Friday, September 7, 2012

Quick Breakdown of Last Night's Speech

"Give me four more years, yada yada yada, America can solve its problems, yada yada yada."

How original, Barry.

I'm tired of constant 8+% unemployment, tired of war, tired of you wiping your ass with the Constitution, tired of you capitulating to the right wing and Wall Street while publicly pimp-slapping your liberal base, tired of drone strikes and its skewed statistics, tired of assassination lists, tired of tepid "reforms" like ObamaCare and its individual mandate without a public option and Dodd-Frank and homeowner relief, tired of you letting the Republican Party dictate what you can or can't do. And, Jesus fucking Christ, Afghanistan until 2024?!

I'm tired of your refusal to sign the Kyoto protocol and otherwise pretending as if global warming isn't a problem, I'm tired of you not addressing the very real problem of gun control despite all the innocents that have been shot by gunmen this summer, tired of corporate bailouts with no real, binding preconditions.

I'm tired of tax cuts, breaks and deferments to corporations that ship American jobs overseas, tired of your Cabinet breaking the laws by allowing polluters like BP and other oil companies to secure drilling lease rights without undergoing the requisite process, tired of the lobbyists and Goldman Sachs scumbags in your administration, tired of your cat food commissions and your ongoing friendships with Jamie Dimon and your job-killing jobs czar Jeff Immelt.

I'm tired of broken campaign promises, tired of you shielding corporations and war criminals from accountability, I'm tired of being told I have to keep sacrificing, that the good stuff is right around the corner, I'm tired of vulture funds remaining in force. I'm tired of you taking away my constitutional protections, starting with the first amendment, tired of you fiddle-fucking with pending legislation and meddling in the affairs of the jurists of other nations, tired of you undermining unions. We elected you four years ago to effect the hope and change now and you have been a miserable failure on every single front from the git-go.

Except after November, you won't have to worry about what the American public thinks, anymore, not that you ever did. I'm tired of the chicanery, the shell games, the number games, the sucking up to Israel, the Republican Party, the Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street, to energy and financial institutions, in short, to everyone who has much more money and more power than 99% of We the People.

Go fuck yourself. You lost my vote back in 2009. I never had the slightest confidence that you'd ever dismantle the fascist government that Bush gave you. Under you, DADT remained in place for years, as does DOMA and NAFTA to this day and Graham-Leach-Bliley and a whole host of other evils left behind by your pimp Slick Willie. Your cynical "softening" on gay rights and slowing down the massive deportations of illegals never fooled me during this election year.

I never listened to your self-serving speech last night because four years of listening to soaring but empty rhetoric already warned me of what was in store: "Give me four more years. America can solve its problems."

Again, we elected you to do these things now. You had a friendly Congress for the first half of your first term and you blew it with constant compromises to the right wing that allowed them to hold the government and unemployment benefits and tax collection hostage time and time and time again. You allowed them to begin the underfunding of Social Security by cutting the tax rate by 2% and you responded to their subsequent, racist scorn by offering cuts to Social Security and Medicare after freezing pay for federal workers for 2 years while giving more tax cuts to the 1%. You don't get to suck up to the right wing knowing damned good and well you will never appease them and then blame them exclusively for not getting enough shit done. Obstructionism begins with unjustified compromise.

Clinton may be a scumbag and the most Republican Democratic president we ever had but you know something? Clinton made earned income credit count for more than ever and singlehandedly lifted 2,000,000 American households out of poverty, reversed 12 years of Republican sledgehammering of the economy by balancing the budget in three years instead of his promised five, left office with a $230,000,000,000 surplus... and achieved all this against a hostile Congress during 6 of those 8 years.

So, fuck you. I'm voting for a real progressive, a real liberal. Her name is Jill Stein. She hasn't a prayer of winning but that's OK. A vote of conscience is never a wasted vote and at least I'll go to sleep on Election Night knowing I voted my conscience instead of just against the Republican.


At September 7, 2012 at 1:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are funny when you're mad. And loony as a bird.

There is a time to choose the lesser of two evils, but this is not that time. Obama has done well, and will do better, and only a deranged purist would not see that.

Good luck with your rants.

At September 7, 2012 at 2:15 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

I never realized inconvenient truths could be construed as "loony." Show me where I was wrong. I dare you. I triple dog dare you.

Obama is the worst president in American history, hands down. You want to debate the facts, go on ahead. But in the end, you not I will be the one judged as "loony" for conveniently forgetting inconvenient facts.

And thanks for reminding me that liberals can be just as, if not more, sneeringly dismissive, as stupid, as ignorant, as disrespectful of contrary opinion and fact and as reactionary as right wingers.

At September 7, 2012 at 2:43 PM, Anonymous CC said...

"Anonymous" is no liberal. In earlier decades, s/he'd be considered a moderate Republican. Now s/he be a mainstream Democrat given how far to the right the Republicans have moved.

At September 7, 2012 at 2:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol you're funny

btw you know that "Public Option", even in its most robust proposed forms, was not gonna be the sort of cool thing you thought it would be right

what i'm trying to say is: fuck you for being one of those handful of liberals douchey enough to continue completely dismissing Obamacare after all of the lives its *already* saved in its *early* stages.

At September 7, 2012 at 3:47 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

The ACA sucks no matter which way you slice and dice it. It was almost completely written by the HMO's & Big Pharma & a public option was never even remotely on the table.

You can laugh by yourself all you want. I'm right about every single thing I said, I can back it up with reliable sources and you know it.

As CC said, you are a victim of Overton's window. You're so far to the right you're not even aware of it. Real liberals like John Cusack and me, however, have not forgotten what progressivism and liberalism looks like. In some ways, Obama is more conservative than fucking Eisenhower, who at least warned about the rise of the military-industrial complex and was perfectly fine with taxing the 1% at a 90% rate.

At September 7, 2012 at 5:02 PM, Blogger Reamus said...

"Obama is the worst President in American History..." Really?


At September 7, 2012 at 6:02 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

I calls 'em as I see 'em.

At September 7, 2012 at 9:14 PM, Anonymous lless said...

JP: Clinton was the worst Prexy of modern history. Its his triagulated politics that took the party unremittingly rightward. Bailing on health care to double down on welfare reform; NAFTA; union rep sell out; deregulation; elevating the small government meme; you know the list. Obama is Clinton lite, but more of the same. Like you, I have some embarrassing scars. I voted Clinton first term and pretty well knew better. Then I bolted for Nader three times running and with no regrets. Somehow I relapsed on Obama but the hangover is behind me. I agree that it's Stein this time. But the Progressives are still nose ringed to that party and we will not get the space for a party of the left to energe until that rotten Zombie corpse loses a string of elections. But for whatever debating points its worth, you are wrong, the root of all this evil is The Big Dog. Now let's hope this actually gets posted because my non-robotic glasses give me a good deal of difficulty getting around your damn filter.

At September 7, 2012 at 10:10 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

lless: I hear what you're saying. There was much in Clinton that left much to be desired but the fact remains that he had displayed a highly intuitive grasp of national economics that would be the envy of virtually every president. It was said in a biography of JFK that it takes a US president about 18 months to master national economics. Clinton promised to balance the budget in 5 years and balanced it in 3 (and against a largely hostile Congress). He revamped the earned income credit system and literally lifted about 2 million US households out of poverty. By 1999, we had such a job glut that there were actually more jobs than people to fill them. People were getting little rewards just for showing up for interviews.

So, while Clinton was not overall the best president ever, not by a stretch, he nonetheless worked some miracles for our nation's economy.

Obama, Blue Dog Zero, has been an unrelieved failure from the gitgo. Yeah, Congress hasn't helped but it's not as if I see Obama trying to ram through a liberal agenda and having to compromise with the minority GOP in the Senate. (Plus, he had both houses between 2009-2011 yet did little with the opportunities.) He always starts from a compromised position. The ACA is a classic case.

As Howard Zinn said just before his death, he had no great expectations from Obama and he mentioned the health care bill and how if you begin from a compromised position, "you end up with a compromise of a compromise." The ACA was never intended to enact any meaningful reform (a public option was never ever on the table. In fact, other Blue Dogs like Max Baucus ensured that no single payer advocates could testify before any of the 4 congressional committees drafting the ACA) and a third grader could see it vastly benefits HMOs and Big Pharma much more than it does the average American.

So, you're entitled to your opinion as are we all. You may think Clinton was the worst POTUS ever. And I can even see you going for Nader. But I think Obama is. These are opinions, not facts.

But show me one other president where unemployment was this high consistently, every month for so long while ordering the assassination of US citizens, waging two wars while keeping taxes low for the richest and least deserving.

You will not find one. And that, IMHO, is why Barack Obama is the very worst president in US history and possibly the worst we will ever have.

At September 11, 2012 at 4:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haven't read your blog in a long time, and I suspect it will be along time before I read it again.

At September 11, 2012 at 4:53 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

Aw, I lost an erstwhile, anonymous reader. How will I carry on?

And how will you continue making informed votes when you still persist on sticking your fingers in your ears and saying, "La la la! I can't hear you! La la la!" when people are trying to tell you the truth about this administration?

Or doesn't casting an informed vote matter to you? Don't shoot the messenger, pal. It ain't my fault the news about this administration sucks. I only report what's factual.


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