Monday, January 21, 2019

Gotham City Digest, Two Year Itch edition

(Where we will never prevaricate or vacillate on whether to spit or swallow.)

     It took two years for the sticker shock to set in with these morons. How much you want to bet this latest shutdown is affecting them personally and causing them to turn on him?

     A week ago, Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller published an op-ed by "a senior administration official" who openly hoped the furloughed workers would not come back. This is one of the real reasons for the shutdown, to realize tax dodger Grover Norquist's wet dream of shrinking the government so you can "drown it in a bathtub." These are the people Trump just lauded on Twitter for working for free and called "great patriots."

     Trump does the bare minimum and gives lip service to Dr. King for less than two minutes. But what did you expect from a guy who called neonazis and white supremacists "very fine people"?

     Yes, Trumpie the Klown's trying to make himself look thinner and his hands bigger.

     I guess Cohen couldn't bribe CNBC with a Walmart bag full of cash like he did Falwell's goon.

     Right wingers really get hysterical when they discover their toxic actions by proxy have consequences. This is why we needed Dr. Martin Luther King and a civil rights movement and why we STILL need one.

     If it can confirm a right wing, partisan nutball like Kavanaugh, the Senate Judiciary Committee can certainly do this.

     Every Sunday morning is like Christmas when Rudy Giuliani opens his piehole and admits Trump broke one law or another. Yesterday it was, "It's perfectly natural" for a president who's the subject of a years-long federal investigation to speak with his lawyer just before testifying to Congress. And you'd think a former US Attorney would know that's witness tampering, obstruction of justice and then threatening Michael Cohen's father in law is witness intimidation.
      All three are federal felonies. And Trump is acting more and more like a mob boss and Rudy is acting like his senile Consigliere. Because another thing Giuliani did yesterday was to expand the timeline so that Trump was still canoodling with the Russians about the tower near or even after Election Day.

     I've never been a huge fan of Maxine Waters but I admire her for having the guts to say the "I" word and calling for Trump's impeachment. That immediately puts her at odds with Pelosi and Hoyer, which to me is a good thing.

     When you sell out and get into bed with Donald Trump, as sure as shit attracts flies, death and destruction will follow. Donald Trump is a living, walking pox and if you cast your lot with him, there WILL be consequences.

     Glorified mall husband Mr. Kellyanne Conway takes another shot at Trump.

     Meanwhile, elsewhere in the heavily-smoked hamster ball of TrumpWorld, Mike Pence turns Donald "Blacks are inherently lazy" Trump into Dr. Martin Luther King.

     Well, well, well. Look what Catholic school deleted its Facebook page. And look whose mother (a VP at a major bank) called the whole thing "fake news."

     In case you were still wondering why the Gorilla Channel story was so believable two years ago, this is why.

     OK, here's Trump's grand compromise: I'll make a bunch of vague promises like DACA extensions for up to three years (which he ended) that I'll have no intention of honoring and in return you give me the $5.7 billion I've been screaming for for over a month.
      I listened to the entire 13+ minutes of this drivel and in doing so took a major hit for the team. That's gotta count for something.

     Of course it's a non-starter. Pelosi was right to reject it out of hand. Trump made a bunch of vague and empty promises and assurances just like Putin and Kim Jong Un made to him and he expects Democrats will be taken in by the same shell game.
     Pelosi wasn't and neither will the Dem House majority. These mealy-mouthed promises would be forgotten the nanosecond he ever got his hands on that money. His so-called propoals don't address the longterm security of migrants legally seeking asylum.
     For Trump, this is all about winning and beating the new Democratic House majority in its first real test. This is NOT about border security.

     So, get this: Roseanne Barr, unhinged professional hasbeen, is going to the Knesset at the end of the month to tell Israel what it feels like "to be an American Jew." She doesn't have the right to speak for all of them, especially as most American Jews are liberal Democrats and not right wing nut bags like her.

     It's not very often you read an article in which Donald Trump is the voice of reason (then again, this IS from a book by Chris Christie). But this goes to show you how petty, vindictive and unhinged Jared Kushner is.

     A Mexican airline did an experiment- They asked the residents of Wharton, Texas if they'd ever go to Mexico. When many said they wouldn't, they paid for DNA tests and whatever percentage of Mexican genes they had, they'd get that much off as a discount.
     The results and reactions were priceless. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Stan the Man Banos and BOATS.)

     It is bottomlessly pathetic when George W. Bush has to buy pizza for his Secret Service agents and Somalis have to provide lunch to TSA agents because of Trump's temper tantrum. And this serves as an object lesson in that Americans will always pull together and help each other when the chips are down. An object lesson that'll be forever lost on right wingers.

     When I hear Trudeau say shit like this about BDS being "a pack of lies", it makes me think his intelligence is overrated.

     The implication is very plain: Republicans visiting tyrants on the taxpayer dime is OK. But Democrats meeting with NATO and military leaders, not OK.

     The wait time was already three years. But the umber homunculus in the WH doesn't care about that, either.

     What the fuck does the length of a child's hair have to do with their willingness to get an education? You don't do that to a six year-old kid!

     Florida yet again. Growing edible food in your front yard is now a crime. What the fuck is the matter with that state?

     Melania flies to Mar-a-Lago on a military jet while a Congressional delegation got grounded.
In other words, "Do as I say, not as I do."

     The chutzpah of these white assholes and their white privilege makes me want to puke. "He's paid the ultimate price"?! Seems to me Laquan McDonald paid the ultimate price of Van Dyke's malignant racism.

     You'd think a corporation worth over $50,000,000,000 wouldn't have to steal money from children but you'd be wrong because this is, after all, Facebook.

     The only summit he's going to have next month is with his lawyers on the other side of the plexiglass.

     Yes, he's reduced to anecdotal lies about prayer rugs to make his case for the wall.

     Forget the federal workers who keep our food, parks and airlines safe and keep the government running, Let's think of the fetuses, y'all.

     Even a Texas Republican is calling Trump on his bullshit.

     But if a black president wears a tan suit or asks for Grey Poupon mustard, grab the rope!
     I love watching these right wing cunts flail against the inevitable winds of change.

     Michael Cohen got a taste of what's awaiting him in prison. This is what's known as the wages of sin. "Shoulder surgery"? I've never known for shoulder surgery to result in a black eye unless Cohen fell off the table.

     Sure as shit attracts flies, just hours after it was revealed Cohen was directed by Trump to lie to Congress, this came out. Divert and distract.

     The Trump administration is simply a gang of sadistic psychopaths who belong in a rubber room, plain and simple. Its cruelty is bottomless and I spend virtually every moment of my online life dreaming up ways to be cruel and sadistic to right wingers. Really, I do. And finally...

     GRAHAM: If there was some evidence that the president tried to conceal evidence, that would be obstruction of justice, potentially.
      BARR: Yes.


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