Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(In which we promise to never have a tantrum until we get our way)

     This was Attorney General William Barr's attitude when questioned earlier today by Rep. Brenda Lawrence of Michigan. This is exactly the sort of arrogance you would expect of mob lawyers.

     Speaking of Barr, apparently the fix was in a lot sooner than we thought it was.

     That Rep. Ted Lieu isn't wearing a cape and a big S on his chest right now is a sign of his true humility. He OWNED GOP token black person Candace Owens with her own words extolling Hitler. The look on her face was priceless.

     This is just like something out of the Onion. On election day in Israel, Bibi's at the beach and screaming at people that he's going to lose and the liberals will win.

     It figures that Devin Nunes, the stupidest congressman in the country, would also hire the stupidest lawyers in the country. #YachtCocaineProstitutes

     I agree with everything Michelle Goldberg says except stopping short of yelling at her in restaurants, Making someone a pariah should be an all in proposition. This woman would have fit in perfectly with Hitler's relocation program and Eichmann would have loved her. She should be ostracized from all polite human society.

     So what do you do when you invite Chinese spies and oligarchs into your golf club and the Secret Service lets them in? Fire the Director.

     I admire Republicans who eat their own because think of the intestinal fortitude it requires to deal with the aftertaste. This is the court document detailing my old "pal" Jerome Corsi's lawsuit against Roger Stone.

     Translated Trump: Democrat liberal politicians will never be happy unless they get to enforce the rule of law after the audacious revelations and evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors are uncovered. We cannot allow this to continue!

     Another flaming log to throw on the growing pile.

     "Give me a quickie." Jesus God, we're all doomed.

     If he can demand a birth certificate, we the people can demand the tax returns.

     No. Donald Trump will be remembered as the person who put kids in cages. Just remember, for all her cruelty, Kirstjen Nielson got fired Sunday for not being cruel enough.

     Wow, this hit piece by Harry Cheadle from last year really aged well, huh? SNL is enjoying higher ratings than they have in years, so blow me, Harry. PS, I coined the term "limousine liberals", among many many others that have been used without credit or attribution over the last 15 years. You're welcome.

     6(e) is the key here- What is permissible to be released. Barr seems to be adopting a razor-narrow definition of what is permissible for the public to see. And if Barr had his way, we'll get a redacted report that'll look like, no pun intended, a fucking bar code. Grand jury testimony should not necessarily be covered in 6(e). Even a federal grand jury wouldn't be privileged to be told national security secrets. In light of that fact, everything in the Mueller report should be released to the people.

     More of us should be making these connections between Fox personalities and white national terrorism. Countless times, Fox hosts make threats against specific people and those people are either targeted or killed (Like Bill O'Reilly and his constant jeremiads against Dr. George Tiller, who was eventually killed by a right wing zealot). It's notable that Fox didn't fire Pirro and just suspended her for a couple of weeks.

     Remember back in the good ol' days when San Francisco used to be the most liberal city in America? The right wing yuppies took over. Check out the video. The little foreign man with the jogging suit sounds like an Andy Kaufman or Sacha Baron Cohen character. The city has 7000 homeless people. This shelter would house just 200 of them.

     While Trumpie the Klown is screaming on Twitter that Mueller leaked details of a report we all paid for (ergo admitting the findings are true), this is the REAL leak. Yes, the Commandant of the US Marine Corps is now officially a whistleblower.

     Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, Mickey. Your boss is a crook with a lot to hide. You know it, Trump knows it, we all know it. He's fighting this tooth and nail because he's got a lot to hide.

      Poacher killed by elephant, eaten by lions. Why, I'm... I'm crushed. This just eats me up.

     I don't mean to make light of the assault on Bret Hart the other night but watch the various videos taken from different vantage points and tell me this doesn't resemble a Trump rally. I guarantee you at least 75% of the mouthbreathers in this crowd, these little Chadwicks, voted for Trump.

     Creepy cult "evolves" its anti-gay bigotry to ensure tithing continues.

     Oh I'm sure Republican David Stringer doesn't demonize child sex trafficking since he contributed to it.

     I don't know why we're all not drinking more heavily because of Trump.

     Really, could you expect anything better from Betsy DeVos?

     "Yeah, uh. Da hard drive fell offa truck. Yestiddy. Yeah, dat's it." Yeah, Michael Cohen found evidence of illegal GOP contributions from China? Let's keep in mind that during this time, Michael Cohen was the RNC's deputy finance chair.

     OK, I'm guessing this right wing nut job Trumpanzee who threatened Rep. Ilhan Omar's life isn't an MS-13 gang member.

     I got two words for these right wing nut bag trolls- "Puertooo Ricoooo..."

      Albert Wilson got 12 years in prison for a rape he didn't commit.
      Again, Brock Turner got three months for a rape he did try to commit, in front of witnesses. #whiteprivilege

     In other words, the son in law of Individual #1.

     Another racist bites the dust.

     As with the Commandant of the Marine Corps, the Mueller probe investigators are now in the ridiculous position of being whistleblowers. And now, Republicans who should've known better than to even let Barr get out of committee let alone to confirm him in an up and down vote are starting to mutiny.

     Donnie Dumbo picks a fight with another corpse.

     Praise the Lord and pass the IRS.

     Click on the link. Read the tweet in full. It's the saddest thing you'll read all day. This three year-old girl actually has more sense than the entire NRA.

     No, the health care industry will go down with a fight.

      I'm not ashamed to say I'm laughing myself sick over liberals who foamed at the mouth over Trump's sexual predation but are now suddenly OK with #CreepyJoeBiden's own. Oh, he was just showing affection, you say? How about we ask the countless females he's creeped out over the years with his groping? Or shouldn't they have a say in the matter?

     Shorter Paul Ryan: "AOC didn't want to follow my advice on how to spectacularly fail in Congress."

     This is how Don Young chose to observe #NationalHugANewspersonDay. @DonYoungAK is a snarling psychopath. Sheer spite is the only thing keeping that piece of whale shit alive.

      “Barr told lawmakers he concluded the evidence was not sufficient to prove that the president obstructed justice. But members of Mueller’s team have complained to close associates that the evidence they gathered on obstruction was alarming & significant.”
       One more time- Barr was a plant for this very reason.

      Caligula nominated his horse to the Senate.
      Trump just nominated jackass Herman Cain to the Fed. #themorethingschangethemoretheystaythesame

     51 years after Dr. King's assassination, the FBI's massive and furtive spying on African American activists is ongoing. Meanwhile, our government is still forbidden from tracking gun sales on a national database.

     This fascist bullshit is exactly like something you'd read about in the Nuremberg trial transcripts. But it's happening at our southern border. And finally...

     The Trump 2020 campaign now officially has a trailer.


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