Sunday, March 24, 2019

Gotham City Digest: No Collusion, No Obstruction, No Nuttin' edition

(In which, if the fix is in, we'll make it less transparent than the current administration)

     So, to recap: Bill Barr writes memo preemptively clearing Trump of obstruction charges.
     As a reward, Trump makes him the Attorney General, whom Mueller was forced to let decide whether Trump should be tried on obstruction charges.
     Barr then clears Trump on obstruction charges without releasing the actual report.
     And the lesson, boys and girls? Don't just follow the money, follow the sinecures, as well.

     "Why are you thanking me? I didn’t do anything. I didn’t help anyone. I just perpetuated a system of senseless violence." - former US Marine who served in Afghanistan.

     Thank goodness the corporate cunts at Verizon never waste a good opportunity for PR, even if it's the negative kind. I guarantee you they wouldn't have suspended him if he was white.

     Another Parkland survivor committed suicide. Sydney Aiello shot herself in the head last week. I'd say something about this but this meme is so much more eloquent:

     DNC and DCCC: "Oh my God, the socialist is going to beat Trump! Quick, get Hillary on the phone for advice on how to hamstring him!"

     I wish she hadn't given up as a Russian troll slayer, although I can understand why she had. But her work should've been taken up by other Russian journalists instead of them leaving her to wither as an outlier.

     Please don't, guys. A lot of people are about to be murdered. This is exactly what the fascist Israelis want you to do.

     A Fox "News" poll blew up in their faces. "Far more voters say they trust Special Counsel Mueller more than President Donald Trump when it comes to potential 2016 Russian interference..." However, most of the dummies polled said they'd back Trump no matter what the report says.

     Then someone please explain to me how Parkland happened. There was one cop there when the shooting started and he cowered and kept himself safe while students were getting butchered. Some alarming statistics:
     1.7 million students attend schools with cops but no counselors.
     3 million students attend schools with cops but no nurses.
     6 million students attend schools with cops but no school psychologists.
     10 million students attend schools with cops but no social workers.
     At least one school district has already hired mercenaries to patrol the halls. The militarization of our schools is not the answer, especially when school shootings continue to happen at an alarming rate.

     He's right. That's not his job nor should it be.

     Devin Nunes, who's suing a fake cow, thinks the Mueller report should be burned and that we should create another special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton. Yet, Democrats are terrified of impeaching Trump for fear of looking "partisan." The right wing nut jobs dpon't give a shit about looking partisan. Why should Democrats and why should Repubs get a free pass every single fucking time?

     I can't believe Harvard is fighting the family over the photographs of their slave ancestors. White people used to own them now they own their family's histories.

     $80,000 for a light bulb? Sounds legit. Thanks, Boeing, for monetizing everything including warning systems that could've saved hundreds of human lives.

     Your presidential candidates who voted to INCREASE Trump's bloated military budget:
     Booker: 3 ‼️
     Brown: 3 ‼️
     Gabbard: 1
     Gillibrand: 1
     Harris: 2 ‼️
     Klobuchar: 3 ‼️
     O'Rourke: 3 ‼️
     Warren: 2 ‼️
     Sanders: 0.
     You're welcome.

     Seriously, England? You're going to war with nesting birds?

     Yes, zooming in on the unassisted elderly victim after her assault was a nice touch. I'm ashamed to say I come from the same city as these worthless assholes. It has a happy ending, though: They got the asshole.

     Streisand really disappointed me in saying this. She has a blind spot to the effects of child sexual assault as wide as the Grand Canyon.

     Ah ha! I knew it!

     Of course. Another white cop gets off after shooting a harmless black kid in the back. This one was on the job for just a few hours. Guess he couldn't wait to kill his first black person.

     My my, look at who the investors are in illegal oil drilling in Golan Heights. Cheney, Murdoch, Rothschild. Oh my.

     Three words spring to mind: Travesty. Of. Justice. OK, three more words: Alabama. Black. Man.

     Remember when Comrade Obama kowtowed to dictatorial Communist regimes like North Korea? Yeah, me neither.

     Trumpie the Clown blames Fox and the media for his ceaseless attacks on John McCain. Including on his Twitter account.

     Fucking Charlottesville again. But I'm sure he's a very fine student.

     Devin Nunes, cow hunter, got a new one torn by Tweetie himself.

     Another fucking moron offered an important post by Trump. This one suggested the man who declared bankruptcy four times, began a needless trade war that's cost jobs & threw national economies in turmoil and added over two trillion to the national debt in two short years should get the Nobel Prize for Economics.

     Breaking: Crook endorses another crook's ongoing land theft.

     "Here at Facebook, we take your privacy concerns seriously..."

     I think the most amazing thing about this is that anyone in the world still uses an AOL email address.
     So, to conclude, KT McFarland was using a AOL address to conduct nuclear sales to the Saudis,      Jared Kushner is using WhatsApp and his personal email address to conduct White House business, Ivanka's destroying emails and Trump is using an unencrypted Blackberry for his tweeting. Doesn't that just heighten your sense of security?

     Meanwhile, renowned renegade cow hunter Devin Nunes once had this to say about freedom of speech.

     "(A)ppears to be a case of racial profiling"?!

     So, this came out recently. Apparently, Acosta and his prosecutors and Epstein's defense attorneys were all on the same side and even conspired to lie to the judge presiding over the case.

     Dogs will lie to get what they want. Maybe now, Trump will appreciate dogs more.

     As I've been saying for nigh unto 20 years now, the only thing that'll save this nation is the stupidity of the Republican Party.

     The universe is out there, just waiting for Trump to destroy it.

     Most people have never heard of Nowata County in Oklahoma and for good reason. It's a tiny county of just 10,000 souls. Yet the political corruption of tiny Nowata County would almost rival that of Washington, DC. Consider the case of a corrupt judge who ordered a jail to be reopened even though its toxic conditions had sent several staff members to the hospital. The judge tried several times to bribe then threaten the sheriff into compliance. Instead, she and virtually her whole staff quit. The NY Times also wrote it up but, typically, completely ignored the corruption angle, even though the sheriff went into exhaustive detail over what was said to her by the judge.

     Power lines, landfill or umbilical cord around her neck? You be the judge.

     "For impeachment to succeed, it means capturing the votes of 20 Republican Senators. Republicans will only 'defy' Trump by supporting impeachment if supporting Trump proves to be a political disadvantage. That means making a case compelling enough for Republican voters to support." And finally...

     Remember back in the good old days when your parents' Republicans were redder than Karl Marx's asshole?


At March 25, 2019 at 3:25 PM, Anonymous CC said...

November 2020 is still over 19 months away and Sanders has a lot of political minefields to evade. Some of them will be laid by the Dems.

How will he handle being the favorite for the nomination this time?

I also wonder if he'd be better off remaining in the Senate and continuing to work with the likes of Ocasio-Cortez to move the Dems away from their Clintonian neoliberalism.

At March 25, 2019 at 3:40 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

I see Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez as being, if you'll pardon the alliteration, the Democratic Party's problematic pied pipers. They're playing the right tune but most people don't want to stray from the music they already know and love.

At March 25, 2019 at 10:11 PM, Blogger Stan B. said...

I attended Bernie's rally in SF this weekend. Not the greatest orator- but he checks all the boxes. Unlike many of the other Dem candidates, he doesn't say we should do something, or we really need to do something; he comes out and says it- we ARE going to do this, and this, and this!

That said, he needs to FORCEFULLY and REPEATEDLY explain, reiterate and explain anew what Democratic Socialism is, and how we will ALL profit from it. And he needs to do it over, and over, and over again. He needs to repeat The Truth to the American people as much as Trump repeats the lie- more so!!! He didn't do it enough last year, and if he doesn't do it this year- Trump will make a quick meal of him with Socialist fear mongering...

I'd like Bernie to be the Dem candidate, but I'll back whoever can beat Trump- yeah, even Biden!

At March 25, 2019 at 10:35 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

That's where we'll have to differ. Doing what you said you would do if push came to shove is what got us into this mess. This is why Congress is infested with Blue Dogs. Because we're conned and fooled into thinking that there are only two parties or only two that matter. We're told practically from the cradle that the way to vanquish the Republicans is to vote for the people who resemble them, the ones who are only slightly less bad. It's horseshit like that that gave us the fucking Clintons, that neoliberal, two-headed monster which which we're still dealing today.

I fell into that trap in 2004 when I voted for Kerry, then again in '08 when I held my nose and voted for Obama (And I still voted for Kucinich that summer in the Dem primary). By 2012, I'd had enough and I refused to vote for Obama. I voted for Stein that year. In 2016, I voted for Bernie as a writein. And I'll vote third party or do it again if the DNC succeeds in mugging him once more. I even changed my party affiliation on my voter registration to Independent like the other 52% of us in MA. My vote one way or the other won't make a difference but at least this way, I'll give my conscience a breather.

At March 26, 2019 at 12:39 AM, Blogger Stan B. said...

I didn't say I'd vote for the Dem candidate no matter who it is- I said I'd vote for whoever has the best chance of beating him... period! Whoever has the mojo in Nov 2020 to beat this lying, lowlife piece of shit is the guy I'm voting for- party be damned!


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