Monday, June 5, 2023

Pottersville Digest

     I don't know why Raw Story wrote about this for the second time. But I recall what I would've written if I had had time. Trump obviously meant this as a dig against DeSantis but, yeah, I have to agree. "Woke" has been expanded to such comically-dilated dimensions that it's been stretched into a loose, vague synonym for anything even vaguely liberal.
     That and the new live action Little Mermaid is the #1 movie on the planet.
     Considering hers and her family's hillbilly predilections, it was kind of pre-ordained that Lauren Boebert still doesn't know who her father is and that her mother was so promiscuous that she doesn't know, either.
     This was the cause of the sonic boom, according to Reuters.
     I see not the slightest sliver of daylight between voters like this and the people who followed their Dear Leader to the bunker in 1945.
     Casey DeSantis is the Walmart Melania, which is pathetic because Melania is a K Mart Jackie O.
     Strictly coincidental, I'm sure.
     No doubt, Trump will give him a nice eulogy while complaining he was robbed in 2020.
     Meme intermission.

     Rather than draining the swamp, it seems the GOP is replenishing the swamp water and restocking the alligators.
     OK, this is certifiably huge. A high-ranking former AF official just blew the whistle and claims our government has spacecraft and dead extraterrestrial pilots in its possession. And he's testified before Congress and turned over top secret documents proving it.
    “My client would rather surrender to pretrial detainment than subject these suretors to what will inevitably come." More like, "My client will gladly go to jail to stay alive because you don't piss off people like this!"
     How about recalling the yearbook and issuing an updated version, Principal? (crickets)
     These right wing fat heads are boycotting so many corporations that pretty soon they'll be forced to buy everything out of car trunks. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC) And finally...

     Lauren Boebert: Like Sarah Palin, minus a billion brain cells.


At June 6, 2023 at 8:13 PM, Anonymous CC said...

Casey was supposed to be the more calming half of Team DeSantis who presents a softer image for voters, given that she's the mother of three school-age children and survived a major health crisis. I guess that plan went out the window.

(I'd like to know how the DeSantises would react if one of their kids comes out as woke or trans.)

Even though Biden doesn't exactly excite many Democratic and progressive voters, the Republican field so far is downright uninspiring, if not repulsive, for most people who don't lean right.


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