Thursday, April 16, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(I forgot why I'm here.)

    "However, Congress did not exempt the CARES Act stimulus checks from private debt collection and Bank of America, Citibank, and U.S. Bank have not ruled out using payments to offset outstanding debts, it's been reported."
    Thank you, Congress, for completely missing out on the whole point of these one time stimulus checks.

     The DCCC will support AOC? Yeah, right. I'll believe it when I see it.

     Democrat bundlers for Biden are too busy staying alive to raise money for him. This is gonna be so fugly.

    Bill collectors chasing phantom debt threatened to rape his wife. So he went after them and uncovered a vast conspiracy that resulted in lawsuits, fines, prison sentences and a suicide.

     How could the richest, most powerful nation on earth already be out of protective equipment when we've hardly given any away, yet?

    As if it's not bad enough the Trump Treasury Department with the blessings of Congress is allowing banks to seize your puny stimulus check, now they're making you wait for it so they can stick Trump's grand mal seizure EKG autograph on them.

     "Police watched..."
     Oh good. Thank God the Michigan State Police and the Lansing PD were Johnny-the-spot earning their pay while the state capital was taken over by gun-toting yahoos chanting, "Lock her up!" while they tied up traffic for people carrying out ESSENTIAL services.
     I guaran-fucking-tee you if these people were black instead of angry, eternally-aggrieved white people, Lansing would've turned into another Ferguson within nanoseconds.

     This gets my vote as the most craven & feckless piece of shit that came out yesterday. Bernie said, ""There has not been a campaign that has been having to deal with the venom by some in the corporate media.This campaign has been compared to the coronavirus on television. We have been described as the Nazi army marching across France."
   Clinton holdover Chris Cillizza, that reliable right wing corporate media stooge, of course, disagrees. He would.

    When the Russians fiddled with our election in 2016, it was called election interference. When Obama did it, it was merely to, "accelerate the endgame." They all belong in prison.

    RIP Brian Dennehy, one of the finest character actors ever. I loved him in SILVERADO. His Sheriff Cobb was the gold standard for western movie villains.

    David Sirota nails it here from the title on: "The Tyranny of Decorum" (that's anything but reciprocal) is exactly what cost Sanders the nomination. He just didn't have the killer instinct. Biden doesn't have it anymore, either, but then again, he's not a Democrat, either.

     The hiring practices for the Trump administration:
     "Have you engaged in any insider trading that made you tens of millions of dollars richer or broken any other laws?"
     "Please. You insult me. Of course I have."
     "You're in." (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

      This is part and and parcel to Republican scumbaggery, especially in Wisconsin- After losing the battle, torch the village before leaving it to spite the victors.

      Goddamn you, Roger Stone, see what the fuck you started?

     Meme intermission.

     The redneck pastor death cult leader who said that "death is a welcomed friend" says you should give your entire stimulus check to the churches. At last, the truth comes out. And the truth will you set ye free, right?

      By the way, his stupid shyster now has COVID-19 after attending one of his services.

      Surprise. The water protectors were right all along.

     Yeah, but it still hasn't resulted in a shelter-in-place order, has it, asshole? We're one of just eight states that don't have a shelter-in-place order. Perhaps not coincidentally, for days we've been #4 in the nation at over 30,000 cases & #6 per capita. And my county is the most infected one in Massachusetts. But, please, Chuck, keep showing that Republican solidarity.

     So naturally, the skin-headed Nazi stooge goes after the Jews, not the evangelical whackjobs doing the same exact thing.

     Once again it's, "For thee not for me, motherfuckers."

     Essentially, Trump interfered with an investigation into Trump's interference in denying Amazon a contract.

    "These payments are supposed to help individuals and families put food on the table during this crisis, not enrich debt collectors." -Maura Healey, Massachusetts Attorney General

      I can only imagine why Trump chose for his 4th Press Secretary a blonde airhead with lips that look like they got stuck in a pool drain.

     #1 Then maybe we shouldn't've given with no strings attached a half a trillion of the peoples' money to Wall St and massive corporations.
     #2 How can the SBA already be out of money when they've been log-jammed with so many applications that they've hardly processed any of the loans?

     "House Minority Leader Neville (A Republican, of course) also said Wednesday on The Peter Boyles Show that he feels the orders, in general, are leading to a Gestapo-like mentality."
      The Governor of Colorado is Jewish.

      How could you lose your mail-in vote? Greg Palast counts the many, many, many ways.

     Just think- this fucking idiot left a safe, cushy Congressional seat for this. "In the case of Mr. Meadows, it has not helped him with his White House colleagues that the former North Carolina congressman, who has a reputation for showing his emotions, cried while meeting with members of the White House staff on at least two occasions." Sorry, I may have to log off. I'm getting schadenfreude overload. And finally...

     This is what happens when you elect Republicans to even petty offices. They endanger the public by ignoring shelter-in-place orders then driving drunk. Once they get pulled over or, in this asshole's case, found drunk with his SUV in a ditch, they all become "sovereign citizens."


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