Monday, August 2, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Woo woo woo woo woo woo. Moe, Larry, hydroxychloroquine!)

     "If Trump's supporters want to believe they are special, in one sense they are. They remain loyal to the only president in American history to openly flout George Washington's most important precedent — the peaceful transfer of power." -Matthew Rozsa.

    In case you forgot, liberal firebrand Nina Turner is running for Congress out of OH-11. If I lived there, she'd have my vote.
    The baleful threat of Charlie McCarthy (R-Trump's lap) becoming Speaker is a call to arms in itself of why the Democrats must retain the House.
     Sorry, but if you're black and say you want "the old racism" to come back, you're an Uncle Tom.
    Remember back in the good old days when we used to put screaming lunatics like this in rubber rooms and four point restraints? I miss those days.
    "It doesn't appear the Democrats can win on policy so what are we going to do?"
    It doesn't appear the Republicans can win on policy, so what are they doing? Trying to keep people of color from voting.

   It's a crying shame that 99% of Democrats decided to go home before extending the eviction moratorium.
    What's the difference between Donald Trump and a bloated tick?
    A: The bloated tick has enough sense to finally drop off.

    Honestly, I can't think of another time in world history when dissidence and criticism of a party, ideology or leader was so viciously persecuted except when you factor in Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia.
   This is an actual photo that Madison Cawthorn put up on his Twitter account of one of Trump's shadow "Cabinet" meetings at Bedminster. Look at the look on Cawthorn's face.
     Meghan McCain just ghosted Mary Trump for the second time in as many years.
   "Gaetz spokesman Harlan Hill, celebrating the expiration of the eviction moratorium and telling those at risk of eviction to 'get a fucking job,' has been evicted from 2 apartments DC - including in 2019, when he was forced to vacate after failing to pay close to $10K in back rent."
     Your Brad o' the day.
     Right wingers, not so deep down, are really feckless cowards.
     Vindman's book drops in two days. Here's an excerpt.
     You know why so many of these Republican fucks are having these road to Damascus moments? Lack of empathy, which is a prerequisite to being a Republican. Only AFTER they get it do they come to Jesus.
     Trump got it yet there was no road to Damascus moment for him. In fact, when he got out of Walter Reed, he was worse than ever.
     What does that say about him?

     Well, someone's been channeling the Oxy addled spirit of Rush Limbaugh. And finally...
    They either can't get top talent (such as it is) within the GOP or Trump is shooting them down.


At August 3, 2021 at 1:13 AM, Anonymous CC said...

Wow, how diverse are the attendees at the Bedminster meeting.

Couldn't they have brought in Candace Owens or Herschel Walker as a token representative?


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