Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Gotham City Digest

     Where King Herod changed his name to Trump.

     The latest from Fox & Frauds. Right wing semantics at its finest. Next thing you know, they'll be calling them "freedom cages."

     Remember about 13 years ago when Duncan Hunter went on national TV and told the American public about all the delicious food we were serving Muslim prisoners we were holding ar Gitmo without charge? Yes, Laura Ingraham went there and called child detention facilities "summer camps" and "boarding schools." Sounds as if Laura Riefenstahl is begging us to cost her some more sponsors. David Hogg, you got this?
     In the meantime, here's a little education for dear Laura of the Fourth Reich:

     Meet Kim and Carl. Kim the Stepford soccer Mom and Carl the strenuously heterosexual Dad work in the State Department's Passport Services. Today, Kim and Carl and Foggy Bottom thought it would be a real corker of an idea to hold a 40 minute-long travel QA on Facebook.  Yes, in this current political and social climate, Kim and Carl whitesplained to America about the best ways to travel the country with your children such as where to get the best tattoos on your forearms and which camps have the lowest impact hard labor regimens. Unfortunately, things didn't go so well for Kim and Carl because they got barraged by a bunch of questions from trolls with sweaty, uncomfortable questions. To their credit, Kim and Carl didn't once mention the fact we've been kidnapping children and putting them in concentration camps, which was just as well when they showed us their lily white childrens' passports and how privileged they were to never have to worry about being arrested for doing nothing and being forced to live under armed guard in abandoned Walmarts 22 hours a day.
     I imagine Kim and Carl are doing a lot of heavy drinking right about now and looking over their resumes.

     At last. The real reason we're kidnapping adults and children at the border. Two of these private prison corporations kicked in a cool half million to Trump's still-missing inauguration fund. So just as a rule of thumb, when you hear Republicans vowing to crack down on MS-13, marijuana or illegal immigrants, follow the fucking money and find out for yourself how much in bribes they've vacuumed up from the private prison industry. Trump's planning on building five new ones with capacities set at 1000 or more. And it's just the beginning, folks.

     In a post I put up just yesterday, I wrote about how every government in the world, especially here in the United States, seems to have an inexhaustible capacity for finding cold-blooded fascists ready to do the worst acts imaginable for flag and country. This morning, this audio tape came out that was recorded at a border checkpoint. The nearly eight minute-long tape features lots of small children crying after being abducted from their parents but it also reveals two Border Patrol guards making jokes about the crying children. Heartless pricks.

     We now have so many concentration camps detention facilities, we need a website with an interactive map to show us where they all are. Not surprisingly, nearly a quarter of them are in the Great State of Texas, a state mostly comprised of stolen Mexican and Native American land. And finally...

     Is it just me or does Stephen Miller's suit cry out for a little extra something, like a swastika armband, for instance?


At June 20, 2018 at 10:41 PM, Anonymous Comrade Rutherford said...

Trump's Freedom cubes!


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