Thursday, December 27, 2018

Gotham City Digest. 12/27/18

 (In which we promise to never divulge your classified identity or location for a cheap photo op.)

     Because electing a New York billionaire for president worked out so fabulously the last time...

     No face palm can possibly cover my disgust over this: A black Marriot sales executive was made to dance to Michael Jackson songs to amuse the white executives.

     This is a three and a half year-old piece in THE VILLAGE VOICE that resurrects a much older pair of articles by Wayne Barrett on Donald Trump. Here's the quote that jumped out at me: "Trump won’t do a deal unless there’s something extra — a kind of moral larceny — in it. He’s not satisfied with a profit. He has to take something more. Otherwise, there’s no thrill.”
      Amazing how little some things change over the decades.

     Politico's list of the Top 20 Worst Predictions of 2018. Not surprisingly, most of them were made by right wingers and Fox made four of them, including one that had to be walked back within minutes.

     It takes a REAL man to kick a black one year-old toddler then try to run away. This is Trump's America, ladies and gentlemen, like it or not. Master race, my ass.

     I can't even describe in words how furious this makes me. The first time he visits the troops anywhere close to a war zone, he does THIS. How anyone can continue to trust someone who more zealously guards his tax returns than the identities and location of Navy SEALs is beyond me.

     I never thought I'd ever hear myself say this but please, Rudy, keep talking.

     The political system of the United States is so staggeringly corrupt, even the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, rakes in $7.3 million for a recount and then has nothing to show for it, with little opacity and violates campaign finance law by not making expenditure filings every six months.

     So why is it explosive that Michael Cohen was in Prague around the time of the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016? Read on and be thou edified, Constant Readers.

     The Russiagate scandal is far from "unsubstantiated" but I agree with the rest of this (Aside from the misleading headline that all liberals are hypocrites and showing as their proof Clinton and Schiff. Which is a straw man argument. There is nothing even remotely liberal about Clinton and her cronies. Her and her husband's greatest legacy was in being moderate Republicans and passing themselves off as liberal Democrats in the post-Reagan Moral Majority America.).
     Plus, Mattis recently admitted there was never any evidence Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. We all know why Trump pulled us out of Syria and it was nothing so noble as bringing home the troops for the holidays. It was just to get out of Putin's way so he could continue propping up Assad's dictatorship. But in doing so, Trump also unwittingly exposed the hypocrisy of these neoliberal "Democrats" who've managed to look like the real thing with their constant criticism of Trump. There's nothing liberal or Democratic about pushing for war 24/7. And these "Democrats" ought to be ashamed of themselves. But they're beyond capable of feeling shame just as the Republicans are.

     Well, well, Matty Whitaker, aka the Kingpin, lied to get more power.

     As a reward for reigniting a race war in America, the Russians quietly got their sanctions lifted by Comrade Trump just before Christmas.

     Yeah, I AM outraged over Reality Winner's 5+ year-long sentence. Aren't you?

     Federal employees like the shutdown because they want the wall?! Jesus God, this man is a walking organ donor.

     No, they're not cardboard cutouts. They just play them on TV.

     Cadet Bone Spurs: The Origin Story.

     Another Guatemalan child died in US custody. I know this isn't the kind of news you want to read on the Christmas holidays but to my fellow Americans, I need to remind you this is happening within our borders, with our tax dollars and in our good names. THIS IS NOT BORDER SECURITY.

     Remember when Trump said he wouldn't do catch and release like the Obama administration?
     What the fuck does he call THIS?
     Here's what went on in El Paso: ICE dumped off 211 immigrants, including women and young children, at the El Paso bus station without plans for transportation or shelter, without food, drink, or enough money for a phone call, much less a bus ticket. This was the night before Christmas Eve. It was 42 degrees in El Paso that night. They would dump off 500 more the next day.
      Meanwhile in Mexico, Steve Mnuchin and his family are staying at a hyper exclusive estate resort in Cabo being waited on hand and foot by the same people Trump is deporting in droves. Now sounds like a good time to build that wall.
      This goes way beyond bad optics. This is proof of a warped world view of white supremacy and Manifest Destiny.
      Trump likes to brag that he brought Christmas back. He's done the exact opposite.

     So, on Christmas Eve, Trump asks a seven year-old NORAD caller if she still believed in Santa Claus. This douchebag should not be allowed to have contact with children. (This is the kid's end of the conversation.)

     So, three days after lung cancer surgery, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was already back at work. Compare this to Trump, who doesn't even show up for work until after he's done lounging in bed all morning watching Fox.

     The Dow dropped over 650 points on Christmas Eve alone. #Somuchwaning

     This is what the Dow was doing that day after Steve Mnuchin's call to bankers from his Mexican paradise resort. The only thing this clown's ever been able to do right is make millions off Madoff's Ponzi scheme and produce shitty movies that go directly to DVD. The Dow, as stated, lost another 100 points that day.
     Seriously, what the fuck was Mnuchin thinking that night when he called the nation's top bankers from his ultra-exclusive luxury resort in Mexico? In hindsight, he came off looking like a fireman showing up for a small blaze not with a fire extinguisher but a full gas can.

    Mark Meadows of the "Freedumb Caucus" actually compared what Trump's doing to the battle of the Alamo... which the Mexicans won.

     So, on Christmas Eve, President Obama played Santa yet again, this time at a children's hospital. I am absolutely incapable of imagining Trump doing this. It would simply never occur to him to do something like this. In fact, he'd probably go there expecting the kids to give him presents.

     Trump was calling his aides "fucking idiots"!? Talk about projection on steroids.

     Federal workers don't live from paycheck to paycheck, eh? Says the out of touch, right wing putz who makes $174,000 a year. And finally...

     Just to help you all get to to 2019.


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