Sunday, July 22, 2018

Gotham City Digest, 7/22/18

     Where you can watch the de-evolution of Mankind one summit at a time.

     You ever notice when a right wing nut job gets a book deal, they go on TV then either they get kicked off the show or storm off in a huff? Witness Christine O'Donnell on Piers Morgan's show a few years ago. Then this happened on The View when Pirro appeared to pimp her new book, "Stalking Hillary Clinton Has Become My Second Career." Like a typical right wing class act, Pirro called all the hosts "cocksuckers" before sniffling about all her woes on Sean Handjob's radio show. Naturally, her book shot up to #1 on Amazon, proving once again we are indisputably the stupidest fucking nation on earth.

     And then there was this out of New Jersey yesterday morning... No, Trump, my "favorite president" did a lot of wrong things. But JFK was still a better president than you.

     How ingenious of Trump to set up an assembly line for his daily fellating.

     Looks as if Trump's vanity parade is going to be more expensive than the Pentagon thought. It's going to coincide with Putin's visit to the US this fall so he'll get the chance to watch his military pass by. Then again, it's going to be held four days after the Blue Tsunami on Election Day so it'll turn into a celebration of the Democrats taking back the Senate and House.

     Deflect and distract. I get it. But I disagree with Cuomo, if the Cohen tapes are perhaps more important than Cuomo thinks. Especially if these tapes prove he broke election finance laws.

     "Two months ago, NRATV host Dan Bongino called reports of NRA-Russia ties a 'fairy tale.'
      Most fairy tales don’t end with orange jumpsuits and jail time."
      Zing points for Rolling Stone.

     Speaking of Butina... Is latest from TASS, tovarisch. Russians think they're in position to demand Butina's release, which goes to show you how deeply Trump's in Putin's pocket and how very well aware they are of that fact.

     Wow, the cocksuckers couldn't even give Spicey the home town discount.

     For the benefit of those of you who don't know how to speak or read Russian like me, this is from the Twitter account of Alexander Torshin, the Russian politician/spy who along with captured Russian spy and NRA member Maria Butina, has been worming his way into the NRA's good graces since at least 2011 (Yes, seven years, comrades). And in this tweet from February 2016, Torshin writes, ""Maria Butina is now in the United States. Writes to me that D. Trump (member of NRA) is ready for cooperation with Russia."

     Wow, Republicans really are masters at projection. Here's the nut bag who's opposing Tim Kaine for his Senate seat in Virginia getting drowned out by peals of laughter after saying that Trump is "standing up to Russia," which would be quite a trick since Trump drops to his knees every time he sees Putin. Yes, as the old saying goes, exit laughing.

     Here's the RNC's spokeswoman claiming Democrats want hundreds of thousands of Russians to vote in the next general election... for Trump. Where the hell does Fox find these short bus superstars?

     These are photographs of Trump's prepared remarks from a few days ago. They appear to show that a line about bringing the election hackers to justice was crossed out, and a line denying collusion was added. Again, Trump won't even entertain the possibility of going after the hackers because he knows damned good and well they were acting under direct orders of his boss Putin.

     This is from January but is very worth revisiting since the midterms will be in three and a half months. Buy, uh, aren't poll taxes illegal?

     Russian mob money built Trump's empire? No fucking shit, Sherlock.

     Rachel Maddow deconstructs the WaPo's latest scoop that proves KT McFarland knew of Flynn's collusion with the Russians and her getting the job on the recommendation of Maria Butina's boytoy Erickson.

     Oh, fucking spare me, Fox. This is the new Republican Party. These scumbags are not outliers. They are you. They are the product of lowering the level of political discourse until the bar is buried six feet underground. This is the natural result of letting more extreme and less qualifed candidates run for office. This is the Nexus phase of 2010's Teabagger movement, the racist and fascist tablesetters for Donald fucking Trump. So spare me your fucking shock when over the hill storm troopers like Arthur Jones win primaries. tRump's bringing them out like termites during a fumigation. You supported and still support Trump and are now trying to pretend as if there's daylight between Trump and his little bastard sons. This is the new Republican Party.
      Own it, bitches.

     There are useful idiots like Trump.
     And then, there's the utterly useless variety, such as these turncoat racists called The League of the South who'd actually set up a Russian language web page to foster the relationship between us and Russia, "two natural allies." Yes, you read that right: "natural allies." "Goldarn, Cletus, I done thought that fox we hired would rebuild the hen house, not eat all the Goldarn chickens." "No one coulda seen that, Zeke." "Let's go watch Hee Haw reruns!"

     Has anyone else noticed that the Mueller revelations are now coming out not just every day but SEVERAL times every day? Now Carter Page is relevant again. When asked if he was a Russian agent, Page replied, "Нет, товарищ! Никогда!"

     Any wonder why last year the Secret Service went broke in the first 6 months of Trump's "presidency"? Now they're doing it again this year, this time by blowing $230,000 of our money on a business trip to Saudi Arabia for American Psycho 1 & 2.

     Completely forgetting their Obama Derangement Syndrome between 2009-2017, Fox "News" is now bemoaning all the "Trump Derangement Syndrome". When I see Trump's jiggling umber kisser on Fixed News, I think of Big Brother's on those giant Jumbotrons in 1984. Who else is with me?

     Yes, grilling an interpreter before Congress would be unprecedented. But so is having a Russian stooge in the Oval Office.

     Thanks to Stand Your Ground laws in places like Florida, we now have the right to kill each other over parking spaces.

     Just before Trump won the GOP nomination, one of Maria Butina’s top American contacts privately told the Trump campaign that the “international reach of the NRA placed me in a position to slowly begin cultivating a back-channel to Putin’s Kremlin.” And finally...

     That's right, Kemp and Pence. Keep a civil tongue on that jackboot.


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