Sunday, April 24, 2016

Makes Yourselves Half Black Like Me

     So, President Barry has finally gotten around to mentioning the Black Lives Matter movement on the international stage but in doing so, he had to say something predictable:
     He said during a Town Hall in London they "can't just keep on yelling” about the issues they want to change (like the Teabaggers he refused to criticize during their chaotic and often violent Town Halls in the summer of '09 when ObamaCare was being debated). He also said, just as predictably, they need to "compromise." As in settling for only half the annual average shooting deaths of unarmed black men? Maybe, like Michael Jackson, bleaching their skin to a less objectionable shade?
     It's another unfortunate coincidence that on that very same day, KKK sympathizers and other white supremacists held a rally at Stone Mountain in Georgia in advance of a confederate holiday that's observed in several redneck states. The police were there in full riot gear but not to pummel the right wing hate groups but to protect them. Several Black Lives Matter protesters were beaten and even arrested by Georgia Law enforcement, essentially shutting down the mountain.
     I would think that Obama, being a former community activist himself, would have sympathy and insight into another community activist movement that was born and bred out of what is obviously an epidemic of fatal police shootings (almost always with impunity) of unarmed African Americans. But he doesn't so he needs to shut the fuck up if he can't add anything substantive and insightful into the dialogue.
     Obama's mantra of compromise has gotten him, his administration and most of the American people absolutely nowhere. Kowtowing to the racist GOP had resulted in a clusterfuck of a watered down abomination called the Affordable Care Act, which is just a massive gateway to the health care free market, forced health care with a mandate without anything even remotely resembling a realistic public option.
     Compromise with these right wing lunatics on Capitol Hill cost us another $350 billion as the second half of the bailout got handed out to banks and the auto industry with no strings attached whatsoever. It put us on the hook for one tax cut after another for the 1% that also got us nowhere but further in debt.
     And Black Lives Matter activists now, according to our conciliatory President, need to avoid Angry Black Man Syndrome at all costs and to "stop yelling." Let's examine why they're yelling so loudly:
     They're yelling because even as teenagers and children such as Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and 12 year-old Tamir Rice are shot and killed by white men for no earthly reason and with utter impunity, racists in this country still twist their little minds to justify how "the little thugs" deserved to get killed even to the point of posting fake photographs of the victims which still don't justify their public executions.
     And Black Lives Matter did not become the potent national movement it is today because all they do is yell. They're holding the feet of politicians and law enforcement to the fire and addressing a problem that really hasn't gone away as a lot of white people comfort themselves into thinking: That lynching still occurs. We've just substituted hemp for lead. And all too many of us including, apparently, our President still doesn't think this is a very serious problem or is one that can be effectively addressed off the street in climate controlled conference rooms.
     No, it cannot. Movements such as Black Lives Matters needs to be taken to the streets because it is in the streets that these crimes against their own at the hands of racist law enforcement are taking place. That's not to say the movement should stay on the streets forever but that is where it must begin and begin to be heard, literally at the scenes of the crime.
     Obama doesn't get that and never will. And that's why he needs to shut the fuck up about Black Lives Matter. If he's not part of the solution, then he's plainly part of the problem.


At April 25, 2016 at 1:39 AM, Anonymous CC said...

Obama's future income from giving corporate speeches matters!

Can't let the Clintons corner the market on this very lucrative gig.


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