Friday, July 29, 2016

The Potemkin Candidacy

     When filming Cinderella Man, the movie about James J. Braddock starring Russell Crowe, the filmmakers were faced with a problem- they'd already torn through most of their budget and there was still the final fight scene between Braddock and Max Baer to film. And that required a crowd.
     Unable to hire extras, they came up with an ingenious solution- They had inflatable mannequins made, installed them in the seats then filmed stock footage of them. They then vectorized the dummy images, multiplied and spliced them into the finished product then did quick cutaways so no one would know they were actually looking at rubber mannequins full of hot air. It's all in the special features section of the DVD. Go check it out, if you don't believe me.
     This is essentially what the DNC did last night at the frenzied climax of their Clinton orgy. The only difference was they used paid actors, perhaps even getting their shills from the same casting company Trump used ("I can prolly getcha a discount, since ya went to my latest weddin' an' all, I dunno...") the day he announced his candidacy June 16th of last year.
     So, sure, the DNC didn't use artificial humans full of hot air but they might as well have. And if I know my alleged readership as well as I think I do, even if you had seen the post below this one, I'm willing to bet you didn't click on the video's play button. So I'll give you the abstracts:
     By early last night, many of the state delegations were prepared to take their seats and found a rude surprise awaiting them- Countless thousands, literally thousands, of their seats had plastered on the backs "Reserved" signs. Essentially, the democratically-elected delegates, especially the ones who were Sanders delegates (Yes, they were identified and targeted by the DNC) were pushed out in favor of shills, paid actors who, in defiance of DNC rules, didn't have lanyards, let alone the credentials they needed to be on the floor. All that was missing was the Sanders delegates being shoved into a soccer stadium then machine gunned to death as we saw in Chile with Pinochet in '73.
     If you did what I'd asked you and played the video below, you also would've noted that for the first time during the convention, these suspicious-looking Kroger's white board things were bracketed just above what used to be the California delegation's seats. These were actually white noise machines specifically designed to suppress any protests from the Sanders' delegates. Elsewhere in the PA Convention Center, Sanders delegates were bullied and harassed by Hillarybots who were telling them to go back to where they came from. In case there were any noncompliant comrades, security and floor whips (whose presence had significantly increased by Day Four) were there to ensure the new rules, which had to be planned months in advance, were being enforced and obeyed.
     The intent behind this is clear: Between the Sanders delegates leaving the convention early and literally walking away from the Democratic Party and those who'd been literally muscled out of the seats that they'd been elected and had paid good money to fill, the DNC had a big problem akin to those filmmakers who made Cinderella Man- Empty seats. What you can't count on from the MSM and even some trusted bloggers to tell you is that by the time Slick Willie took the stage to vicariously live through his wife's historic theft of the nomination, he was addressing a mostly empty house. It was the final day of Woodstock for ugly people, with their version of Jimi Hendrix playing to a fraction of the crowd of the three previous days.
     That means that when the Democratic mafia heavy hitters came up to speak on the third and fourth days, they were essentially preaching to a choir and paid actors who were instructed to scream (somehow, over the white noise machines) and hold up signs placed in their hands by DNC goons to hide as many Bernie supporters and their signage as possible.
     And while I refused to listen to even a single syllable of the speeches of either Clinton, Biden, Obama, etc (especially as two of the speakers were Republican, for fuck's sake), I know how to read and I know how to appraise what I read. The Rude Pundit in his hideyhole in Ireland be Goddamned, I'm going to need a better reason to vote for a Wall Street whore like Hillary Clinton than, "Donald Trump is horrible."
     And that's essentially all Obama, Biden, etc could say and I'm sure that's all Hillary said when she mentioned Trump's name 22 times- "I'm not Trump. I'm not as horrible as him."
     And I don't listen to these speeches anymore because they inevitably do two things- bash the other guy and tout a record by trotting out falsehoods, massaged numbers and statistics and half truths. Long forgotten were those words that have been yipping at Hillary's expensive heels like an irritating chihuahua- "She'll say anything to get elected." That sound familiar? That's because Obama said that of her on the campaign trail eight years ago.
     And what the MSM also didn't show you was this wonderful bit of amateur signage hanging just above Joe Biden's hair plugs:

     This is why technical directors love tight shots, people, so you don't see shit like this and empty seats from disgusted Democratic delegates.
     And, should anyone take a picture and try to put it on the internet, the fascist cunts that run Facebook and Twitter will suspend and censor the account of anyone who has the temerity to put it up, such as the image above.
     This was the year the Democratic Party could no longer resist the call of the wild and finally gave a giant, red, white and blue, 100 story-high foam rubber middle finger to the American electorate who wouldn't toe the line and fall in line with their diktats. At no time did we hear during this tightly-controlled convention even a mention of, let alone an apology for, the Wikileaks and Guccifer 2.0 disclosures, the twin 800 ton elephants in the convention center. It was, collectively speaking, akin to seeing Carrie White, drenched in pig's blood, still fully expecting to be elected prom queen even as she's burning the gymnasium down and killing people.
     The entire Potemkin candidacy of Hillary Clinton has been bottomless in its superficiality, with its dirty tricks so commonplace duped Hillarybots have been led to believe they were all conspiracy theories cooked up by foaming-at-the-mouth Bernie bros. And, yes, even after they were proven to be all true and then some. In no time in my 57 years on this planet had a Democratic candidate and nominee for president begun the last leg of the election under so many clouds of scandal and so much loathing from such a significant percentage of the party's electorate all the way up to its delegates (also strenuously ignored and unacknowledged, making a third 800 ton elephant). When the consensus isn't there, suppress as much dissent as possible and manufacture it. Josef Stalin must be beaming with pride as he lies next to Lenin in Red Square.
     And the new right wing that supports her, both those who are avowed Clinton Republicans and those who arrogantly and bitterly refuse and reject the label, are so blind to this woman's endless misdeeds that they've been brainwashed into believing they're all lies advanced by sexists or just an example of "getting things done." Corruption, in Camp Clinton, has actually been synonymized with pragmatism.
     Trump is an idiot who, if elected, and it's looking likelier he will, if the latest polls are to be believed, will be like a chimp with a machine gun. Clinton will be infinitely more dangerous because she's devious, cunning and crafty and no Middle Easterner will be safe from this warhawk psychopath who will gladly inherit Obama's drone strike and assassination program and do with it whatever will satisfy the dictators that have done so well by the fake Clinton Foundation and Initiative. Based on the damage this woman can do as President, one almost hopes Trump does win so we can see a reprise on Election Night of the downcast faces of Romney and his supporters of four years ago.
     So, sorry guys but I won't do it. Once again, I'll vote Jill Stein in her pathetically Quixotic quest for the presidency. I am tired of opting for the smaller monster under the bed to keep the bigger monster in the closet. And I'm tired of an increasingly fascist and nasty and corrupt Democratic Party putting me, and us, in the same fucking position every four years.


At July 31, 2016 at 11:23 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I really enjoy your blog, and I very much agree with your position regarding "lesser evilism".

Thought you might like this article. These shenanigans have been going on for a long, long time...

Thanks and best regards.

At July 31, 2016 at 12:27 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

Hi, Tony. Your name is a familiar one on my notifications page. Thanks for the attention you've been paying my TL during this election cycle.

The W.E.B. DuBois article to which you'd linked is not so much a work of prophesy as it is a delineation of what Santayana once famously said (and I keep going back to it over and over)- "Those who do not heed the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it." With a bit of tweaking to update the English to the 21st century, what DuBois said could perfectly describe what's going on now.

When he said, "I believe that democracy has so far disappeared in the United States that no 'two evils' exist. There is but one evil party with two names, and it will be elected despite all I can do or say. There is no third party," he could have been speaking for every Bernie backer in the country because one of the biggest bag over the head con jobs ever pulled on the American voter is that we live in a two party system and that anything else is subversion if not treason.

In point of fact, we used to have many other political parties represented in Congress. The Republican Party, the liberals and abolitionists of their day, started out in 1856 as a rump party. But partisanship and the secondary or tertiary importance to which it all too often attaches to progress is the greatest evil this country has ever seen. This was perhaps the reason why John Adams, during the Continental Congress, dreaded the rise of political parties. So did Washington, who was unaffiliated.

But as I've been hammering home for weeks now, what we're seeing in the Democratic Party is a new, national Tammany Hall, or what I call Tammany Hall 2.0. Think about the tight grip they wielded over the wards in Manhattan during the 19th century then think about what an economy-sized version could do to this country. But the revolution is gathering steam and the Democrats would be very, very stupid to not read the tea leaves and see how many people they're losing.

And whatever does not evolve atrophies and withers. That's a truism in politics as well as anything else in this world.


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