Sunday, June 9, 2024

Pottersville Digest

     Even if this is true, and I think those of us with two neurons to rub together know better than to take whatever he says with more than a grain of salt, then this will make his shysters and E. Jean Carroll happy.
     I think Congressman Rose's six year-old son acted more maturely today than the J6 rioter asshole who sat behind Dr. Fauci pulling faces.
     "Oh, wow, a rare new species! Let's kill it."
     No, asshole. That's just you looking in the mirror.

     Kohl's just dropped out of sponsoring the Nazi convention in Milwaukee. Good for them.

     Who is this right wing asshole? "Shaky legal reasoning"? Well, the NY prosecutors established guilt beyond a reasonable doubt across nearly three dozen criminal counts and the jury agreed. And how come he doesn't seem so concerned about the "shaky legal reasoning" behind Hunter Biden's bullshit trial regarding firearms violations (especially as Hunter had surrendered the gun just two weeks after buying it)?
     I see President Biden getting more than the 270 electoral votes he needs. In fact, I see him surpassing the 306 electoral college votes he got in 2020. Why? Because Trump is shedding more supporters every time he opens his mouth. Suburban white female voters are less likely to vote for him than they were in 2020 when they collectively turned their backs on him. Independents are turning away from him in droves including more centrist Republican voters. Young people will not vote for him in significant numbers. Same goes for Jewish voters, African American voters, Latino voters, demographics that historically skew Democratic. These plain facts are at stark odds with the usual lying polls that say this is a neck and neck race (they say that every four years in order to cynically and artificially maintain and drive viewer and reader engagement). He will lose the popular vote for the third time in a row because he will never appeal to any demographic beyond that rock-solid 30-35% of MAGAts.
     Because, yeah, Trump was sprayed with fire hoses and had police dogs sicced on him in Manhattan.
    But, yeah, let's talk about Hunter Biden. (Narrator: Hunter Biden surrendered his gun two weeks after buying it.)
     I think it's time to call in Kristi Noem to put him out of his misery.
     Slouching toward Bethlehem, New York.

     Morons literally on parade. They like to scream "Back the Blue!" until they themselves break the law and get arrested.
     These people sound like heroin addicts during a slight hiccup in the heroin supply chain.
     It makes perfect sense that Time Magazine would dumb down questions for Trump in the faint hopes of getting cogent answers from Donnie Dumbo. But that's not fair to Biden.

    The only proper names for this guy are Uncle Tom, Toby and Topsy.

     Sam Alito: "Take my wife, please!" And finally...
     Alvin Bragg is about to step in a viper's nest and, if he does, it will not end well.


At June 11, 2024 at 3:04 PM, Anonymous CC said...

Let's hope that Grisham and Griffin are correct.

You can count on Republicans to not fold and admit guilt even when guilt is clear. They'll keep attacking and claiming victimhood.

Too many Democrats, on the other hand, would rather not piss off Republicans or may even want to appease them even when the facts and public sentiment are on the Democrats' side.


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