Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Pottersville Digest

     I guarantee you this would happen in virtually any city in America.
     Oh, look, another scandal for Bobo.
     WHAT?! What is this fucking country turning into???
     If it wasn't for the very real possibility of a government shutdown hurting innocent Americans, I'd be laughing myself sick over this Stephen King clown show we're now seeing.
     #1 You, DeSantis, are a fascist asshole for manhandling one of Carlson's dogs. I hate Tucker Carlson with a passion but I love dogs and he was spot-on.
     #2 Fuck you, Murdock. Americans, 81,000,000 of us, were smart enough to vote out the lying rapist you'd largely helped make possible. So who's stupid now, mate?
     #3 In case I forgot to say it, fuck you DeSantis and Murdoch.

     Me too. This is an asshole who helped bring about the original Me too movement. You've heard of the Lincoln Lawyer. Trump's are the Edsel lawyers.
    This heartless piece of sadism has zero chance of passing because of the Democratic Senate and White House. This is the usual right wing Kabuki theater, vice signalling to the well-heeled lobbyists and corporate scumbags who keep them in power that, yes, we're on the job making America a great banana republic.

I'm sure the feeling's mutual. Except Murdoch is old enough to be Trump's father. So, who will get their wish first? Let's find out...

  Isn't Van Drew that turncoat asshole who got elected as a Democrat then switched to the GOP once he got in?

     Meme intermission.

     No. Her refusal to push back against his lies is not an example of a journalist doing their job.

  When all is said and done and the historians pick over the burning embers of these dark days, they will call the early 21st century, "the post-truth era", the one in which lies from neo-fascist autocrats that were diametrically opposite of the truth reigned supreme... and that we let them supplant the truth with their lies.
What is going on with Ken Buck these days? He's coming dangerously close to finding his inner human.

     "I'M MELTING, MELTING! OH, WHAT A WORLD!" (melts into a black puddle.)


    Oh please. Haley's polling in single digits. Republican voters en masse will never vote for her even in the interests of party primacy because she's a woman and half Indian. They'll just give Biden a pass for 2024 then retool for 2028.

Historically, Republicans have had the spine of a microwaved chocolate eclair. They talk a tough game... until crunch time comes. Then, like mindless buffalo, they wind up running with the herd. And finally...

When I read stories such as this, I have no choice but to conclude that neo Nazi school board members are actively trying to get killed parents who simply disagree with them. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)


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