Friday, June 19, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Because if you're unwilling to turn into a rotting corpse for your president, you're unAmerican!)

     Personally, I think Kellyanne's having an affair.

     He's completely fucking insane. Some lowlights from his WSJ interview:
     “The only thing I liked about Bolton was that everybody thought he was crazy. When you walk into the room with him, you’re in a good negotiating position, because they figure you’re going to war if John Bolton was there.”
     "I personally think testing is overrated, even though I created the greatest testing machine in history.”
     “I did something good: I made Juneteenth very famous.”
     “They put their finger on the mask, and they take them off, and then they start touching their eyes and touching their nose and their mouth. And then they don’t know how they caught it?”

     The Supreme Court, "a shotgun blast into the face" of conservatives? In other words, your boy Neil Gorsuch pulled a Dick Cheney on you?

     The Republican Party is so sick even their Governors are named after diseases.

     Trump's using Nazi concentration camp symbols in his campaign ads, against Antifa. Does Trump actually think he's running against Antifa instead of Biden?

     Another very fine lunatic heard from.

     Strange bedfellows, indeed. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

     Whataburger is racist, plain and simple. Three black football players were complained about by a racist white woman, the manager gave her free food because of her trauma of actually seeing black people, she called them the N word, the players complained about the abuse then the manager threatened to call the cops on them.
      One more time: Whataburger is racist to the core and obviously they base their very policy on it. Their manager was never fired and "retraining" will not eradicate racism.

     Blame the beer. Right.

    Meme intermission.

    Beethoven being black makes sense since his 5th Symphony was actually the first version of "Fuck da Police.."

     Shockingly, he's a Republican. This is why friends don't let Republican friends attempt humor.

     I usually never link to Vice because, whether or not you know it, it was co-founded by that asshole who used to be the leader of the Proud Boys. But this article is simply too good not to link to.

     Somehow, it doesn't surprise me this was in Northern Kentucky.

     Just find out who he is, then get him fired. You all know how this works by now.

     McConnell shoehorned his protege into the federal judiciary while a pandemic relief bill gathers dust on his desk.

     Let the massacre begin...

    They're deluded if they think this right wing asshole will budge an inch to the left on this. He's no more interested in police reform than Trump.

    We need to dislodge this asshole and kick the Republicans out of their majority. This bill would close the loophole that allowed Dylann Roof to buy that handgun he used to kill nine black parishioners five years ago.

     Well, light finally dawns on fucking Marblehead. If they can suspend my main account for putting up a picture of WW II soldiers as "the original Antifa", this is the VERY least they can do.

     A true, narcissistic megalomaniac. He literally thinks the entire universe revolves around him.

    Yeah, good luck shining sneakers because that's what most of us wear these days, asshole. Welcome back from the 19th century, what kept you?
      Or, in the immortal phrase from GOODFELLAS, "Go get your fucking shine box."

      Amy Klobuchar drops out of the VP hunt, saying, "Biden should choose an actual Democrat."

     Oh, I am going to miss him. I loved him as Ashe in ALIEN and as Jack the Ripper in FROM HELL. RIP, Sir Ian.

     That's a start but ONLY a start. All eight cops who were in on that botched raid that killed Breonna Taylor should be fired, arrested and charged with murder.

     Who the fuck is Katie Hopkins and why the fuck should we care that she got permanently kicked off Twitter?

     As if it's not bad enough that Ill Douche is using concentration camp symbology in his attack ads, he's attacking an organization that doesn't even exist.

     Naturally, right wing "patriots" are screaming, "Tyranny!" after their Republican mayor called for a curfew. Tomorrow night's going to be real interesting in Tulsa. Then we'll see how many of these "Blue Lives Matter" assholes are for real.

     When are these right wing nut jobs going to realize this isn't a partisan issue?

     If our allies feel it looks as if we've given up, it's because Trump already has, not to say that he actually tried to get a handle on this.

     YOU felt trapped? Try having a cop's knee on your fucking neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Only THEN will you know the definition of "trapped."

      The Navy upheld Capt Crozier's termination even though Trump never read his letter. Meanwhile, Navy SEAL murderer Eddie Gallagher has a cushy job with the Trump campaign.

      Meanwhile in Mike Pence Country... And finally...

      It's gonna be real interesting in Tulsa tomorrow night.


At June 21, 2020 at 3:31 PM, Anonymous CC said...

When I was a kid and saw a portrait of Beethoven, I honestly thought he was black.


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