Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pottersville Pre-Broken News

Applicants for positions in the Obama administration realized that the dreaded 63 question litmus test was actually the easiest part of the vetting process,

Meet the new war, same as the old war.

I understand that the flow of information has to be controlled in a war zone but how can officially merging the mainstream media with Psy Ops, which deals with propaganda, possibly be good thing, especially when it alienates our European NATO allies in Afghanistan?

The commander of NATO operations in Afghanistan, Gen. David McKiernan, ordered the merger to take place starting tomorrow. A NATO official said of the move, "This will totally undermine the credibility of the information released to the press and the public."

Gee, ya think?

I have never once heard of a Secretary of State or any Cabinet-nominee having their nomination conditional on their spouse negotiating to release a donor list of 208,000 on the fears that it would provide conflict of interest.

Yet that's what Bill Clinton's already agreed to do (as well as meeting 8 other conditions). Apparently, Barack Obama is already trusting Bill: He's expected to nominate Hillary "Incomiiiing!" Clinton as the next Secretary of State before Bill even releases his donor list, which is kind of like one guy saying to another at a drug deal, "Oh, I don't have to count the money- I can trust you."

Leave it to the ultra left wing NY Times to pen a seven page article about a retired general who's essentially a lobbyist for a war contractor, gets those contracts through his Pentagon connections then goes on television on a regular basis to criticize the military's spending habits if it doesn't directly benefit his company... all without ever once disclosing to either his prospective clients nor the viewers at home as to who really butters his bread...

...without the NY Times ever once even seriously questioning the conflict of interest.

Barry McCafferey, called by the Gray Lady a "One Man Military-Industrial-Media Complex", a retired four star general, has been doing just that for Defense Solutions, just one of a long line of little-known war profiteers who had gotten billions in Iraq war contracts and then turned the network news into an erstwhile commercial for his other employer.

I cannot express how amazingly sleazy and corrupt this is and likewise am I unable to express my contempt for a so-called liberal newspaper for not even seeming to notice how amazingly sleazy and corrupt this type of contract procurement is and at how the news has been turned into a platform for the commercials of war profiteers.

Speaking of conflict of interest, how about this McClatchy news item of yet another priest who told his congregation that voting for Obama is a sin?

Only this one in Modesto, CA comes with a twist: Not only should they go to confession to confess their sin for voting for Obama (who'd endorsed a pro-choice stance), if they don't do so, they may not get to heaven to meet the Baby Jebus.

So it appears as if the RCC is really no different than the protestant fundie mega McChurchs that see no problem with mixing politics with religion seemingly with no thought as to possibly violating the conditions of their tax-exempt status.

Courtesy of the Nation, here's a sneak peek at an article written by actor/activist Sean Penn that will appear in the HuffPo tomorrow. It's called "A Mountain of Snakes" and it details Penn's October meeting with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Penn starts out by uttering a sentiment echoed by your's truly:
Soon to be Vice President-elect Joe Biden was rallying the troops: "We can no longer be energy dependent on Saudi Arabia or a Venezuelan dictator." Well, I know what Saudi Arabia is. But having been to Venezuela in 2006, touring slums, mixing with the wealthy opposition and spending days and hours at its president's side, I wondered, without wondering, to whom Senator Biden was referring. Hugo Chávez Frías is the democratically elected president of Venezuela (and by democratically elected I mean that he has repeatedly stood before the voters in internationally sanctioned elections and won large majorities, in a system that, despite flaws and irregularities, has allowed his opponents to defeat him and win office, both in a countrywide referendum last year and in regional elections in November). And Biden's words were the kind of rhetoric that had recently led us into a life-losing and monetarily costly war, which, while toppling a shmuck in Iraq, had also toppled the most dynamic principles upon which the United States was founded, enhanced recruitment for Al Qaeda and deconstructed the US military.

However, one has to wonder how comfortable Chavez was of being in Penn's presence considering his recent habit of playing political figures who get assassinated.


At November 30, 2008 at 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's time for churches to start paying taxes.

Terry C

At December 1, 2008 at 7:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"how can officially merging the mainstream media with Psy Ops, which deals with propaganda, possibly be good thing, especially when it alienates our European NATO allies in Afghanistan?"

Because that's the whole point, to alienate every other nation on the planet. The Conservative movement appointed Bush Commander in Chief specifically to ruin America, both politically and economically.

At December 3, 2008 at 12:06 PM, Blogger Bob W. said...

I saw your post on the PSYOP merger thing: I wrote a little bit about this issue here. It's contrary to what you wrote here, so tear it apart at your leisure

Today there was a report that everything was worked out at Nato ISAF; my guess is that everyone agreed that there would be no deception or propaganda issued from the office, and that it would use the truth to advance Nato ISAFs positions, and everyone bought off on it.


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