Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(That's not really Trump. He hasn't been that slim since grade school.)

    Why believe medical professionals and scientists with decades of experience when you've got a right wing game show host?

     Your Brad & Karen o' the day.

     Sure Pence was right. There was no 2nd wave because the first one never ended.

     I know people like this have family and friends who love and care about them but, I'm sorry, when I see stories like this, I just shake my head.

     Your Karen o' the day.

    Well, THIS is an interesting turn of events.

   Sure, just completely ignore the massive piles of rotting corpses and the tens of millions of the unemployed, hold your nose, vote for me and Trump and we'll all be just fine, y'all.

    Yeah, now suddenly Republicans are worried about us going deeper into debt when talking about helping not billionaires but people making under $40,000.

     The Washington Redskins announce they're changing their name to the DC Redskins.

     Yes, they could've done more. And they were hampered by a furtive, secretive WH.

     Same city, four more white cops, another black suspect, another bullshit charge of forgery. These stupid cops just never fucking learn.

   "(W)hen you test, you create cases. So, we’ve created cases.” Which is like saying positive pregnancy test results cause pregnancies. Yes, the stupid actually burns like sin.

     "One bad apple", my rosy red Irish ass. The whole right wing orchard is rotten to the core.

     Never forget one thing- Just the day before his sentence was commuted, Stone said prosecutors were trying to force him to talk. Then he intimated, "If I go to prison, I might just be forced to start singing." That's what I meant yesterday when I said, "Stone's got the goods. Trump's not helping him, he's helping himself." This is a cheap thug for hire who's a self-described "dirty trickster."

      Yeah, attacking Fauci will help save lives. 🙄

      Your Brad o' the day.

      Yet, despite this, they're planning on ignoring the court order and are going to hold the convention anyway. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the GOP is the party of criminals.

    "Through a window, the agents saw the defendant ignore the direction to open the door and, instead, try to flee to another room in the house, quickly shutting a door behind her... (the agents found) a seemingly misguided effort to evade detection… by law enforcement.”
     Real profile in courage that Ghislaine Maxwell is, eh ?

     Arrogant twat.

     And THIS, assholes, is why Texas is turning blue again.

     Meme intermission.

     I'm thinking Fredo commissioned Dave Chadwick to do his cover.

     If this doesn't say, "Bwana", I don't know what does.

     Another lapdog snaps at Daddy.

   So, why isn't the press doing this? Why is it up to citizens to call out Republicans on their murderous mendacity?

     Your Brad & Karen o' the day. Of course, no charges have been filed because, WHITE.

     This is karma on steroids. Maybe if she was put in jail and charged with actual felonies instead of just misdemeanors, this wouldn't have happened. I only hope when she wakes up, she sees a black nurse standing over her.

     Louisiana’s right wing COVID-19-enabling AG gets tested for coronavirus before meeting Pence, tests positive.

      How brain dead do you have to be to pull a stunt like this on Fifth Avenue at high noon?

     You may or may not have heard of Ben Garrison. He's a right wing cartoonist, Trumpanzee and a professional anti Semite. The ADL called him out for it, then he sued them while leaning heavily on anti Semitic conspiracy theories.

     Even in his so-called "apology", he blamed Democrats for making him "snap."

     Your co-Brad & Karen o' the day.

     Your Brad o' the day.

     Yeah, we're gonna irresponsibly open our school with COVID-19 still spiking and if your kid gets sick and drops dead, we don't wanna be held liable

     I've always said, what motivates police is racism, hatred and paranoia.

     I'm melting, MELTING, O what a world!

     If you stand up to bullies, they will fold.

     “A decision like that in politics, because we’re starting to do very well in the poll. Because I’m for ‘law and order.’ I’m for strong business. Our jobs are coming back at a record level like never — we’ve never seen anything like it. Record level. We’re heading up. It’s turning out to be the ‘V’ just like — I build it once before, the strongest economy ever. I’m doing it again. And they don’t want that to happen.”
     Then Trump added, "It's the greatest, look, this is the most historical, biggest economic turnaround in, well, not just the planet's history but in the history of the galaxy. In fact, I recently spoke to the Galactic Federation president and he said, "It's unbelievable what you're doing in your part of the galaxy..." And finally...

     It's this kind of childish, right wing bullshit that's turning voters off on both sides.


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