Sunday, August 2, 2020

Gotham City Digest: Expanded Sunday edition

(Obey the baby Jebus or you will look like Charles Darwin.)

     Uh, no you didn't, Donnie Dumbo. And Hillary's not running again. Now go see the nice lady with the little paper cup.

     While this in and of itself doesn't prove the Old World Order is quite dead yet, this IS nonetheless quite an interesting development in the right wing media world and shows a more moderate world order is coming.

      I'm still waiting for Elizabeth Cady Stanton's name to come up.
      "I've decided that Ms. Stanton isn't too liberal but, with her help, we'll get women the right to vote maybe by 2030, 2040 at the latest."

       Party unity, my sore, bleeding ass.

       Elect a fascist, expect a Fourth Reich.

       Alexander Vindman tore Trump a new one in the WaPo yesterday.

       So, the piece of shit that killed Garret Foster is active duty Army, posted threatening tweets about protesters, admitted to killing Foster yet STILL has not been arrested because WHITE and Texas.

     "There were 65,853,514 of us who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and it didn't take long to prove how right we were."
      Lucian K. Truscott could've also stated that out of a nation of nearly a quarter of a billion eligible voters, roughly 190,000,000 didn't care enough about Donald Trump to vote for him in 2016. In 95 days, that number will top 200,000,000.
      Donald Trump was the most dangerous fad in the world and, like all fads, his time has come and gone. What started out as "owning the libs" has turned into a looming economic depression and an out of control pandemic that's owning everybody regardless of their political stripes.

      "Trump tweeted late Friday: “Homeland Security is not leaving Portland until local police complete cleanup of Anarchists and Agitators!'"
       Next paragraph:
      "Hundreds of demonstrators were still on the streets of downtown Portland on Saturday morning, without any federal law enforcement in sight."
      The Emperor has no clothes, no Praetorian Guard  and no chance of winning on November 3rd.

      "Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, a Republican facing a tough re-election race, has run numerous ads over the last three months featuring testimonials from more than 20 people who were presented as ordinary Mainers — but in fact had close ties to the state's Republican Party or to Collins herself."
      That's because Collins is so unlikable in Maine, she can't count on ordinary Mainers to give her real testimonials. It's no mere coincidence that those GOP senators up for reelection who are most vulnerable happen to be among Trump's most vocal supporters. McSally and Loeffler (both appointed by right wing governors), Joni Ernst, Thom Tillis, Cory Gardner and Jeff Sessions lost his primary bid in Alabama. Collins is merely the weakest of them all.

     Notice the timing- The dreaded Friday night news dump. That's because the Kushners are so staggeringly corrupt and have so many conflicts of interest.

     How to Make $50,000,000 in Less Than 24 Hours During a Pandemic and a Depression While Over 55,000,000 Americans Are Unemployed
by Jim Continenza, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Kodak
      1) Have the board hand you 1.75 million stock options.
      2) Get the White House to announce a loan worth more than three quarters of a billion dollars the very next day.
      3) Watch the company's stock price then skyrocket by more than 1000%.
      4) Cash out. America, what a country!

      I see the Trump administration's efforts to fix the 2020 election is proceeding apace...

     Will the Never-Trumpers take responsibility for Trump? Not a fucking chance. They've had plenty of opportunities to accept full blame. But they haven't and they never will, So fuck Rick Wilson, David Frum, Steve Schmidt, Jennifer Rubin, Bill Kristol, George Will and all the rest. They may be funny and have Trump unerringly pegged for now. But once a right winger, always a right winger and in my 16 years as a political blogger, I've learned the recidivism rate is 100%. They're biding their time when they can sleaze their way back in the GOP fold. They're just pissed that Trump salted their Republican soil for the foreseeable future.

     Meme intermission.

     It's one thing to jump the shark. It's another thing entirely to jump while ON the shark, especially if it's dying and thrashing.

     "The Trump administration is hiring consultants with drug industry ties to steer its effort to find a coronavirus vaccine under a contract that allows them to avoid disclosing potential conflicts of interest."
     Like the scumbag above, who authorized a $2.1 billion contract to his "former" company in whose stock he still owns millions of dollars in shares.

     I don't see this happening to Biden, especially as his projected margin of victory is so wide in some many states. Trump could only tie it up in the courts if the margin is slim enough to sow doubt.

     Oh well. Better luck next time.

     Meanwhile, in Mr. Trump's Suburban Lifestyle Dream Neighborhood this week...

     Because the fat, white rich man from Jamaica, Queens cares about your southern heritage, asshole.

     Here's the Big Dawg admitting the Democrat party and Jim Clyburn unethically put the kibosh to the Sanders campaign.

     My interview with Christine Lyden went live yesterday. Go check it out.

     Mar a Lago, being used as a money laundromat? I'd be surprised if Trump didn't use it as such.

     There is so much that is wrong, starting with violating freedom of the press. Republicans just want to rat fuck into oblivion every single law they find inconvenient.
     "When Republicans renominate Donald Trump for president in Charlotte, N.C., on Aug. 24, journalists won't be on hand to witness it, a convention spokesperson told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette this week.
     Reporters also will be kept from the room when the Republican National Committee meets to conduct official party business."
      IOW, let's just do everything dark and on the lowdown. Furtive is the Republican way. So that's why, by today, they began walking it back. Nice try, assholes, but no cigar.

      Just another wonderful day in Herr Trump's America.

      Florida Man, the world's worst super hero.

      I will never forgive Jim Clyburn for doing his part in subverting this election but he takes Fox to the woodshed but good for this.

    Yeah, because a Democrat taking that seat would be so much worse than a right wing lunatic like Kobach. And you know those right wing scumbag will fall right in line like the good little Nazis they are and endorse him with hoarse voices even as they're flushing down their own vomit.

     Baghdad Bob landed nicely since 2003, eh?

     What "battle for the House"?! They lost it two years ago and Democrats are looking forward to extending their 40 seat majority. And they're about to lose the Senate as well as the WH.

      Spoken like a true, right wing slumlord. This is the same piece of shit who'd evicted a woman in her 90s for being .27¢ short on her mortgage.

      When Biden gets in the WH, I fully expect one of his first acts to be putting those 11,900 troops back in Germany. He's nothing if not a foreign policy wonk and I'll want & expect him to restore that security to Eastern Europe.

      Your Brad o' the day: Stairmaster Race edition.

       Trump: The Art of the Deal:
       1) Don't hold Philips to their Obama-era deadline.
       2) Grant them three extensions during a pandemic.
       3) While everyone else is paying $9300 a unit, allow them to then gouge us for $50,000 each without trying to negotiate a lower price.
       4) Patiently wait until September 2022. During a pandemic. When they're most needed.
       The art of the deal.

       At last- an honest political ad.

       I feel bad for all these small restaurant owners.

      At this point, Trump could be wearing a khaki uniform, a swastika armband and giving Neo Nazis stiff-armed salutes and Republican scum would still goosestep behind his fat ass. That's how much they loathe and revile democracy, Democrats and the American people.

      Donald John Trump, they are so disappointed in you.

      Face it- Trump's campaign's on life support.

      James Baldwin was born 96 years ago today.

      "With scrutiny intensifying, some Biden allies are now distancing themselves from their corporate work to better position themselves for official roles with the campaign, transition team or in a potential Biden administration."
     See, that's the thing about pasts. You can run from them but you can't hide from them. They follow you like your own shadow. And a Biden presidency will be even more rife and rotten with corporate influences than the Obama administration. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.) And finally...

     "Well, we survived radiation, traumatic deceleration and burning up on re-entry. Look like we're out of the woods."
     (Looks out the window)
     "Uh, not so fast."
     "Trump supporters."
     "Oh, shit on a shingle...!"


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