Friday, February 1, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(Where we promise to never call you "Peaches.")

     What, Steve King couldn't make it for his annual Grand Marshall duties?

     I know this is nearly three years old but I don't think the mindset of these right wing, misogynist nut bags has changed one iota. Really, what's the difference between these Christian clowns and the Taliban and other Muslim fundamentalists besides the name of the Sky Wizard to whom they grovel? I see no daylight between them.

     We're now officially more corrupt than ever under Trump. I've never been prouder to be an American than I am right now.

     And the beat goes on...

     DaNang Dick? Seriously?

     So a billionaire scumbag of Germanic descent wants to run for president to protect if not augment his wealth. Stop me if this sounds familiar.

     You want to know how completely insane John Bolton is? Read the next to last paragraph of this story.

     Howard Schultz again. Shut the fuck up and run your coffee shop, you selfish right wing asshole.

     Trump is goading Schultz into running for president not only to act as a spoiler for the Democrats but also to normalize the trend of having billionaires running for POTUS. Which is a trend that is disturbingly picking up steam.

     Oh, damn. Blackout of Sarah Sander. And at two of Trump's favorite networks, too.

     Meanwhile, this is what went on at Davos- A historian answered a billionaire's question of where on the planet has a 70% tax rate worked? Even I could answer that- The United States. During Eisenhower, the marginal tax rate on the 1% was 91% and they still got to live like kings and queens. The estate tax on the same class of people was above 70%. The billionaires there want to talk about everything BUT taxes and tax avoidance (which, unlike tax evasion, isn't a crime). The former CFO of Yahoo bragged about the US lowering unemployment and another scholar from Oxfam shot him right down and mentioned poultry workers who had to wear diapers because they weren't allowed bathroom breaks. She also accused him of not mentioning human dignity in the workplace when all he wanted to talk about was how to lower unemployment "beyond taxes." To reuse the historian's analogy, the billionaires at Davos wanted to know how you can fight a fire without water.

     I can't believe the Chicago PD is actually calling the attack on Jussie Smollett "a possible hate crime." Let's take stock:
     They attacked him after calling him "that faggot Empire nigger." They put a rope around his neck.      Then they poured bleach on him while saying, "This is MAGA nation." So, plainly this was premeditated. Then there was the childish and psychotic letter sent to Fox in Chicago that has to be seen to be believed.
     "Possible hate crime", my ass. This was a hate crime on two fronts, all inspired by one Donald fucking Trump.
     Who will, of course, never mention this on his feces-flecked Twitter account.

     Trump decided to do this last October. This past week, Russian bombers were buzzing our northern coastline. Trump's essentially telling Putin, "You can build as many nukes as you want. We won't stand in your way."

     Trump is all about projection, if nothing else. He tells tour groups Obama used to sit for hours in the private dining room just off the Oval Office watching basketball all day.
      He didn't.

     Not only are we kidnapping kids, we're holding them for ransom, then don't allow the parents to work to earn the ransom.

     "It, therefore, follows that along the vital Pacific Coast over 112,000 potential enemies, of Japanese extraction, are at large today. There are indications that these are organized and ready for concerted action at a favorable opportunity.
      The very fact that no sabotage has taken place to date is a disturbing and confirming indication that such action will be taken.” In other words, the absence of evidence is evidence.

     Putin jerking Trump's leash was inevitable.

     Even though lickspittle politicians handing corporate scum like Jeff Fucking Bezos enormous tax breaks to lure them in is the way things are done today, I'm still in a state of mild shock that Virginia gave him $750,000,000 worth of tax avoidance plus over half a billion more in construction costs. The teachers, meanwhile, are teaching children in poorly-insulated plywood buildings. I'm glad they went on strike and I support them. When the teachers suffer, our children suffer and teachers already put millions from their pitiful salaries toward school supplies for which states don't provide them adequate funds.

     Speaking of tax avoidance without dividends, remember a year and a half ago, when Donnie Dumbo stood between Scott Walker and Paul Ryan and proudly announced that Foxconn would bring 13,000 jobs to Wisconsin?
      Ain't happening. We gave those scumbags $4,000,000,000 in tax breaks and they're still taking their manufacturing to China. Walker and Ryan are now out of office, so they don't give a shit.
      I say it's time Trump made it a Trifecta.

     It's a hell of a state of affairs when right wing nutters like George Will and Max Boot are waging an all out war against the GOP while so-called liberals such as Biden and Beto are championing Republicans over their Democratic opponents.

     Trump and Cain, brothers from another mother.

     There's already a lot of pushback on Facebook against Bernie Sanders including among my own "friends." Which is a sure sign Democrats are scared shitless of him. And I will continue to push back against it with everything I have until he declares he's not running.

     That's right. Our nation is led by a man who can't distinguish between real life and SICARIO.

     Shades of Flint. This makes me sick this is going on in my own native city.

     Pelosi: "Not a cent for the wall." Expect a shrill demented tweet storm from the West Wing any moment now.

     This was just filed  a couple of days ago by Mueller's team: It's the joint motion in Roger Stone's case to designate the case as complex, which pushes back the usual deadlines in criminal cases. Why? The amount of evidence is "voluminous and complex" and involves "several terabytes of information."
      IOW. Mueller's got the goods, so many of them, in fact, that they have to push back the usual deadline on account of the sheer staggering volume of the evidence of corruption they've found.

      So, Eric Trump is for now, the least idiotic of Trump's oldest sons.

     I can just see it now- Trump on the stand, arms crossed and him scowling at the prosecutor and dismissing the charges as "fake news."

     Meanwhile, in Little Gitmo...

     The latest nugget of genius from Tomi Lahren, the K-Mart Ilse Koch.

     Here's a series of videos from Trump's Cabinet meeting press conference, if you can stomach it. In it, he falsely claims Michelle Obama campaigned for Stacey Abrams (she didn't), that the wall is getting built (it isn't) but he's demanding money for the wall that we can pay for that's being built. If Trump was anyone else, people would be wondering if he lived under power lines, on a landfill or ate lead paint chips as a child.

     God bless Florida and its zany headlines.

     At a time when our nation is run by a kleptocratic kakistocracy, it's reassuring to know there are still a few good private citizens left who actually care about their fellow man.

     The right wingers like Jerome Corsi and the Gateway Putz can eat their own. The rest of us will eat popcorn.

     Even if Fredo did call the numbers of his "business associates", it doesn't mean the old man didn't answer. That would be a slimy tactic typical of the Trumps- One degree of separation in their world makes for plausible deniability. And finally...

     I know this is going to upset a lot of people, especially dog lovers,  but we need to see what monsters are in this world.


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