Monday, August 15, 2022

Joe Biden's Great Week and Donald Trump's Incredibly Horrible Week

      In a sane planet or dimension, the 2024 presidential election would've been a foregone conclusion after this week. On Capitol Hill, Hell froze over and Joe Manchin acted like a Democrat for a brief, shining moment and removed his Republican sawhorse long enough so that Biden could finally pass a major piece of domestic legislation, the Inflation Reduction Act. Add to that the $280 billion Chips and Science Act. In keeping with their dour "loyal but principled opposition" charade, both major pieces of legislation passed with hardly any Republican support.
     Then, at the same exact time Mar a Lago was getting tossed by the FBI, the president also made a trip to Kentucky and even won over some Republican voters in that crimson red state in the wake of their devastating floods that had tragically killed at least 37 Kentucky residents.
     Oh, and in his spare time, President Biden also killed the leader of al Qaeda.
     During all this and during Biden's visit to the Bluegrass State, Trump was getting searched in Palm Beach and only a thin legal distinction kept it from being a raid.
     Yet, Trump is sucking up all the oxygen in the country and President Biden is hardly able to savor his victories over the past week while he's about to end his brief but well-earned vacation in South Carolina and all because of Trump's hysterics.
     Of course, the stuck pig squeals the loudest, which is why we seem to hear nothing but Trump, Trump, Trump. His enablers in the Nazi media ecosystem and on Capitol Hill make for very effective force multipliers and amplifiers. And it's not just the usual, "Poor me" squealing but plenty of calls to arms to defund the FBI, investigate the DOJ and even the judge magistrate who signed off on the search warrant has been threatened.
     Of course, most death threats turn out to be bullshit but all it takes is one especially motivated individual to make something happen. Take Ricky Schiffer, who tried to break into the FBI field office in Cincinnati and, like a visual cliche in a John Dillinger movie, wound up getting killed by police in a cornfield.
     Then there was Richard York who yesterday unsuccessfully tried to crash through a barricade, got out just as his car exploded, fired shots into the air then blew his brains out just as police approached him.
     Was Trump the cause of any of this violence? Was it a clear cut case of stochastic terrorism? In the first instance, absolutely, especially since Schiffer began screaming about the FBI just the day after Mar a Lago was searched. And he did it from a Truth Social account that's since been scrubbed. In the second instance, who knows but the timing cannot be ignored.
     The president should be enjoying a bump in poll numbers, something he desperately needs if Democrats are to ride his coat tails into the midterms. But, as usual, the 24/7 news cycle continues to breathlessly report on Trump's latest scandal or scandal within a scandal. And, up to a point, the American people need to know about Trump stealing highly classified documents and keeping them for a year and a half under highly insecure conditions.
     But Trump's countless crimes are just part of the news. The American people should know what the real president is doing and especially after he has a good week that's also beneficial for the nation. But at the rate we're going, the corporate mainstream media is turning into a giant police blotter and crime scandal sheet in which the only subjects are Trump and his cronies.


At August 16, 2022 at 10:08 PM, Anonymous CC said...

That Axios article on Blackburn came out in 2020, so Schumer's comments about the "current president" referred to Trump.

By the way, Blackburn looks like MTG's older sister, only a little less deranged.


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