Monday, June 15, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Nope, he still has to cherry-bomb the White House toilets.)

     Every family's got an apostate.

     "The colored population." I think we just found Trump's next Surgeon General.

     So much for Pride Month.

     Larry "Happy Hour" Kudlow: "I think the economy's coming back very strong." Yet look at the Dow Jones Average tank in real time as he yammers on.

     A golf cart rally? Could you fat right wing nut jobs possibly make yourselves look any more stereotypical? What, you couldn't find chair litters carried by black servants?


     The SCOTUS just handed the LGBTQ community a huge victory and right in the middle of Pride Month. Fuck you, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and especially Brett "I like beer!" Kavanaugh.

     Rolling Stone: "The political calculation behind Trump’s latest reality-TV display had historical overtones, dating back to the white-backlash 'law and order' demagogy that helped elect Richard Nixon in 1968. In the Rose Garden, Trump proclaimed, 'I am your president of law and order,' at the very minute that police cleared the way for his arrival in Lafayette Square by attacking law-abiding demonstrators with tear gas and sting-ball grenades. Having appropriated Nixon’s tag line, Trump then tried to one-up him with his Bible-toting God-and-country theatrics. Politics receded back into pathology."

     Of course no body cam videos have been made available. Like criminals without uniforms and badges, they're still trying to get their stories straight.

     Meme intermission.

     “I think the problem is that group interests, party interests are put higher than the interests of the whole of society and the interests of the people.” Keep in mind, this was said by a tyrant who runs essentially the only political party in Russia.

     "These days, when I think of Trump, I only rarely picture a guy with an orange face, weird hair and an absurdly long tie. I’ve instead begun to imagine Cerberus, the many-headed dog-monster from Greek mythology... Perpetually angry and snarling, Cerberus acted as the guardian of the underworld. His ferocious multiple dog heads were forever twisting, showing their teeth, and barking at the newly damned approaching the gates of hell." - The Guardian
      Are we there, yet?

     Oh, for fuck's sake, he's saying this again? One more time, hairball- Ceasing testing doesn't make the virus go away.

     Even right wing Rasmussen has Trump losing to Biden by 12 points, almost mirroring the recent CNN poll that showed him losing by 14. I wonder if Rasmussen will receive a cease and desist letter from the White House?

     Last June 1st, Trump gave the order to tear gas peaceful, law-abiding protesters so he could have a photo op before a church that had caught fire the night before. At no time during either walk across Pennsylvania Avenue was Trump holding the Bible. Instead, once Trump was in frame, a Bible was produced from Ivanka's designer bag, the same Ivanka who'd converted to Judaism, making the Bible the unlikeliest of religious artifacts one could possibly find in her expensive bag. Trump awkwardly posed with it for a few moments, then handed it off as if it would catch fire if he held it another second. There was nothing even remotely religious about the photo op. When asked if it was his Bible, he said, "It'a A Bible."
     The man who's publicly told 18,000 lies since taking office couldn't even bring himself to lie that he doesn't even own a Bible.

    Well, well, look who else got out while the getting was good. Insider trading: It's not just for senators, any more.

     I can't wait to see the coronavirus cases coming out of Tulsa a couple of weeks after the rally.

     Charles Schumer had to publicly warn people not to listen to the Gibbering Idiot in Chief.

     I'd first read this early this morning but wanted to hear more facts before commenting on it. The poor kid was only 19 years-old and her body was found near that of a dead 75 year-old woman. What helped the police catch the suspected murderer were her final Twitter posts just hours before she disappeared.

     Another cop's going down, this time for assault, criminal mischief, harassment and menacing.

     "I hope you get raped by a black guy." Another "very fine person" heard from.

     This is a fairly long interview with Jon Stewart but, as you can expect, is time well-spent.

     Another racist, right wing asshole gets on the unemployment line.

   The dispatcher knew something was off about the George Floyd arrest. A firefighter knew something was off. Everybody present knew something was off except for the four cops who responded to a routine 320 call.

    The NYPD's abolishing the plainclothes Violent Crimes unit responsible for a string of, well, violent crimes, and reassigning the cops doing them. Reassigning the dirty cops doing the shootings is just shuffling the deck chairs on the fucking Titanic. "21st century policing", my ass. And finally...

     "Virtual fundraiser for Biden"? Didn't we used to call these "silent auctions"?


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