Friday, June 12, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(C'mon, you know he'd say these things.)

   This is pure bullshit and is the perfect synecdoche of what a regressive anti-science nation of morons we've become under Republican "leadership." To show how much Mike DeWine cares about Ohio's public health, he appointed a lawyer to replace Dr. Amy Acton as health director. A fucking lawyer.

     OK, Kelly, I know you're a corporate douchebag and that you don't know any better. But as true as it is that that big money campaign contributors are actually investors and shareholders looking for a big payout, actually calling them "investors" and "shareholders" is the part you're not supposed to say out loud.

     "Suicide." Uh huh. Your source for this? The police? Uh HUH. Who else? No one else. UH HUH. Yeah, I call bullshit. #JusticeforRobertFuller

    Absolutely nothing I've seen from this umber fascist over the last three and a half years has indicated he will willingly leave the WH after Biden defeats him. Ugly dictators don't willingly leave, including this #UglyPresident.

     It seems Simon & Schuster, that right wing sewage mill that saw fit to give a $240,000 contract to Milo, is getting into politics by offering excerpts of Bolton's book less than five months before the election. The timing and optics of this look very bad.

     This is going to be one epically fucked-up summer.

     Blame the parents, I say.

     But Antifa's the real threat, eh? Yeah, whatever.

    Some day we're going look back on these dark ages and conclude the United States had just completely given up on democracy and elected Republicans as a result.

     If the CARES recipients were even remotely legitimate, the WH would have no problem with releasing that list.

     And future historians will look back on this, as well, and exclaim, "They drank WHAT?!"

    "We dominate the streets with compassion," Ill Douche said in Dallas yesterday. I guess that doesn't extend to the ponds of Tennessee.

     Another vocational suicide bomber pushes the button.

     Smart girl.

     Hoover gave us shacks called Hoovervilles during the Depression. WWII vets returning to NYC got from Truman stifling Quonset huts. And with a massive wave of evictions coming at the end of the month,  I just don't see Trump doing even that for us.

      I can only imagine what got her kicked out of the party.

     To be honest, I'm amazed he didn't pick the 99th anniversary to pull this shit.

     Meme intermission.

    Bottom paragraph: "By clicking register below, you are acknowledging that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. By attending the Rally, you and any guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and agree not to hold Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.; BOK Center; ASM Global; or any of their affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, or volunteers liable for any illness or injury."
      Keeping America Great: One Rotting Corpse at a Time.

     Arrested for jaywalking, aka Walking While Black. This is the city Trump's going to hit in a week.

     I still find it hard to wrap my mind around the fact that until 53 years ago today, it was forbidden in 20 states to marry outside your race.

   Here's a perfect example of the inherent racism of our criminal justice system. With a white defendant, all we hear about is what he could be. With a black defendant, all we hear are the bad things he may have done.

    “These aren’t my voters.” Spoken like a true right wing bag o' shit. Of course, there SHOULDN'T be a culture war. We have always been from the very beginning of our history a melting pot of people from walks of life. And the sooner we all learn to start getting along, the sooner we can finally rebuild this country from the Republican dystopian nightmare they've turned it into.

    You know who else wanted to pit blacks against whites?
    Charles fucking Manson.

   These stupid cops are just completely out of fucking control. They just kicked a black guy peacefully protesting our of Santa Monica even though he lives there.

     Jesus God, do I fucking hate right wingers.

     Considering that Mnuchin recently said we the people don't have a right to know who's getting our money from the CARES Act, I'm surprised we even know this much. To find out more, go to

    Maybe instead of the coffee mermaid, Starbucks should make two-faced Janus their corporate logo.

     Somehow, knowing what a chauvinist pig he is, Trump mistaking Dr, Fiona Hill for a secretary doesn't surprise me one bit.

     “I think the concept of chokeholds sounds so innocent so perfect. And then you realize if it’s a one-on-one now if it’s a two-on-one that’s a little bit of a different story – depending – depending on the toughness and strength, you know we’re talking about toughness and strength, we are talking there’s a physical thing here also.”
    Says the gibbering idiot who just yesterday said we were "dominating the streets with compassion."

     I will believe to the end of my days that Jon Ossoff got robbed in GA-6 three years ago and I'd be highly upset if, like Stacey Abrams was in 2018, robbed again.

     Yes, once again, this blithering idiot thinks he's done more for black people than Lincoln, whom he'd called "questionable."

     Brad Parscale apparently thinks he can stuff 300 pounds of lard into a 20 pound sack. And finally...

     There's a world of difference between the heroes at the Brandenburg Gate in Germany in 1989 and these bloated meat puppets in Brandenburg, Kentucky.


At June 15, 2020 at 12:50 PM, Anonymous Roger Fox said...

I agree that the police are completely uncontrollable. How many cases must happen to end this ...


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