Saturday, August 22, 2009

District 9: Liberal Propaganda. A Movie Review by Cyril Blubberpuss

Neill Blomkamp should stick to commercials and cute little short films and Peter Jackson to making three hour long movies about fairies and elves because their latest effort, District 9, is a disastrous foray into liberal propaganda-making. The recklessly populist, anti-corporate message is clear: You cannot trust corporations to ever do the right thing and we ought to allow illegal aliens to continue living in the slums we keep graciously giving them when no else will take them in.

The story begins when a huge ship arrives in South Africa, the one part of the Dark Continent that the white man could tame and civilize. Why these illegal aliens thought they'd get a free welfare check and equality there is anyone's guess. But they were found to be starving and a benevolent company named Halliburton (renamed MNU for legal reasons) takes them in and gives them safe haven in an upscale community named District 9 which they then waste no time in turning into a slum.

Social workers with guns are then assigned to them to watch out for their welfare. Liberal leftist conspiracy theorists then float this ridiculous meme that MNU is only after their weaponry that they can't use because it keys on alien DNA. This, of course, overshadows MNU's humanitarian efforts to evict them within 24 hours after they turned their safe haven into a slum.

During the forcible eviction, during which many illegal aliens are killed, the guy heading up the mission accidentally spritzes himself with some extraterrestrial Axe body spray. It changes his DNA somehow and for the rest of the movie he gradually turns into an illegal alien and Steve Carell. As he turns against his loyal employers, it's revealed that he's a sex fiend who's had relations with the aliens.

The aliens finally get the message that they won't get a free lunch and a father and son leave to go back to the mother ship and leave their comrades behind. Once again, the white man has to take up the burden of relocating the 2.5 million illegals to a place called District 10 and feeding them massive amounts of cat food.

To Jackson's and Blomkamp's credit, there were some scenes in which Nigerian capitalists happily engage in business relations with the aliens, showing that the free market system does and can reign supreme if left alone to its own devices. But for the most part, the liberal anti corporate message is clear: Given any natural disaster or war, corporations will stoop to any level to obtain massive profits and indulge in propaganda campaigns, which is hardly what I call fair and balanced film making.

Luckily, Blomkamp and Jackson inadvertently pass along one important message: If exposed to it long enough, liberalism and leftism is communicable.

(Cyril Blubberpuss is the pseudonym for an anonymous executive whose many interests include presenting non-liberal viewpoints through GOP connections.)


At August 24, 2009 at 11:30 PM, Anonymous Sean Weatherby said...

District 9 was genuinely original and all around high quality as far as cinematography go... not so sure about the morals tho like you said

At August 25, 2009 at 12:03 AM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

Oh, it was a way cool movie. Very originally done and it makes an indelible commentary on the human condition.


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