Ohio Republicans named after the most corrupt Republican president of the 19th century take aim at the most corrupt Republican president of the 21st century.

     Ironically, suspension would probably be the best thing for her health. It's outrageous, though, that this Georgia high school was more upset about her using her cell phone than the students neglecting to wear masks.

    The difference between European news and American news is that their anchors literally laugh at Trump's antics. Ours cry over them. To them, we're a comedy. To us, we're a tragedy.

     As usual, Republican scum are damned if they do, damned if they don't.

    If Trump, the so-called germophobe, can't defeat a virus, then why is he still in charge of our nuclear arsenal?

    Harry Reid laughs at Trump, saying, "There’s something wrong with that man- he’s getting worse." The same could be said for Nevada's electoral system.

    "Everyone knows that we historically have supported brutal, authoritarian governments, usually right wing governments. Since WWII, we've overthrown 63 democratic governments world-wide, for fuck's sake. Us, pro-democracy? Look who's in the Oval Office. Please."

     This just in... and out. And in and out...

     Wow, and just in time for the election. You go, girl!

     Fucking A, AOC, not you too?! (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

     So, this piece of shit takes a jumbo jet (that has two pastry kitchens) from Washington to New Jersey then takes Marine One and helicopters to his Bedminster golf course 22 miles away at the start of a four day weekend in the only month of the year that doesn't have a holiday, for attend fundraisers where other right wing idiots will riotously fling tens of millions of dollars at his cloven hooves while the nation burns up from perhaps the most communicable virus of all time and tens of millions more unemployed while Senate Republicans deliberately sabotage another pandemic relief bill.
      Have I missed anything?

     Liberty U to Falwell: "Get lost and don't hurry coming back." And finally...

     Not so fast, Acosta. They're not done with you, yet...


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