Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Perhaps the double murder at Jackson State in Mississippi on May 14, 1970 was preordained. In an attempt to escape racial discrimination and racist harassment, the teacher's college was obliged to move its campus to a predominantly African American neighborhood. But the new venue they chose was the unfortunately named Lynch Street.

On the heels of Kent State (which had occurred ten days earlier), heavily armed Mississippi policemen, hearing reports of rioting on the campus that started when a female student had been hit by a car driven by a white man, massed on the campus and confronted student protesters. When the carnage was over, investigators found over 160 bullet holes. Two young African American men, 21 year-old husband and father Phillip Lafayette Gibbs and 17 year-old James Earl Green, were dead.

For at least 20 minutes, ambulances weren't called for the dead and wounded students because Mississippi patrolmen wanted to pick up their shell casings. Meanwhile, the inevitable Three Stooges coverup had already begun, with Jackson city officials actually claiming that Mississippi police never fired a shot (the only others who could've with that degree of firepower were the Mississippi National Guard, which had guns but no ammo). Even Erik Prince, in the wake of the Nisour Sq. shooting that left 17 Iraqi civilians dead, wasn't so stupid as to claim total non-involvement.

To this day, we have to be reminded about Jackson State. People can't even seem to reference the mini massacre without recalling Kent State. Obviously, this is because all four of the Kent State victims were white.

Despite Richard Nixon forming a commission of Campus Unrest, not a single arrest or conviction was made for the two murders and injuries.

President Barack Obama turns 49 today and was only eight year old when the Jackson State shootings took place. But he's had more than enough time to acquaint himself with this, one of the last examples of race-based executions in American history.

In the wake of the Shirley Sherrod fiasco, two years after the Rev. Wright fiasco, over a year after the James O'Keefe/ACORN fiasco and one year after the Prof. Henry Louis Gates fiasco, it would be easy to imagine African Americans, especially those who'd voted for the President, to feel some sticker shock.

About the most vociferous defense that Obama made on behalf of his people was when he called the Cambridge Massachusetts Police Dept. "stupid" for arresting a black man on the door step of his own home (which they were). But even then, the President adopted a more conciliatory tone and even invited Gates and the white officer who'd stupidly arrested him for contempt of cop at the White House for a very carefully choreographed beer.

If it angers liberals that Barack Obama has forsaken them save for a videotaped message he'd audaciously made for Netroots in Las Vegas telling them not "to give up the fight", imagine how it must anger African Americans who have seen literally thousands of their own people get thrown under the wheels of a bus to appease racist right wingers who will never be appeased no matter what.

Perhaps it's unfair to judge how Obama would've responded to Jackson State if he'd been president instead of Richard Nixon. But given his dismal track record for civil rights, which paved the way for his election to the presidency, it's all too easy to imagine Obama clucking his tongue and calling the Jackson, MS PD "stupid" for killing two innocent African Americans.

Maybe he would've called them over to the White House two days later for a Pearl Beer and to publicly apologize for calling them stupid and angering the Dixiecrats with his uppity reaction. Because bipartisanship, even futile overtures to that end, is far better than justice even when innocents are murdered.

Mouth-breathing wingnuts, their eyes wider than clay pigeons, will tell you this is the same Barack Obama who is a Socialist, black power separatist who's assembled a group of black thugs to take the place of the Secret Service and to trample white opposition.

This is the same Barack Obama who, starting with his own aunt, in reality has deported more immigrants in his brief time in the White House than George W. Bush in his eight. In fact, if you look at W's centrist, conciliatory track record on immigration, Bushie looks like a bleeding heart liberal compared to Obama.

Barack Obama has been much more of a colossal failure than current history seems willing to judge him. Granted, he had many handicaps facing him, with many more fully-developed crises already in midseason form than Kennedy had awaiting him in early 1961.

But some of Obama's first reversals as President, starting with not closing Gitmo and not releasing the pictures and videos of US soldiers torturing detainees, were but the first couple of signs to come of what would prove to be one of the most abominable track records on human rights in recent memory.

And the betrayal to his own people started on the campaign trail.

So, yeah, maybe it's unfair to judge what Obama would've done about Jackson State if he was president. But do any of us reasonably think that a federal investigation would've resulted and that the Civil Rights movement would've gotten a much-needed boost when those involved with the massacre would've been brought to justice?

Or would Obama had clucked his tongue and pronounced the whole thing as a unfortunate misunderstanding that could be solved over a beer?


At August 4, 2010 at 6:32 PM, Anonymous It's all dying said...

What those mouth-breathing wingnuts don't realize is that they are the new niggers too.

When your factory closes because the machinery is being shipped to China, you're like a black man in the 1870s who wasn't needed to pick cotton any more, you red-faced white fcukers. When you can't make payments on that house you "refinanced" (i.e. "went deeper into debt on" so you could buy that SUV or take the vacation you "deserved" but couldn't afford on your shit salary) you're no different than a welfare family getting kicked out of its apartment in the projects, cracker-ass. When you're old and sick and you want some Social Security money or Medicare to keep you alive for a few more years, and "austerity measures" mean you can get sick and starve and die, all your years of Republiscum rhetoric won't save you from being as dead as a coon in the ghettos.

Good luck with the world you wanted, white bastards! (I know none of them will ever read this. Just sputtering for your benefit, J.P. I don't care to make my mind recoil by trolling any of their filthy sites.)

At August 5, 2010 at 11:23 AM, Anonymous Lynne said...

Oh look.....another knee-grow that thinks he's blacker than black, blue black, afro pick and dashiki black and is all about the "people"....LOL, you simpletons are really annoying.You want the affirmation from Mr. Charlie that you project onto President Obama. Its really quite sad, but crabs do what they do.

At August 5, 2010 at 11:37 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

I'm a white male 60-year old Bronx N.Y. native living in N.C. I agree wholeheartedly with the writer of the comment above. However I think his comment might've been more persuasive to more people had he left out the antiwhite rhetoric. No matter. I can understand his being scornful of white people and can imagine what experiences might have contributed to his feeling that way. Racist behavior by whites makes me angry too, and not only because it's wrong. It reflects badly on all white people. It helps the common enemies of all average Americans to keep us all down. As the commenter says, regardless of our race, we Americans who aren't rich and privileged are in the same mess together. We should be smart enough to understand that. We cannot afford to be fighting each other. That's exactly what the Republican thieves and racists would have us do. Divide and conquer is a time-honored Republican/conservative tactic. We need to quit helping them do so. The sooner we all get that, the better off we'll all be.

At August 5, 2010 at 2:02 PM, Anonymous itgurl_29 said...

I see you got your ass handed to you by the eloquent and knowledgeable sister and brothers over at Wee See You.

You deserved it,because this article is some twisted white liberal racist crap.

I'm a black woman and I am in tuned to what's going on. And because of that, I can see when the tea baggers are insulting me because of my race and I can see when white liberals are insulting me because of my race. Don't think that just because you vote Democratic that black folks are going to let you talk to us like we're stupid or try to tear down this President and diminish all the positive things he's done.

At August 5, 2010 at 2:13 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

"I see you got your ass handed to you by the eloquent and knowledgeable sister and brothers over at Wee See You."

Oh, really? I don't recall having my white, racist ass handed back to me because after the first visit to your noxious, criminally stupid website, I never bothered going back to defend myself.

I hardly think slinging ad hominems (resulting in the [yawn] usual retaliatory charges of racism) qualifies as "knowledgeable". Nor does being black and having a Jerry Springer audience member attitude guarantee you even an iota of credibility.

But only a reactionary idiot like you would claim that, 1) a person can be both liberal and a racist, which is practically a contradiction in terms, and 2) labeling as a racist someone who calls Obama on not adequately serving the interests of his fellow African Americans.

Then again, considering the general attitude from the mosh pit of a blog you came from, it's abundantly obvious that you and your ilk don't benefit from the common sense that God invested in the flea, so begone, sister, and talk to my hand from now on. Or one of its most prominent fingers, at least.

(By the way, I have two biracial sons.)

At August 5, 2010 at 2:46 PM, Anonymous Alexander2 said...

I didn't call you a racist. I called you a fauxgressive, and your facebook friends, Jane Hamsher, David Sirota, Pam Spaulding, etc. certainly verify my initial assumption.

You wrote a garbage piece suggesting that President Obama is weak on civil rights, especially the civil rights of African Americans. Your essential claim is that he has been a failure on this issue and, therefore, blacks should turn against him.

I provided you a list of civil rights accomplishments from this monthly alone. Facts, not name calling. You chose not to engage.

This week, the president signed the Fair Sentencing Act.

This month the Justice Department under Eric Holder has prosecuted numerous cases involving:

a) crossburnings
b) housing discrimination
c) murders of black men in New Orleans
d) hate crimes involving African Americans
e) discrimination in mortgage lending

All of these cases are a matter of public record and can be found at the DOJ site. The accomplishments this month alone are outstanding.

Moreover, the President has reinvigorated the Civil Rights Division at DOJ.

Your attempt was to divide black supporters by distorting the president's record. The Jackson State theme was twisted and insulting.

Your suggestion that being liberal and racist are somehow contradictory is both mind blowing and eye opening.

Finally, none of us care if you hate the president with all your heart. Just leave us out of it. African Americans can and will speak for ourselves.

At August 5, 2010 at 7:05 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

Leave you out of it? Well, by linking to me (and reproducing most of what I posted, without my permission nor my knowledge), you dragged me in to your, frankly, militant and racist site.

Obama's civil rights record can only be viewed as a triumph if you were to ignore the other things, the things I brought up. He is a coward and other black people have said the same thing. But the assumption that I ought to shut up about Obama unless I sing his praises simply because I'm not black is, once again, more than a touch militant and racist. I never heard of your chickenshit site before one of your readers linked to me. I get enough traffic at my site without the help from folks like you because I tell it like it is.

Note that I've rejected the most defamatory comments because they're not even worth reading much less sharing with the world. Yours is borderline tolerable. But automatically using the "R" word to someone who criticizes one guy who happens to be black is tiresome, predictable and not based so much in reason as in racism.

If any of you worked for this administration and if Glenn Beck or any prominent right winger accused you of racism, you can bet your shiny ass you'd be fired by your man without any chance for appeal.

Your man is a craven coward and whatever he's done for civil rights he's taken away in other ways and I've already mentioned specific instances, which have still not been acknowledged by your people.

Now please begone. You and your ilk tire me. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I'm not a racist. If you'd bothered reading more than just two posts, you'd know that.

Goodbye and please try to refrain from calling me names and supporting (or condemning) people based on the color of their skin.

At August 6, 2010 at 2:04 AM, Blogger Stan B. said...

Having been a member of a minority for the first, and last, fifty four years of my life, my racism meter is well adjusted and highly attuned- it has no off button. Sadly, I can often predict exactly how white folk will think and react well before they even form the thoughts and commit to action. That aint saying all that much, and it sure don't make me unique- I wish it weren't true and I rejoice when I am, in fact, wrong.

Racism is just as rampant these days, just much more nuanced- that's certainly not a major revelation, though I'm never surprised by the rightwing wingnuts who troll this comment section with their semilucid rants. Their knee jerk reactions well beyond predictable.

Obama promised a lot, and other than the occasional speech has delivered little. Hell, you could even find things Nixon did to be "proud of." Obama has betrayed those that believed in him, regardless of color. Yes, I allowed myself to be swept up in his Change mantra (despite being familiar with his congressional voting record), hoping beyond "Hope."

But like every white face ever allowed to walk in that office, he's bought and paid for,- that's the only way you get in. Does any adult need be reminded of that?

Make no doubt, if it's anything that ticks the hell outta me it's the "I don't see race" contingent- I see it every damn day, every second I breathe, everywhere I go. But only a fool thinks everyone their shade a friend, blinding themselves to those (admittedly select) few whose beliefs, aspirations and yes, actions, are well beyond the confines of a color.


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