Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ann Romney, Please Shut the Fuck Up


Even though your silicon-based husband Willard would've already sunk his campaign without your help, you really, seriously, truly, honestly just need to shut the fuck up because you are simply a cunt. You are a gimlet in both inner ears, Nosferatu fingernails clawing forever on freshly cleaned glass or blackboards, that cat hair or two in the eyeball. You are an outrage and an embarrassment even to other rich, monster-fucking cunts like Hilary Rosen.

There's a very real chance I'll get slapped with the misogynist label but one thing we have in common, Ann, is that neither of us ever gave a fuck what people thought about us. Here's the difference:

I did not grow up in wealth and privilege nor did I marry into it. And even if I had, I'd like to think I'd have the presence of mind to not retroactively create poverty just because there was a time in my salad days when I couldn't lift my four upscale automobiles to street level with a car elevator.

"Living on the edge" usually doesn't include being able to cash in stocks and bonds because poor people can't afford to speculate in the stock market. Instead, poor people raid their kids' piggie banks, dig into the couch cushions and count pennies, sell their cars so they can get on welfare, thereby crippling their ability to get to a job interview and to a job so they can get off welfare.

That would be poor people your Ken doll of a husband Willard made poor by buying up corporations then putting them out of work, usually just before Christmas, while outsourcing their jobs to China or liquidating the company. Poor people sometimes work, sometimes two or more jobs (when there were jobs, not that you'd have any insight into that), just to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. They usually don't have rich industrialist/Governors/HUD directors as fathers to bail them out when their stock portfolio gets a little thin.

And in your little self-defensive diatribe about all the troubles you've seen, I don't recall you mentioning Mitt's student loans that crippled him with over $100,000 in debt before he ever saw his sheepskin or the Pell grants he had to take advantage of, the same Pell grants on which many millions of college students have had to depend to have a prayer of paying down their tuition, the same Pell grants that your antifreeze-blooded lunatic of a husband would love nothing more than to abolish and replace with Paul Ryan vouchers.

And as for "entertaining", for poor people, "entertaining" usually means having a moving party when families whose jobs were outsourced by your husband then had to leave when they got the foreclosure or eviction notice served to them by a constable.

And the pressures of parenthood weren't alleviated by nannies and other servants when it came time to go to a Republican ladies luncheon so you could glorify the destruction your husband wrought on real working class families and badmouth liberals and how poverty is a "mental disease", as Neil Boortz recently put it.

Staying home with the children or working one or two or three jobs wasn't always a choice (Choice is usually something conservatives like to deny those who aren't blessed with an inherited fortune, is it not?). To the working poor and middle class (which are increasingly becoming one and the same thanks to private equity vultures like your husband), nannies from upscale agencies weren't an option. We have day cares that are so prohibitively expensive it hardly makes sense to even work one of those jobs. So sometimes, stay-at-home moms would forgo work because it didn't make any sense to slave for 40 hours a week just to put their entire paycheck into a day care center's pocket.

Ann Romney, you are a pearl-clutching, rich cunt who seriously needs to shut the fuck up, the stereotype of the rich Republican cunt wife who is so clueless and so out of touch you've forgotten what it feels like to sweat. Unlike the Rude Pundit, I do not cut you a little bit of slack and acknowledge your MS and the struggles you've had to face because other people, poor people with no insurance, have had to face the same disease. And when poor people without affordable health insurance or any insurance are afflicted with degenerative diseases, it if anything widens their compassion for others.

MS has not done the same for you. You continue carrying on seemingly with your husband's blessings as if we should stop moving our furniture out of our foreclosed homes and raising kids that our work schedules practically guarantee we never see awake or spend any quality time with them so we can all have a pity party for Ann and Willard Romney just because decades ago they couldn't put on glittering parties with the glitterati like the Kennedys.

Parenthood also includes seeing your kids off at the AFEES as they take the oath on enlisting because job opportunities were stretched thinner than a Crêpes Suzette thanks to scumbags like your husband. Parenthood also includes crying inside and out knowing that your teenage child will get sent into a war zone needlessly created by your husband's party despite the recruiter's assurances they wouldn't. Parenthood for over 5000 families also includes receiving a flag folded into a tight little triangle by an honor guard at graveside. But you and your kids wouldn't know anything about that.

Because your Ken and Barbie, Ward and June version of Pleasantville parenthood means your kids can stay out of the military and not have to work ball-busting jobs or any jobs at all so they can pose with pretty, ponytailed cheerleaders and ride air conditioned campaign buses to support their scumbag father's every failed campaign because he's so creepily corporate and about as popular and appealing as AIDS in Provincetown.

So, even though you're just bringing into more merciless relief what a pair of cold-blooded, reptilian douchebags you and your husband are, for the sake of all that's holy, you seriously need to shut the fuck up, you stupid, out of touch cunt.


At April 18, 2012 at 1:42 PM, Blogger Denise said...


At April 18, 2012 at 7:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant analysis. And to top it all off Ann later claimed that the whole brouhaha was "an early birthday gift" -- it was her birthday a few days after "Rosengate". When pressed on the insensitivity of this she said she was misunderstood...that she had meant that it was a gift that we are now having this cvery important conversation, blablabla...
I don't like the c word usually but in this case I'll make an exception.

At April 19, 2012 at 5:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicely said

At April 21, 2012 at 4:05 PM, Anonymous Ev said...

Good Job, JP every word a truth. I paid for my degree with a loan, took me ten years to ger rid of the debt.and I could pay it off only because, i had the privilege of having a monthly check from my parents and had to have a loan only for the last stint, after my father died.

Living off investments? Nah. I must say I was happy with hubby, we mde ends meet, but it required to be not too picky when it came to jobs. Cleaning loos, well if necessary...

At April 23, 2012 at 5:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The smug outrage was the most galling. the 1% can feign outrage with the best of them. If we call them out they are suddenly just average douchebags. The Romney dog story has now been spun. He liked it on the roof of the station wagon. They live in a bubble and Mittens wants to be President because he believes it is owed to him. Those creeps in the White House will sicken me and the media ass kissing will reach the gag reflex for everyone on the left.

At July 26, 2012 at 12:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great. Too bad you did this fabulous rant before the "you people" comment, which cemented her in cuntdom for eternity.

At June 9, 2013 at 1:15 AM, Blogger knight4444 said...

BTW, it's june 2013 anne guess what? Anne is still CRYING!! will this bitch ever go away??


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