Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Take a knee, assholes.)

   This girl preaches the Word maybe to a choir but every white person needs to hear this short speech.

     We can only hope that the next time, they remember to bring the Mauser and cyanide pills. Bring Laura Ingraham down, too.

     Typical right wing asshole. The guys that's stiffed countless contractors and cities out of money he's owed them for years just vetoed a student loan debt forgiveness program.

     "You have to dominate!" This, coming from the Nazi PINO who's hiding from protesters in his bunker.

    Trump's mob law firm (formerly known as the Department of Justice) WOULD have no interest in cracking down on jackbooted cops.

    Digby and I are in independent agreement that the fix is already in and that the Hennepin County DA's office, the county coroner's office and the Minneapolis PD will do everything in their power to spike this trial.

    Cell Block Bernie Kerik is essentially blaming "radical leftist mayors" for George Floyd's death. "At the end of the day, those things happen," he breezily concludes. People just spontaneously turn into rotting corpses, it's all collateral damage. Blame the left. What a fucking clown. The very fact they're putting this fraud and crook on TV shows that Fox has a serious paucity of authoritative, trustworthy sources to turn to.

    Have you ever heard of the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act, asshole?

    If you've lost right wing sewer, THE DAILY WIRE, you've essentially lost Bullshit Mountain.

    Before Trump scuttled off to the Reichstag's bunker, he made sure to turn off all the lights at the WH. Yes, they literally turned the lights off.

    The Minneapolis Public School Board is demanding that the district cut ties with the Minneapolis Police Department. “It’s just gotten to the point where I don’t think in good conscience I can give another dime...It’s an agency that’s not correcting its mistakes.”
    YES!!! And they can take it another step further by kicking out all the school resource officers from their department to keep their minority students safe.

     More cop thuggery.

     And still more racist cop thuggery. Remember, the cops are committing most of the violence and rioting. There was absolutely no excuse for doing this.

     The epitome of white privilege:
     "In 2013, police picked him up on assault and battery charges, and also... with a count of failing to tell an officer he had a concealed handgun. The gun charge was dismissed in a plea deal that saw him pay $200 in fines.
     In 2011, after being nabbed for alleged reckless driving, he was also charged with carrying a concealed weapon... downgraded to disturbing the peace in a plea deal that resulted in a $200 fine."
     And even after he murdered a black man on Saturday, "He was taken into custody shortly after the 11 p.m. shooting but not booked."
     As you can see, this right wing thug and the Trumps have a thing going.

     Kentucky police are at it again. This time, they murdered a black business owner who used to feed them for free. When the news about this spread (including the extreme disturbing fact they left his body to rot on the street for a full half day), the police chief got fired but still gets to keep his pension.

     Trump's followers are deserting him and so are Zuck's.

     Meme intermission.

     Here's a handy-dandy George Floyd timeline:
    Minneapolis police called to the scene of a possible petty larceny in progress. Police respond to call.
     Eight minutes and 46 seconds in police custody, George Floyd dies after Derek Chauvin kneels on his neck for over eight minutes on video.
     Police say Floyd resisted arrest.
     Chauvin put on paid administrative leave. Police surround his house to protect him.
     Security footage shows police lied about Floyd resisting arrest.
     Hemnepin Co. DA says there's nothing to charge Chauvin with.
     Minneapolis bursts into flames.
     Chauvin fired, arrested three days later, other three responding officers fired.
    Hennepin Co. DA says. "OK, we'll charge Chauvin with murder three and manslaughter. You happy?"
     Minneapolis burns more brightly. The rest of the nation follows.
     Hennepin County Coroner's office finds no evidence of strangulation then holds out possibility of George Floyd having, "potential intoxicants" in his system even before the tox screen comes back.
     The rest of the nation burns.
     Independent autopsy says Floyd was strangled.
   Hennepin Co. Coroner's Office hours later- "Ooooh, THAT evidence of strangulation! Yeah, Floyd's the victim of a homicide, after all. Our bad!"
     Floyd family demands charges be upgraded to murder one.
     Hennepin Co. DA- "....."
     Timeline will be updated as the coverup and lies progress.

     So, this was El Caudillo del Mar a Lago. "I am your president of law and order..."
    ...says the guy who shook in a bunker of a dark White House while a church across the street burned to the ground.

     Like me and every other good political journalist, Charlie Pierce knows when to cut loose with the snark and when to play it straight when the situation calls for it. Here, he does the latter and gives us a sobering take on the violence we saw nationwide this weekend.

     Sure. It's fucking 2020. Why NOT clusters of earthquakes?

     You ain't the only one, Archbishop.

     Black lives mattuhh. I ❤️ it.

    It doesn't matter what you do or ever did for this vicious fucks. You could feed them for free or help them when they're injured. They'll still shoot you.

     Police ban: "Shoot the motherfuckers. Don't put that over the air." It's on the internet now, asshole.

     But, but... the uppity blacks!

     And then, when things look their darkest, when the villains threatening to dominate the landscape, there are heroes like this to show us the other end of the spectrum of human nature. And there are the villains themselves. When police saw that Rahul Dubey opened up his home to 72 protesters, police fired tear gas through his windows, slammed him against a wall and even blocked a pizza delivery.

    There is no way that anyone with fully-functional powers of cognition can avoid coming to the conclusion that Trump is a fucking dictator who's reacting to this unrest from a position of fear and paranoia.

     Helaine Olen nails Trump in her latest op-ed, claiming he's the real anarchist. This is what Trump and his MAGAt supporters wanted all along- To destroy the natural order of things. Now the vultures are coming home to roost. Trump is threatening to violate the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and the Insurrection Act of 1807. The protesters are availing themselves of their 1st Amendment right of peaceful assembly. Trump already said he wants to gun them down and the police are happy to comply.
     So remind me again who the REAL anarchists are?

     Speaking of the vultures coming home to roost.

   NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Kasie Hunt tried to pin down Republicans for their responses to Trump's lack leadership. The non-responses were typical. of the radical right wing. Her Twitter feed is a masterpiece of comedy.

    In yet another crowning irony, Trump literally stepped over medical supplies to get to his photo op.

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck you.

    Ordering voters standing in line to go home? Why are cops so earnestly, vigorously, confidently stupid?

     I really, REALLY love my fellow New Yorkers.

     Looks as if the professional brown shirts have arrived.

     "The thought of Trump directing governors like some kind of Rascal Scooter generalissimo was rich; these are men and women who’ve been fighting COVID-19 and civil unrest for months now, and their collective eye-rolling today must have altered the orbit of the planet in some measurable way.” - Rick Wilson And finally...

     See? Even the FBI knows Antifa wasn't there. So shut the fuck up, you lying, fascist cunts.


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