Friday, May 27, 2022

Pottersville Digest

    The Nazis did the same exact thing as the American and Red Armies were closing in on the death camps.
     But Democrats are the ones preying on children, eh?
     I think it's pretty safe to say this asshole's a Republican.
     "A new America is being birthed from the ashes of the Reagan Revolution and you can’t stop it much longer." I'll believe it when I see it, Thom. But I don't see it happening within the next few election cycles.
    In other words, "We want to huddle and get our stories straight about why our people are such cowards."
     Lonny Koons: For when Elise Stefanik just isn't fascist enough.
     I believe this is what's known as forging a path to failure.
     I can't believe I just heard that. If they thought all the kids were dead, then what stopped them from breaching the classroom and engaging the shooter? And how could they still think all the kids were dead if they were getting 911 calls from them?
    That chief has got to go, period. A couple of years ago, Uvalde doubled its school security budget to better meet situations like this. So what did they do with the money? And how could a tiny police department have the juice to keep out the Border Patrol's tactical team?
    No, Tommy Boy, they did all the wrong things. It was Murphy's Law with dead little bodies.
    Ted Kaczynski?! Are you kidding me? WTF is happening to our country?!
    I still can't believe Border Patrol and ICE let those idiots in Uvalde call the shots and not allow them entry into the school.
     Real Christian family values.
     Well, gee, whaddya know? I'm just fucking gobsmacked.
     "You have to give that Second Amendment great protection, because without it, we would be a very dangerous country frankly."
     Oh, like it's all fucking sunshine and lollipops now?!

    So, they don't trust teachers to pick books for the library or their classes but they trust them with guns?
     It's "To serve and protect" not "To serve and protect if we feel like it."
    Man, if you're considered too racist by Mississippi hunters, you KNOW you've gone too far afield.
If he honestly didn't know the Capitol building is where Congress meets, then why was he there? The master race, ladies and gentlemen.
     Abbott keeps saying, "Nothing I signed this past session intersected" with the shooter getting the guns he had. Of course, what he wants everyone to forget is that in 2019, he signed into law a bill that lowered the age in which one could purchase a semi auto rifle from 21 to 18. And finally...

I don't expect anything less from these duplicitous motherfuckers. A similar movement tried to remove AOC from NY-14 and it crashed and burned. Here's my question- Why are these "Democrats" more proactive about taking out Tlaib for speaking to pro-Palestinian groups than the GOP ever was after MTG and Paul Gosar spoke at a white supremacist organization during CPAC?

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