Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Gentlemen, start your sphincters.)

     Perhaps it's time BLM started firming up into an actual political movement and drafting their own candidates for the 2022 midterms.

     Let's hope that Barr doesn't spike the Robert Fuller investigation, too.

  Fox "News" calls it a "collage." Bullshit. It was deliberately misleading, poorly done Photoshopping.

     Michelle Cottle's got him nailed.

     Considering the violent rightward wrench Zuckerberg has made at Fuckbook, this news isn't very surprising at all.

     I've enjoyed Matt Taibbi's work for 15 years now. I think all that may have to come to an end.

   Something really, really bad happened in Albuquerque, NM and at least NM Civil Guard militiamen have been arrested. At least one man was shot and seriously wounded.

    The US has been hit with a DDOS attack. Corporate stooges have been naysaying this to keep down panic but the fact is, this had taken down four cell phone networks, Facebook, Fortnite and other sites.

     I can't wait to hear what IQ45 has to say about this.

     I'm a writer and I can't even find the words to tell you how fucked up this is.

     1) Obama administration identifies potential threat, takes steps to meet that threat.
     2) Obsessed with doing the opposite of everything Obama did, Trump sledgehammers it.
     3) Threat presents itself, roils the nation.
     4) Trump: "Duh, who knew?"
     5) Blames Obama for not taking steps to meet threat.
     6) Repeat as necessary.

    This makes my blood boil. i have two biracial kids and I'd be enraged if they were treated like that.

     Oh, yes, more please. This sister preaches it.

     So, with trump's loophole on choke holds, nothing will change because paranoid, fascist assholes always think their lives are in danger.

     Another candidate for the Rubber Gun Squad, if not the unemployment line.

     The continuing adventures of Kroger Karen.

     Well, well, look what Fat Tony's little boy's been up to when no one was looking.

     We've just lost more people than in all WWI. Yay?

     "No other country shows the same leniency to its foes as does the United States…To forgive is Divine, but such radical extremes can never meet if the waters of oblivion are to close over the dead issues of the past." - the Pottsville Republican, January 24, 1903
    We proved that after the Civil War and we proved it again with Operation Paperclip that brought Nazis into our country so they could redefine the Republican Party by funding ultra right wing think tanks.

     "The blessing of slavery'?! Where the fuck do these evangelical asshats come from?

     But yeah, Antifa's the problem here, not the murderous assholes who support Trump.

    This redneck psychopath's been elected and reelected three times. He once compared Abraham Lincoln to Hitler.

     Every family's got a creepy uncle like Donald, no?

    Remember the story from 24 hours ago about the three cops who were supposedly poisoned at a Manhattan Shake Shack? Yeah, that was all bullshit. More cop lies.

     Meme intermission. (This is the post that got me banned on Fuckbook for a month.)

     If COVID-19 kills me, I'll sure be pissed because that'll mean I can't vote for Trump.
     Yes, this is exactly how these right wing hillbillies think.

     Yeah, it figures fascist figures would see anti fascists as a threat. So would the storm troopers of Nazi Germany.

    Oh, poor Meghan McCain's exhausted. Yeah, well I'm sure black people are exhausted from running from police hunting them down just for being black and getting shot in the back.

     Digby's got him pegged.

     When you see white assholes doing this, what they're really saying is, "Black lives don't matter."

     “Just start shooting … This will end quick!!!!! This is making me sick!!!!” Then, "I am not against the protesters. I was not trying to incite violence. I did not mean that people should be shot,” Nice try, asshole... NOT.

    They confessed yesterday to murdering 84 people. So, when is PG&E going to get the death penalty, since the corporation is a person?

    Of course they're outraged. White people love their racial stereotypes and love Aunt Jemima as long as she stays in the kitchen and don't mingle with the white folks.

     I think Flint water's more popular than Trump.

    "Backstabber"? This drooling idiot let first responders confront 9/11 with outdated radios that couldn't even communicate with each other.

    Another hanged black male, another rushed police verdict of suicide, all at a time when racial tensions are at record levels. Helluva coincidence, huh?

    I'm so exhausted by faux Republican outrage, aren't you? If these right wing nut jobs like Gym Jordan won't comply with the Speaker's orders, have the Master at Arms physically remove them. Simple.

    This is pretty much everything you need to know about the Booger Boys, a loosely-connected group of unemployed incel malcontents who are angry about something or someone and want to do... something about it as long as they get to ejaculate bullets from their guns.

     She said black people should be "proud" of confederate monuments. Now the GA GOP can't get away from this spittle-flecked QAnon conspiracy theorist quickly enough. And if you're too racist for even the Georgia Republican Party...

     Florida Man crusades to save neighborhood from black teens who legally live there.

     If the judge knew he'd covered up the shooting of a black man in 2015, then why was he still on the force so he could shoot and kill another?

     Remember the fake gas shortages of the 70's? Now executives of meat-packing plants are faking a meat shortage. We're being rationed meat so they could export meat to the Chinese who started this pandemic.

     Another angry old white thug, another act of violence before running away like the coward they all are.

      Speaking of angry, old white men...

      Quid pro quo, in other words. This is just one of the things Bolton could've told the House if he'd testified as he was compelled to do.

      It's long past time when we should cancel Fox. In some ways, they're worse than OANN.

     From Bolton's book, via the NY Times: "Mr. Trump did not seem to know... that Britain is a nuclear power and asked if Finland is part of Russia, Mr. Bolton writes. He came closer to withdrawing the United States from NATO than previously known. Even top advisers who position themselves as... loyal mock him behind his back. During Mr. Trump’s 2018 meeting with North Korea’s leader... Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slipped Mr. Bolton a note disparaging the president, saying, 'He is so full of shit'.”

     From one of my left-leaning FB friends who's repeatedly unsubscribed from this list to which they'd subscribed her. All this email from Eric Trump needs are jpeg attachments of your kids sleeping in their beds.

      Fired Nazi cop Rolfe up on murder charges but they're not saying what kind of murder charges.

     Rep. Cedric Richmond confronts Matt Gaetz (R-DUI) about his racism. It kinda went downhill from that point on.

     Xi told Trump he was building concentration camps for Muslims and Trump thought it was a corker of an idea. And finally...

     Dear God, but this woman is a blithering idiot.


At June 19, 2020 at 10:43 AM, Anonymous CC said...

"I will probably get flamed for this, but growing up in an all white rural county, Aunt Jemima's warm smile was my main exposure to Black people as a kid, a positive influence," said a Twitter user.

Yes, the black mammy whose role in life was to cook and clean for the massa and his family. Certainly positive when blacks know their place in society instead of agitating for equal treatment.


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