Friday, March 24, 2023

A Thug's Life

     If Donald Trump was in any other family, after his early morning outburst this morning on Truth Social, they'd be forced to have a family intervention or put in motion the same type of competency hearing I'll have to endure for Mrs. JP. They'd by necessity do something to rein in the crazy uncle/husband/father to try to save him from himself.
     But Donald Trump doesn't come from a normal family. Instead, he comes from one populated largely by wealthy Ivy League grads, one that told him and reassured him in word and deed over the first seven and a half decades of his life that he could do whatever he wanted and he'd never suffer comeuppance or even be forced to apologize for his actions. He was spoiled long, long before he was swaddled with the ridiculous immunity of the presidency.
    That's why it seems perfectly normal that Donald Trump would essentially wish "death and destruction" on the Manhattan DA, who just today received an envelope full of white powder (inert and harmless) and came with a typed letter that said, "Alvin: I am going to kill you."
     Even if it was talcum powder or baby formula, that's still serious enough to warrant a federal investigation. And I think any thinking person can safely draw a line connecting Donald Trump and his threats and childish name-calling and this, so far, anonymous miscreant who threatened DA Bragg.
     Keep in mind that exactly a week has gone by and the grand jury hasn't voted whether or not to indict. In fact, as Amanda Marcotte reminded us in today's newsletter
     "What’s frustrating is there’s reason to worry Bragg is balking. Despite all his chest-thumping about how he won’t be intimidated, Bragg is suddenly finding all sorts of reasons not to move forward to indictment. First he canceled the Wednesday grand jury meeting. Then, when they reconvened, he pivoted to another, unrelated case, pausing the hush money inquiry, quite possibly indefinitely."
     So Trump is screaming hyperbolically about death and destruction just at the merest, one week-old speculation of indictment and arrest that's looking less and less as if it's even in the offing and as it's looking more and more as if Bragg is losing his balls again.
     That's because Trump has never been so close to actually facing accountability before, not even during his two impeachments because it was already pre-ordained that the Republican-run Senate would vote to acquit, which, of course, they had.
     But I think it's safe to say this is the first time Donald Trump ever came this close to accountability since his brother Fred dumped those mashed potatoes on his head when he was seven. He's still that little boy, sulking and weeping with rage, wiping mashed potatoes from his head."
     Plus, as Amanda Marcotte said, no one wants to get arrested or injured or killed over Stormy Daniels. It's, ironically, not sexy enough. Keep in mind this is a man who's so desperate for any love, validation and attention that he's "retruthing" an incredibly unscientific poll by someone named "Cat Turd".


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