Thursday, February 7, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(But each day, when she walks to the sea
She looks straight ahead, not at him)

     You want to know why we're paying $3000 for toilet seats and $600 for screwdrivers? That's how you fund so-called Black Programs, because Congress would never legitimately fund them. This is how and why the Pentagon "lost" $6.5 trillion.

     Right wingers simply live in an alternate universe in which they reject reality and substitute their own. Take Eric Trump, for instance. Daddy Warbucks went to Mar-a-Lago just last weekend and bragged about playing golf with Jack and Tiger.

     Trump is deliberately starving the government of critical thinkers... and that's a gift to Putin. Two years in, we have an acting chief of staff, attorney general, defense secretary, Office of Management and Budget director and Environmental Protection Agency chief.
      Donnie Dumbo calls it "flexibility."

      No business with Russia? No collusion with Russia? No truth to it.

      Let's get one thing straight, Howie- If you believe the Democrats want the government to take over health care, you're a right winger because that's a right wing talking point.
      And saying the Democratic party left you? Reagan used that as his excuse for turning coat and becoming a Republican.

      We warned you assholes.
      You called us "libtards"and "snowflakes" then screamed "Trump! Trump! Trump!" over and over.
      Now you're crying about your higher taxes.
      Fucks given: Less than zero.

      German ex Foreign Minister: “He has done damage that the Soviets would have dreamt of.” That pretty much sums it up.

      Sarah Sanders with her new, "Take it easy on me, y'all, I'm dancin' as fast as I can!" face says the corruption of the inauguration has nothing to do with the administration. So we're to believe Trump finally swore off corruption after he took the oath of office? And, speak of the devil...

      Trump inaugural committee ordered to turn over all its documents. Just in time for the SOTU Address. too.

      It's OK to ignore these three previously inviolate rules of writing. And you don't have to be a Doctor of Divinity, either.

      You know what's missing in this breathless NYT article about fracking in West Texas?

      The impact on the environment.

      Make America Great Again a sea of rotting corpses like 14th century Europe again.

     No comment except to say these antebellum attitudes are now becoming mainstream again. As the father of two African American sons, this is horrifying to me.

     There's something ineffably appealing about the left wing of the Democratic Party cannibalizing the right wing of it. The Tea Baggers tried and failed in their efforts. Maybe these kids will succeed.

     That's right, Mikey, keep a civil tongue on that wingtip.

     Oh, I like this lady and her impeccable sense of timing. Just before the SOTU, the Governor of New Mexico pulled most of the National Guard troops from her border with Mexico.

     Brit Hume snuffles that Stacey Abrams was wrong for calling out racism. “From what she seemed to be saying about race, you would think that it was 1963.” Actually, under Trump, it's more like 1863.

     "That doll was giving me bad looks" says a man who attacked an Obama mannequin. This is Trump's base. Tell me again that we need to understand these people and give them a fair hearing. Go ahead, I triple dog dare you.

     Mueller literally placing a sealed document in a vault at the same time Cohen's House testimony was postponed is NOT, I repeat, NOT a coincidence.

     As usual, every time Trump opens his piehole, we have to immediately fact-check him. That alone is a dire warning sign about the state of our union.

     You rock, Steven Tyler, literally and figuratively.

     So when do we get to call Cindy McCain "Airport Annie"?

     Nearly 90% of Americans want Mueller's final report to be made public. And 101% of me says we should release it.

     Of all the freshman members of Congress, only Ocasio-Cortez' proposals such as the Green New Deal offer global benefits. As of 12:30 this afternoon, the Green New Deal had been introduced in Congress by Ocasio-Cortez and my junior senator Ed Markey (who's offering a companion proposal). But there's still one hurdle to climb...

     Before Trump, Pelosi directed her "Fuck you" clap at Ocasio-Cortez, saying this: "The green dream or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is but they’re for it right?” When she formed her toothless Select Committee on the Climate Crisis that pointedly has no subpoena power, she wouldn't let Ocasio-Cortez on it.

     So-called president who sexually harassed women for decades now whines about "presidential harassment."

     The only reason George Papadopoulos turned down this sweet gig is because he thought it was an FBI sting operation. The offer was made to him in a place called, get this, The Russia House. And finally...

     Wells Fargo's outage prevents Wells Fargo from cheating its customers.


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