Sunday, July 24, 2016

Out of the Wilderness, a Voice of Clarity

     Granted, this Reddit user may have been a bit misguided at the end, although I share his bitter sentiment that Bernie failed his true test (A quiet change of rules stipulated that the Democratic runner-up had to officially endorse the presumptive nominee or lose all his or her super delegate states). But his appraisal of the "neoDems" is spot on.
     They're like Michael Scott on that ill-fated date on The Office. He's told to look for a brunette wearing a black top and jeans and thinks he sees her in a hot blonde in a dress. Even when faced with a mountain of irrefutable data that's been vetted by network news and proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was in the tank for Hillary going back to before Clinton threw her hat in the ring, all they can do is shake their heads as if the uncomfortable, incriminating words will fall out.
     And even if the Russian were the ones behind the Guccifer 2.0 leaks, that still wouldn't make them any the less truthful. The DNC colluded with media who in turn effusively gushed about Hillary while grudgingly paying lip service to the Sanders campaign and treating him as an also-ran even when he was picking up primary and caucus states left and right.
     And instead of addressing the issues proving rampant corruption and collusion between the supposedly impartial DNC, the Clinton campaign, Super PACS, Superdelegates and the media, what do we hear on social media?
     "But, but... Sanders admitted to illegally hacking into the DNC servers to get that voter list!"
     Which is simply not true. The Sanders campaign sued to get those voter lists when Schultz's DNC withheld them and when the Sanders campaign was finally cleared of wrong-doing, only then they turned the spigots and released the names.
     "But... but, Sanders was never a Democrat until now! What about that, huh?"
     Well, Clinton was never a Democrat, either, isn't now nor ever will be. She started out as a Goldwater Girl and will remain one until the Grim Reaper finally claims her.
     You got nuthin', you right wing jackals. You can stare at that burning house and see all the ice cream cones until it turns into a mountain of fucking Ben & Jerry's. That burning house is the shambles you and your super heroes of bipartisanship made of the democracy we once had. It's Constitution Hall in Philly where Democracy will come full circle and gasp its last in the city that birthed it 240 years ago this month.
     You see a champion for Civil Rights whose record goes back to the Kennedy years and see a racist. Meanwhile, you look at a portly racist who'd once aligned herself with a Republican who wanted to repeal the Civil Rights Act and two decades later helped imprison young black men for petty crimes and see in her the Civil Rights champion Bernie Sanders is.
     You listen to the rhetoric and the easy populism of Hillary shadow boxing in a one-sided match with Wall Street and think you hear another great champion who's going to clean up that same Wall Street that had paid her and Slick Willie countless millions over the years and will continue to through that Potemkin charity known as the Clinton Foundation. Meanwhile, Bernie's an unrealistic dreamer.
     You look at her record that proves repressive Middle Eastern regimes who'd given up to $10,000,000 to that same Clinton Foundation and just coincidentally, every fucking time, got an arms deal approved by Secretary of State Clinton and see someone who will do something about ISIS. Like maybe invade Iraq all over again.
     "If you don't vote for Hillary, Trump will win!"
     Yeah, isn't it funny how Tammany Hall 2.0, aka what used to be the Democrat Party, keeps putting us in this mess every four years? They keep fielding Democrats who still can't get out much more than 40% of the electorate even in general election years and every four years default to the fear-mongering and resorting to the politics of fear that morons like you keep falling for every forty eight fucking months.
     "If you don't vote for Gore, Bush will win!"
     "If you don't vote for Kerry, Bush will win again!"
     "If you don't vote for Obama, McCain will win!"
     "If you don't vote for Obama again, Romney will win!"
     "If you don't vote for Hillary..."
     Don't bother, we know the rest of the threadbare, dog-eared spiel by now.
     Listen, Hillarybots, being, unlike you a real liberal, I don't believe in poll taxes or litmus tests. But you people are so fucking stupid, buffalo show more intelligence and cognitive thinking during a stampede. And when I listen to the drivel that comes out of your keyboards on social media, you make me reconsider that litmus test. Surely, there must be some way to make you prove your fitness to vote.
     And I'd be ashamed to call myself a Democrat if I thought for even a minute that you were Democrats, as well. But you are the new right wing, the new undeclared neoliberals who actually think hiking taxes on the rich is bad, actual reform is "dreamy" and unrealistic. You are exactly what I used to see a decade ago when right wingers would look at a dry drunk hillbilly named George W. Bush who couldn't even be counted on to eat a pretzel without adult supervision and saw a great and brilliant statesman.
     You are stupid cunts and I owe you no time, house room or respect. You had your chance to get behind the candidate who actually did stand more than a chance against Trump and went with the crook with the falling numbers and the buddies who will soon be thrown out of office and in prison. And, true to form, when and if Trump wins the Presidency, you'll blame Sanders and his voters and we'll hear Ralph Nader's name over and over again until the fucking Rapture.
     Because, like typical right wingers, you will never blame yourselves for hitching your wagon to Hillary, a power-mad psychopath who literally laughs when talking about the invasions of Iraq or Libya without thinking for a second of the thousands who were killed to those ends.
     You deserve Trump because when you crown Hillary your nominee this Thursday, you will be handing the White House to a guy who really does make George W. Bush look brilliant and statesmanlike by comparison. You, the voters, you the delegates, you the super delegates, it will all be on you when we vote Bernie or Jill on a third ticket.
     Because regardless of who gets in the Oval Office, they won't be just the next President of the United States.
     They'll be the last.

     ♪ ♫  ♪ ♫ The Party's over... ♪ ♫  ♪ ♫
     Maybe if she's lucky, they'll let her sweep up the confetti and broken balloons after Bernie gets the nomination.


At July 25, 2016 at 8:40 AM, Blogger Mithras61 said...

I think the fact the Hillary immediately named Debbie as her honorary campaign chair when Debbie was fired for her bad (potentially illegal) running of the DNC and rigging the primaries against everyone but Hillary is a huge "FUCK YOU" to everyone who isn't already in the bag for Hillary.

I can't imagine who she thinks is going to vote for her, but it sure isn't anyone who has been robbed of their say in this election, and it seems damned unlikely to me that any Republican would turn to her over Trump after the last 25 years of her being in their cross-hairs for bad deeds all and sundry. It seems to me that she'll be extremely lucky top walk away from the General with maybe 60% of Democrats voting for her and no one else.

At July 25, 2016 at 3:03 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

60%, huh? My my, aren't we the optimist?

Stick around and check in later tonight. Ari sent Mikey to Philly to chronicle the death of Democracy in the very city in which it was midwifed.

That is, until Twitter censors my every account.

At July 26, 2016 at 9:38 AM, Blogger Mithras61 said...

In my defense, I did say MAYBE 60%. I was feeling generous on account of not having been awake very long. My math is thusly:

50% (roughly) of Dem voters voted for Clinton in the Primary
10% (from various polls) of Sanders supports will vote for her out of fear of Trump
60% of Dem voters

I know, I know. Only a fraction of voters from either party actually participate in the Primaries/Caucuses. I was feeling generous. You are correct, however, in that it seems like an overly optimistic value, especially in light of the hearty FUCK YOU from the Clinton campaign over the last year or so that continues on to this point in time.


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