Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Now with 50% more jpegs so even Republicans can keep up!)

     Those bait and switch motherfuckers.

     I've never been a big fan of homeschooling.
     This year, I am.
     Unfortunately,  it's driving a lot of homescholing parents to hit the bottle a little too often.

     How I spent my summer vacation, by Jerry Falwell, Jr.

     Homophobic, racist evangelical right wing nut job Merritt Corrigan just got shitcanned by USAID after she posted some vile tweets. Now she's screaming about her white, Christian persecution. Now she's threatening Democrats and the press by holding a press conference with fist-fucking, right wing anal cyst Jacob Wohl?!🤣🤣

     Sometimes the headline just says it all.

     Just keep in mind, folks- tsunamis eventually recede. And never underestimate the stupidity of the US voter.

     Oh, I'm sure they are. Whether they're fetishising everything Russian or fantasizing about a Nazi Third Reich, Republicans nowadays are the most anti American SCUM you can imagine.

     Why haven't more people floated the possibility that Trump is a carrier? Everyone, it seems, that gets near him gets sick- His Chief of Staff, his valet, reporters, Stephen Miller's wife.

    Proof of funds. Proof of life. Meeting in obscure locations, staying constantly on the move to dodge federal agents. A hostage ransom deal?
     No, it's what goes on every day in the dark, bizarre and Byzantine world of the mask black market.

     “He has bungled the COVID-19 response, he has bungled the race relations issues. Before all of that, he has been a complete disgrace. The only thing he has gotten right is the economy."
      Oh, you must be talking about the strong economy left to him by Obama that just lost a third of its GDP and a stock market that saw five years of gains wiped out in a few months. You mean THAT economy?
     Fuck you, honey. You voted for him despite him giving you every reason not to four years ago. Reap it.

     It's almost amusing that the most fascist, anti Semitic elements of our society, right wing voters and Republicans, are also the only ones appropriating the Jewish Holocaust experience.

     This is coming from Louis Gohmert's daughter. Of course, he won't listen. He's blaming masks for catching the virus.

     "Fake news CNN"?!
     Fake president, SOB.

     It's a sad day in America when an English comedian has to inform of us of our deficiencies in teaching and understanding our own history.

      Shouldn't Presgraves be burning a cross in someone's front yard right about now?

    “Although the five attendees tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after the law-enforcement meeting, it remains to be determined exactly where each got infected.”
      Gee, I dunno. How about AT THE LAW-ENFORCEMENT MEETING?

    That's something a mob boss demanding tribute would say. "Well, I don't get involved in dat bootleggin but (sniff) if ya wanna peddle illicit hooch on my toif, I get a slice, capish?"

       Rich Man, Poor Man.

     Headline Intermission. (courtesy of the Babylon Bee.).

     Kind of like walrus mating season at an archipelago, isn't it?

     With Democrats like this, who needs Republicans?

     Uh, wait. Didn't he say...?

     I actually got physically ill watching this clip.

    To paraphrase the famous poem, Trump had long ago, "slipped the surly bonds of reality." Today, we are all Piers Morgan.

   Your heart can't help but go out to this Republican strategist and his family. In this interview, he's not talking politics, he's talking life and death.

    When confronted by the death tolls by Jonathan Swan, Trump dismissively said, "It is what it is." If you thought the Chris Wallace interview was horrendous, the HBO/Axios interview was a nightmare as Trump slurred and stuttered his way through one sociopathic fever dream after another. And this morning, Joe Scarborough asked Senate Republicans how many more Americans will have to die before they turn on him.
    The answer is there is no answer. Because latter day conservatism is a mental disease, Ayn Rand on anabolic steroids. If the US ever reached that tipping point in which half the population or more dies and the government and economy crumble to dust and rubble, Republicans will just scuttle away to a safe place and take care of themselves and their own. But they will never disavow Trump because that would mean admitting they were wrong all along.

   We were right about Trump all along. So was I. When Chauncey Devega was warning us about Trump's neofascism in 2017, I was doing the same thing at exactly the same time. I take no pride in this.

   "But according to two people with knowledge of (The Federalist's) finances, one of its major backers is Dick Uihlein, the Midwestern packing supply magnate and Trump donor... Through a spokesman, Mr. Uihlein declined to comment."
     Oh, I'm sure he DID.

     I don't give a fuck how they spin it. There is no excuse for this. NONE.

    "I don't believe Mr. Hollis is racially motivated. I can only tell you what he told me. I've known him for many years, although I can see how the post would be construed as that. I'm very regretful that that went out, it did not come out right."
     How WOULD it have sounded if it HAD "come out right"? Would "Nidiot" have been turned into the N word?

     Why, guess who was on the membership rolls until 2007? None other than Jeffrey Epstein!

     Oh, he was kicked out of a Facebook group? Why wasn't this right wing scum kicked out of his chairmanship for doxxing his neighbors?

      Your Karen o' the day.

      "Burn it to the ground," he said. I concur. And finally...

      How does Matt Schlapp not conclude every night totally blotto? Imagine listening to that voice half your life?


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