Saturday, April 18, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Cindy Lauper lives again.)

     "We can't take our boats on the water if they have an engine." Right wing, white grievance again on public display.

     I've heard of getting second opinions but this is fucking ridiculous.

     There's something sad and vaguely sinister about this.

     Yeah, I can see Trump doing this to DACA health care workers at a time when we need them the most. Trump, after all, is the Murphy's Law "president": Anything wrong he can possibly do, he will.

     Cleaner air. One of the few benefits of coronavirus. Of course, no one can go out and enjoy the fresh air. And industrialists can't wait to ramp up their factories again so we can go back to our old polluting ways.

     Goddamn Fox for spreading disinformation, conspiracy theories and giving currency to whackjobs who don't like taking sheltering guidelines from female Democratic governors. False equivalences don't help, either. Fauci could've also told Eva Braun that HIV/AIDS is a sexually-transmitted retrovirus. Coronavirus is a freakishly communicable virus that only requires standing within six feet of someone who has it, a greater distance, if they sneeze. And then there's the inescapable fact that COVID-19 is killing people at a much faster clip.

      This is a horrifying graph from the Tax Policy Center that shows how many jobs have been lost due to coronavirus. We've lost 22,000,000 jobs in just three weeks whereas historical recessions took as much as over four years to manifest its results.  And economic forecasts are saying we could be looking at a third of the US labor force being out of work.

     So, Laura Ingraham calling on Dr. Phil was the lowest she could sink, eh? Sean Handjob says, "Hold my beer."

     If Trump forces states and businesses to reopen (and, according to the 10th Amendment, he can't) and deaths start to skyrocket again, it'll be the end of his so-called "presidency."
    Meanwhile, Congress rises to a 30% approval rating for the first time in over a decade. It's amazing how much loyalty you can buy with just $1200.

     It's not very often when you find Donald Trump on the side of the angels. So it doesn't surprise me that the one asshole standing in his way by refusing to negotiate with the Democrats would be the human saw horse, Moscow Mitch.

     So, criticizing Republican scum for profiting off a pandemic through illegal insider trading is "socialist." Gotcha.

     Andrew Cuomo seriously schools Trump about what he said in his demented tweet storm this morning.
     “First of all, if he’s sitting at home watching TV, maybe he should get up and go to work, right?”
     "Coronavirus White House task force — that’s you. We relied on your projections. Okay — shouldn’t have relied on your projections."

     I remember when one of my friends and her husband went on a cruise last winter and was belatedly told there was a disease outbreak on her ship that the line's executive management never told the passengers about until after they boarded. That was pre-coronavirus but it still reveals the mindset of executive scum who keep public health threats secret because they look at human beings not as people but sources of corporate revenue.

     Vic for President. Fuckin' A, let's put HIM in charge of the bailout.

    One or two weeks ago, I collected what I thought was a pretty exhaustive list of all the ways Trump has completely fucked up this pandemic response. But according to this, I wasn't even close to enumerating all his fuckups.

     Paul Waldman is absolutely correct. After decades of evading responsibility for his own fuckups, this pandemic and the Pandora's Box it's opened up won't let him do that this time.

     Meme intermission.

     Florida Man, the world's worst superhero.

     Call me cynical but I'm beginning to suspect the complexities and nuances in the 10th amendment are somehow and somewhat lost on this comb-overed meat puppet.

    Well, well, look at this- Our intelligence agencies warned Israel, specifically the IDF, about the novel coronavirus last NOVEMBER and, like us, they did nothing about it. Meanwhile, our government kept us in the dark for THREE MORE MONTHS and, until recently, the Pentagon denied such a report even existed.

     Thank goodness he's got such a lazy work ethic. Imagine how much more dangerous he'd be if he was serious about being a dictator.

     If there's any one person in the nation most responsible for our national epidemic than Trump, it's this asshole, Ron DeSantis, for keeping Florida's beaches open during Spring Break last month, thereby spreading it all over the nation.

    Note that this asshole's only singling out states with Democratic governors such as Virginia, Michigan and Minnesota, never the states with Republican governors with similar shelter-in-place orders.

    Thom Hartmann's basically calling for a return to the Confederacy. That is, separating the blue states from the red states and let the battleground purple states decide where they want to go. Have the red states adopt the right wing policies of no taxes, no social security or Medicare and no industrial regulation so they can stop sponging off the more prosperous and progressive blue states.

    What does it say about our right wing when ISIS, the most vicious and violent terrorist organization outside of the United States, is more knowledgeable and savvy about coronavirus than they are?

     Seriously?! Practicing medicine while black?

     Meanwhile, these are the kinds of doctors we should be arresting, doctors like this white asshole out of San Diego.

    This guy's right- Trump's fan base has literally turned into a death cult. They'd be very comfortable with seeing tens of millions of people dying as long as Trump "owns the libs" by getting re-elected.

    This is exactly what happens when you install a sycophantic hack in charge of the CDC then cut its funding by 18%. It's Amateur Hour with this rabid pack of assclowns.

     Hey, Jeff fucking Bezos, you're now $25,000,000,000,000 richer since the pandemic started. So, what are you gonna do now? Give paid sick leave to all your employees?
     "Nah, fuck that. I'm blowing $16,000,000 on another condo I don't need."

     "Um, you know, there's a, uh, during World War II, uh, you know, where Roosevelt came up with a thing, uh, that, uh, you know, was totally different than a- than the- it's called, he called it, the, you know, the World War II, he had the war- the the War Production Board."
      Yes, a MUCH better alternative to Trump. 🙄

     Yes, perfect time to reopen the beaches, you fucking #FloridaMorons.

     Yes, Stephen Moore of Trump's economic council compared the white assholes who want to take out their boats and paint their sheds with Rosa Parks.

     Seriously, it's fallacious to expect anything good and decent to emerge from this administration, ESPECIALLY during a public health crisis, such as not providing cover for predatory payday lenders. And finally...

    This would've been like Hitler saying at Nuremberg, "Yeah, 6,000,000 people died in Eastern Europe but it could've been a lot more."


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