Monday, June 17, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(In which we will always show you how the real world works.)

     In other words, "Russia, if you're still listening... so am I."

     "Omar was found to have used the campaign money during her tenure as a congresswoman to travel to Boston for a speech at a political rally, travel to Chicago to accept an award and attend a fundraising event, and to pay for a hotel in Washington, D.C., where she participated in an interview at a conference..."
      Wait a minute. Isn't going to campaign events covered under responsible usage of campaign funds?
      "Republican state Rep. Steve Drazkowski initially raised concerns about Omar's travel..."
      Oh, THERE you go. I knew a Republican was behind this.
     Drazkowski is the right wing asshole who 9 years ago introduced a bill patterned on Arizona's odious "Papers, Please" law.

     I guarantee you, Biden, Harris and Booker are adjusting their knee pads to suck off the Kochs even as we speak.

     Despite my personal animus toward Hillary Clinton, it has to be said she is or was a licensed attorney and as such, she would be better equipped to read a long legal document such as the Mueller Report and to see these things. After all, Trump attended a business college, not a law school.

     Look at it this way- The more time he spends on the links, the less he's damaging the world. Isn't that worth $3.6 million?

     Looks as if Mitch was ditched by the Army back in '67 for packing fudge in the barracks.

     Oh and speaking of the Turtle...

     The rapaciousness of corporate scumbags never ceases to amaze me.

     “(A) consensus of peer reviewed literature has nothing to do with the truth.” In other words, "Who needs experts & facts? We've got Donnie Dumbo's gut."

     Epic Systems v. Lewis was decided by the Supreme Court a little over a year ago. The pro-corporate right wing SCOTUS essentially allowed companies to force arbitration on their hires from Day One. The whole idea of forced arbitration is to keep its evils from reaching the light of day in a court of law and to wrench power from the hands of the work force. Arbitration, as anyone who's studied it knows (as I have), is always tilted in favor of the company who pays the arbitrator with the understanding that their purpose is to vote against the worker and with their employer most of if not all the time. This interview from last month explains how Epic Systems v. Lewis effectively gave corporations the power to dodge being sued for violating existing labor laws.

     I can't tell you how proud I am to have a "president" who acts like the fat bully on a junior high school playground.

     God almighty, do I hate this creature. He is a political cancer on everything that is good & decent in this world.

     Seriously, everything good that Trump touches, dies.

     Actual bullets fired at US forces on D-day: 360,000,000
     Actual bullets fired at Bill Barr: 0
     Shut the fuck up, Barr.

     The Lord sure does work in mysterious ways.

     Alabama banned abortions in cases of rape. But when women give birth after rape, they can't terminate the parental rights of their rapists. Lawmakers thought about fixing this but decided not to.

     The most corrupt couple in DC, hands down.

     This man is my new superhero. Yelp is like Facebook & other corporations- They try to extort money out of you & when you don't pay them, your analytics and visibility aggressively plunge to nothing. It's called "hard bargaining" and was protected by a 9th Circuit ruling that differentiated it from a protection racket and extortion, which it still is. When a corporation puts the arm on you and retaliates in a way that can affect your business & reputation, it's extortion. Don't let the 9th Circuit define for you what extortion is. And Yelp, like every single corporation on the planet without exception is evil, avaricious and vindictive. Cheers to this paisano for fucking up their shit.

     Don't tell me these fascists aren't trying to murder these kids. These Border Patrol detention facilities are just mini concentration camps, plain and simple. And speaking of which...

     OK, if this was a Board of Health inspection done on any civilian restaurant, that place would, could or should be closed down immediately. But I guess ICE concentration camps get a free pass and are allowed to continue serving rotten food to migrants. And what the fuck is with the nooses?!

     Linda Fairstein can go down in flames more spectacularly than even most disgraced Republicans I can think of. If you had anything to do with Fairstein getting fired by Dutton and Vassar College, I salute you. Yes, Fairstein lost her contract with Dutton, proving you can always depend on a corporate entity to do the right thing to save their threatened bottom line.

     OK, guys, we took down Linda Fairstein last week. This week, let's take down another formulaic, racist hack: Nicholas Sparks.

     Bless this librarian gal. That's all I got to say.

     The House voted to hold Barr & McGahn in civil contempt. Party line vote- 229-191. After all that high-minded bullshit & political theater on Twitter, Justin Amash proved he was just another right wing partisan piece of shit with no balls & no bowels.

     Keep in mind, this is the same asshole that just bought Barnes & Noble, our biggest bookstore chain. Now he's busting a nut to destroy America and make Israel great again.

     Trump will never escape that rose colored hamster ball.

     Trump essentially admitted to George Stephanopoulos he would collude with Russia... again. Great. Let's see if he feels the same way if Russia or NoKo offers Biden kompromat on him, too.

     Kellyanne Conway is guilty of violating the Hatch Act and needs to be removed, says Trump's own OLC. Naturally, Trump's flunkies nonsensically started screaming about the liberal agenda, Hilarity ensued.

     Really, Kellyanne Conway is the kind of Jersey skank who wouldn't even make the B roll of a Jersey Shore episode.

     How many House bills have been impaled & suspended in Mitch's do nothing Senate? Let us count them.

     So, a black toddler walks out of a dollar store in Phoenix with a doll and this happened.

     So there Kevin McCarthy, budding conspiracy theorist, stood giving out a conspiracy theory about Democrats & the Steele Dossier and a reporter threw this verbal pie in his face: “John McCain gave the Steele dossier to the FBI.” As usual, hilarity ensued.

     Congressman Fred Flintstone (R-Bedrock) calls Trump "a president of the law" and referred to Nancy Pelosi by a masculine pronoun. Yes, Republicans are this stupid.

     So, Pelosi unloaded on Mitch "Grim Reaper" McConnell. Who else thinks it's time for Death to take a long holiday after election day next year?

     I'm giving serious thought to making this the plot for my sequel to my work in progress. The virtually nonexistent response to the 5200+ plus Native women that disappear every year is a crime unto itself.

      Obama BFF Jamie fucking Dimon on Socialism.
      Then Bernie Sanders on Jamie Dimon.

     Nearly 55 years after the first one, Trump's trying to have his own Gulf of Tonkin, with the help of Pompous Minimus, the slightly less sweaty Alex Jones.

     The spawn of a multi-millionaire corporate attorney and a banking heiress whose elite prep school bought him a computer in 1968 is hardly "self-made". The uber rich like Bill Gates tell us these fairy tales in the hopes that we won't eat them alive.

     Absentee Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who hasn't held a presser since March, to leave position so she can spend even less time with the press.

     Nice gesture but that's all it is. Wyden knows it'll never get out of committee.

     And pigs wonder why we say, "Fuck the police." Look what they're saying about us.

     OK, one more time, you right wing shitheels, and remember, there's no shame in asking for the bouncing ball. John. McCain. Gave. The. Steele. Dossier. To. The. FBI.

     Here's a video of an Israel lobbyist calling for a false flag operation against Iran, and even mentioning the Gulf of Tonkin, at a right wing think tank.

       And these are the lawless assholes who want to investigate Mueller and his team for doing their jobs?! And finally...

     Mick Mulvaney should not be allowed anywhere in DC even in a tour group. Seriously, even Donnie Dumbo doesn't want him in the Oval Office.


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