Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(For those who threatened us with a Christmas surprise, we salute you.)

    "No extra food for you!" This is the same government that had absolutely no problem whatsoever in shoveling trillions to massive multibillion dollar companies who AREN'T financially stressed.

    When I say that Trump is trying to murder as many of us as possible, I'm not resorting to wild hyperbole. I'm going by the asshole's actions, inactions and misactions. It seems a clinical psychiatrist agrees with me.

     Florida Man, the world's worst superhero, gets suspended.

     Yes, he actually compared himself to Martin Luther King.

     Greg Palast explains the rat fuckery in Wisconsin the Tuesday before last.

     So, Biden's the safe choice, huh? (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.).

     This is how much happier the world is without humans.

     Shorter Joe Biden campaign: "Women need to be respectfully heard about rape allegations when they're assaulted by people other than our boss."

      So much for the Republican fetish for "states' rights."

      There were six Times reporters who'd contributed to their explosive piece. Five were male. Guess which one Sean Handjob singled out for abuse?

      Incidentally, this is the NYT piece by Eric Lipton, David E. Sanger, Maggie Haberman, Michael D. Shear, Mark Mazzetti and Julian E. Barnes that drove the right wing even more batshit insane than it already was.

    "At a Wayne Farms chicken processing plant in Alabama, workers recently had to pay the company 10 cents a day to buy masks to protect themselves from the new coronavirus, according to a meat inspector."
      How do you like your new capitalism now, machine Democrats?

      Sorry, Bernie, I just stopped listening to you. No way am I voting for that rapist Biden.

      "Yeah, we'd like to have a word with you about this 'Space Force' of yours..."

      Recycled Bernie Bros can ugly-cry and put clothespins on their noses all they want but I for one am not voting for that demented child molester Biden. And David Sirota pretty much put his finger on most of the reasons why we shouldn't.

      Joe Biden has Tara Reade.
      Donnie Dumbo has Paula Reid.
      Both are nightmares for their respective aging, demented, lying pedophile rapists.

     "The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL), a right-wing activist group, is currently involved in a lawsuit to try to force the state to purge hundreds of thousands of voter registrations. Kelly had recused himself from the case due to his previous legal relationship with WILL, and the other justices had deadlocked 3 to 3 on the issue, which would leave in place a lower court ruling blocking the purge. But Kelly had suggested he would un-recuse from the case if elected to a full term, potentially letting the voter purge move forward. Karofsky’s win almost certainly means WILL’s lawsuit is dead — and the GOP can’t purge the state voting rolls."
     Hence the reason for the scumbags in the Wisconsin GOP trying to suppress the vote by forcing people to come out, or not, during a pandemic.

      Cartoon intermission.

     Too few of us are thinking about the plight of immigrants and their kids that we're stealing from them. Here's one result of our actions. This is an ORR program, so our government's directly responsible for these 19 children getting sick.

      But 200,000 of you are going to die, he said. What could you lose by taking it, he said. Well, your heartbeat, for one.

      Two months later, to the day:
      OK, boomer.

     Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, pestilence? When I see locusts and frogs, then I'll be impressed.

     You thought you were talking to God but it was obviously a one-sided conversation.

     Says the man with a giant tattoo of Nixon on his back.

     So, I wake up yesterday morning and this is what I read, the "president" comparing himself to the tyrannical Captain Bligh. This is the part where I turn off the coffee pot, crawl back into bed & sleep until Election Day.

     No great loss here. Like his father, Steinbrenner was a right wing, Germanic blowhard exactly in the mold of Trump.

    Typical right wing, billionaire bullshit. One more time, people. These douchebags are trying to kill us to save nickels and dimes.

   Dr. Fauci, as usual, is right. It makes absolutely no sense to reopen the country when there's inadequate numbers of testing kits and no way to trace vectors.

   To those who still think IDIOCRACY is a mere comedy and not, in fact, a documentary of accurate futurism, Ron DeSantis just designated the WWE an "essential business."

   "In terms that would even have made President Richard Nixon blush, our commander-in-chief sounded more like the leader of some tinpot dictatorship than of the United States." Maybe someone should lead Trump to the 10th Amendment's Wikipedia page.

   Again, this is why Republicans and conservatives should be permanently banned from any governance anywhere on the planet, especially in the US. They're worse than useless during an emergency- They're counterproductive and get people killed.

     What a sweet gig: Getting $1000 an hour and not having to get out of bed or even dress.

    Trump is now assembling a harem of scapegoats, making the WHO the 7th target of his flailing wrath. He's defunding the World Health Organization during the worst pandemic in over a century.

    Once more, Bernie. I stopped listening to you the moment you endorsed that senile pedophile. I will NOT be brow-beaten & peer-pressured into voting for a right wing scumbag posing as a Democrat. How about we stop knee-capping better candidates?

     It could be worse, I guess. Instead of his grand mal seizure EKG signature, he could've demanded his jiggling puss be put on every one.

    What is it about the latter-day Republican that seemingly all the nation's sociopaths are inevitably drained into it?

     Meanwhile in Lansing today, the patients have taken over the asylum.

     I'd say let these goobers kill themselves off but they could still take down a lot of good people with them.

     "However, Congress did not exempt the CARES Act stimulus checks from private debt collection and Bank of America, Citibank, and U.S. Bank have not ruled out using payments to offset outstanding debts, it's been reported."
     Thank you, Congress, for completely missing out on the whole point of these one time stimulus checks. And finally...

      "When will 2020 end, Siri?"
      "When the last human being turns into a rotting corpse and this biosphere is at last cleansed of the pestilential plague that is the human race, you verminous scum."
      "Uh, I mean, 2020 will end at midnight on December 31st."


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