Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Trump's Losing his Ball Bearings

     OK, so last night, Generalissimo Drumpf started out his daily Dickslap the Media Into Submission rally last night with a campaign video that had to be seen to be believed, showing Americans that either 20,000+ of us haven't died from coronavirus and that we lead the world in confirmed cases by a better than 3 to 1 margin over the #2 country or that, "Hey, it's still 10% of what I projected so I'm doing a good job, right?"
     Really it was a masterpiece of concise, tightly-compressed bullshit, slapped together practically on the spot by Trump's own White House and looks like something the North Korean or Chinese Propaganda Ministries would've put together during a bad acid trip.
     Then CBS's Paula Reid asked, “What did you do with the time that you bought?”, referring to the time between the so-called Chinese travel ban that still allowed over 43,000 Americans to come back from China, rendering it completely worthless, and the month when Trump did absolutely nothing afterwards besides hold Nuremberg hate rallies that, sadly for him, had no red MAGA or KAG hats, no "front row Joes" or swastika flags.
     That's when Trump stepped from behind the podium, unzipped his fly, produced his withered penis and proceeded to wave it before the CBS correspondent's disgusted face, the phallus' lack of length and Trump's protruding gut preventing any contact with the presidential penis. Then Trump, frustrated at his inept attempt at dick-slapping, zipped up his fly, walked back behind the podium and said,
     “A lot, a lot. In fact we’ll give you a list... The people are wise to you... you know you’re a fake  you know that!” said the artificial "president" who lost the popular vote by nearly 3,000,000.

     In the midst of this new gold standard of poo-flinging, someone in CNN's control booth was having way too much fun. Then Trump elevated the primate feces-throwing to yet another new level by saying he alone has the power to reopen the country and the governors can't do a thing about it because the president's power is "total." Yes, he used the T word again.
     Today, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo had to remind Trump about a little bylaw on the books called the 10th Amendment, you know, one that rounds out the Bill of Rights and gives the states power to govern themselves and that, even when federal intervention is called for, gives Congress that power, not the presodent. Because, you know, the Founding Fathers were afraid that giving a future president that kind of unchecked power would result in a power-mad, tyrant-loving asshole like Donald Trump.
     In fact, the 10th Amendment, one of the shortest in the Bill of Rights, pretty much states unambiguously, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people."
     Of course, this was either ignored, not read or dismissed altogether as gibberish by a gibberish-spewing baboon who said the Constitution was written in a foreign language.
     Then today came, thereby elevating the poo-flinging gold standard to the platinum standard. And America woke up to this:
     Apparently, Trump must have seen not the 1935 Clark Gable/Charles Laughton version or any of the subsequent remakes but the version of Mutiny on the Bounty in which Fletcher Christian fails in his mutineering and gets keelhauled along with his fellow mutineers and Captain Bligh sails home a conquering hero.
     Seriously, at this point, America must have been waiting for Trump to approach the podium fondling a pair of ball bearings and accusing Andrew Cuomo of stealing the strawberries.
     Meanwhile, Jennifer Rubin, America's least lovable apostate since Joe Lieberman, wrote in her byline that President Queeg does not have absolute power and even quoted Liz Cheney who said the same thing. That would be the same Liz Cheney, whose father, senior co-President Dick Cheney had extolled the virtues of the "Unitary Executive."
     Rubin also points out what we already know, that Trump's dictatorial ideations that are already threatening lawsuits from Cuomo and others if he tries to open up states before the pandemic passes, betrays the feebleness of his response.to coronavirus.
     And this is why Trump needs to be removed as soon as possible by the 25th Amendment or other means because, frankly, the November 3rd election is looking like it's an eternity away and if this asshole gets his way, we as a nation may not survive that long.


At April 15, 2020 at 9:30 AM, Anonymous CC said...

Republicans have been playing up that Chinese travel ban from three months ago as proof that Trump acted early and decisively, while Democrats did nothing but complain and block his efforts. They seem to forget that in any crisis, the ultimate responsibility for it lies with those at the top.

Would they have allowed Obama to divert blame to those below him if this pandemic had happened under his watch?

Unfortunately, the Dems can't go all the way in blaming Trump because they made their own mistakes and their standard bearer, Biden, hasn't demonstrated leadership during this crisis. Instead, he's relied on the DNC and scared voters to deliver a string of primary victories for him while he's holed up in his bunker.


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